Hydrological† Information to the Public: A Flood Warning for the Macal† River remains in effect.†The Iguana Creek bridge is covered and closed, with water 5 feet over the bridge, a little higher than at noon Monday. The low lying bridge at San Ignacio is also flooded, more than 5 feet, and rising. Also A Flood Alert is in effect for Sibun river at Jaguar Paw & Gracie Rock;†North Stann Creek at Middlesex & Hope Creek;†the†Sittee river at the Kendal Crossing and the Tamash & Sarstoon rivers. Citizens along the banks of the Macal river and near the twin towns of San Ignacio / Santa Elena should be on the alert for rising river levels.

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Flood Warning: Floods are occurring and may become severe.
Flood Alert: Conditions are such that there is a threat of flooding.

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