Burglars Leave Pig Head on Edmund Castro's Desk

And while Coy has his problems, his brother Minister of State Edmund Castro’s problems are of a very different kind. Castro’s divisional office in Sandhill Village was broken into this weekend. The office is in the community center and the thief or thieves pried open a window, and then jimmied the lock to his secretary’s office. On her desk, they placed the head of a slaughtered pig. We don’t really need to say it, but we can’t not say it: It is an incredible, bizarre and unprecedented event. It’s also an unsightly one – and if you’re squeamish you might want to leave the room right about now. But the Minister is unfazed, we spoke to him about it today.

Hon. Edmund Castro, Belize Rural North Area Rep.

“To me it seems like the same people that were involved in the slaughter of those little lambs, the sheep in my yard, are the same group of people trying to use intimidation tactics. So I can only put the two together because it had been done before. If you notice the trend, that is how they operate, that is their modus in terms of trying to send a fear tactic and think the people of Belize Rural North will appreciate that. Well if there was any lesson to be learnt from the last time then he should know what his fate will be. So it is obvious that the people of Belize Rural North will not tolerate or stand for any person that wants to come into Belize Rural North and slaughter four animals to make a point. We will not tolerate it and it will not happen. It did not work then and it will not work now.”

Jules Vasquez,
“Now as I recall it, your office is on the compound of the Sandhill Police Station or adjacent to.”

Hon. Edmund Castro,
“Yes it is in the community center right behind the police station. If you notice or if you have been listening to the serial caller on the morning circuit shows, that said person was explaining that the bus shed in Sandhill and he was bragging that the bus shed in Sandhill has the swine flu. So you can easily pinpoint who or what or he or she is talking about. He has been campaigning and saying this and this happened. And if you reflect back on the tape, when I decided to run in Belize Rural North in 2003 and started to do some political work they went to my house and slaughtered my animals. So it is the same regime.”

Jules Vasquez,

“But you know you sound like a conspiracy theorists?”

Hon. Edmund Castro,
“It is the evidence, it happened before when I was turning up the heat and now I am continuing to do major work in Belize Rural North.”

Jules Vasquez,
“It is starting to sound that this serial caller, whoever he or she is, is in your head.”

Hon. Edmund Castro,
“I think they have a problem because if you know I was giving out livestock to my constituents and now I have to put out a warning that the serial killer, whoever she or he is, that if they are in the area then they must watch their livestock, make sure they keep an eye on their livestock.”

As Jules alluded to in the interview, one of the most shocking scenes in the Godfather film was when the severed head of a horse was put in the bed of one of the Godfather’s adversaries. In this case, it’s of note that bus stops throughout Sandhill bear the graffiti “Castro Hog” no one has been detained and police can’t say if the silencing of the lambs in 2004 is related to the hogs head incident.

Live and let live