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#382926 - 07/06/10 03:26 PM CENTROBASKET TOURNAMENT
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Belize’s national basketball team has won its first game in the Centro Basket tournament which got underway this morning in the Dominican Republic. Team Belize defeated Trinidad and Tobago by nine points, 80 to 71. Immediately following the game, Love FM’s broadcast team spoke with team captain Milton Palacio and had coach Marques Johnson.

Milton Palacio, Team Belize Captain

“It was tough man, having the lead then being down and then coming back, I just try to lead the guys man, I just try to lead them try to stay patient, that’s the biggest I told the guys to stay patient. And then tonight everybody responded we got to get, some of the younger guys were a little nervous and you know that’s always expected in a first game like this and we can only go up from here. The officiating was very frustrating but one thing they’re human, they are not perfect and we just got to roll through it. Its great, you have to get us warmed up for that you know because there are going to be a lot of times when they’ll make guys play and you know it’s a little different from some of the guys you know the league they play in and the things that they do, you know its different they way they officiated.”

Tell us about Ian Young and the caliber of players we going to be meeting in this tournament that we have to play good defense the way you did tonight on him?

Milton Palacio

"You know he’s tough, he is a very good player, I didn’t know too much about him but I definitely do know now but he’s tough and my job is not going to be easier from here so. There will be another big time player I’m going to have to guard and another one the next night so I’m up for the challenge you know that’s why you play this game at 8 years old.”

Tell us about Darwin Puppy Leslie and his play tonight being that it’s probably his first international game?

Milton Palacio

“It was, you can tell around the hotel he was a little nervous and stuff but you know we were talking and you know I’m always the one who try to make everybody loose, joking around letting everybody know that they can be loose but when we come out here on the court you got to be ready, focus because when I step on the floor I want to win.”

You have gotten rid of game one against Trinidad & Tobago, I think they are one of the weaker opponents in our group if I may say so myself, what is the next step from here for you guys?

Marques Johnson

“Well Mexico obviously, we gotta rebound the basketball we gave up way too second chance points, down 13 to 2 at halftime, we had 10 offensive rebounds in halftime. We did a better job in the second half, turnovers, missed layups it was a game of nerves I thought our guys were playing tight and so just to get the first one under your belt, playing tight this Trinidad team has played a great basketball recently, this is the best Trinidad team they have had in a while. We’re happy to get this first win.”

How do we match up against Mexico?

Marques Johnson

“We’ll see, I got to watch them play and see their line up this afternoon and we will formulate a game plan after that.”
Top scorer in today’s match was Milton Palacio with 16 points.


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Belize's national basketball team won the first game of the Centrobasket tournament being played at the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto, Dominican Republic. The final score was Belize, 80 to 71 for Trinidad and Tobago.

Veteran national team players Alex Carcamo and Milton Palacio led the scoring with 16 points each. The difference in the game was free throw shooting as the Trinidadians shot 36% from the line, while Belize shot 76%. Belize was badly outscored on second chance points 25 to 4.

Still it's a win, and Belize plays Mexico tomorrow which is expected to be a more difficult matchup - as Mexico has won the last three games against Belize, most recently in the controversial finish at the COCABA championships in Cancun last year.

But in this tournament, the Mexico game is considered a must-win and as the key players explained at a friendly game on Friday night, they are going to need to win the first three games at Centrobasket to be in optimal position to qualify:

Alex Carcamo, Player
"They given us a chance in this tournament where we play Puerto Rico last and at that point the last game can determine whether we going to be 1 or 2, so it's important for us to win these 3 games first and we can go into Puerto Rico whether we win or not we'll still advance so it's very important."

Milton Palacio, Player
"I am expecting us to play tough, I am expecting us to qualify I am not saying that we are going out there and totally win the whole tournament but I am expecting us to play tough and qualify. I think if we get top 4 anything could happen."

The top four teams out of Centrobasket qualify for the 2011 FIBA Americas Championship which is an Olympic qualifier, the top eight for the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games Puerto Rico and the top three for the 2011 Pan-American Games in Mexico.

So as Milt Palacio noted Belize doesn't have to win the tournament, it can come in fourth and still keep its Olympic dream alive. But it will have to do so without Marlon Garnett, Belize's best shooter and the man who scored 41 points and made ten three pointers in the COCABA championship game in Cancun last year.

7news has learned that after a protracted back and forth, Garnett was left off the roster after he and the Belize Basketball Federation could not reach an agreement on insurance for his future earnings. Garnett who played in Iran last year demanded that this must be in place before he got on the court. The Belize Basketball Federation did get an unlimited injury insurance package for the entire team, but - as we understand it - Garnett wasn't satisfied with that.

Garnett who was flown to Belize for the tournament headed back to the United States today.

That's the loss of significant scoring input and the team management today had to make a last minute activation of Belize's other prolific scorer, veteran Darwin Carter. He last played for Belize in 2006 in a failed bid for the COCABA championships. In that tournament, the team lost but he racked up thirty plus points in multiple games.

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The Belize National Basketball team took on the top rated Venezuelan team on home turf and on Friday night it bombed the visitors by a twenty point margin. On Saturday the local boys headed for Santo Domingo on Saturday for the Centro Basket Games. At the opening game this morning against Trinidad and Tobago, Belize maintained the lead throughout, comfortably defeating its opponents. We begin with highlights of the game with News’ Five Isani Cayetano.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Team Belize, led by Milton Palacio, earned its first victory in the 2010 Centro Basket Championship today when the boys representing the Jewel squared off against Trinidad & Tobago inside the Palacio de Deportes in Santo Domingo. Belize’s appearance in the regional tournament comes almost a year after an extraordinary display of skill and sportsmanship at the COCABA Games held in Cancun last year. That qualifier brought the home team one step closer to a likely appearance in the 2012 Olympics.

It’s a possibility that the group, coached by former NBA player Marques Johnson, is trying to make a reality and today on the hardwood the boys did not disappoint. The match-up was off to a sloppy start but as the minutes flew by the highlights kept coming. Capitalizing on a pass at half court and maneuvering inside the paint to give Belize a three point lead at the start of the third quarter was point guard Milton Palacio. Palacio takes it to the hole over two defenders and makes the lay up look quite easy.

At the other end the Trinis bury a deep jumper inches shy of the three-point arc to bring the game to within one point. During the timeout the Trinis try to regroup their defense as their head coach analyzes the plays being ran by our national team.

Elsewhere in the ballgame Keith Acosta dishes from inside the paint to number eleven, Kenton Paulino, who sinks the pill from behind the three point line for a nine point lead. Another highlight came when Palacio, on the go, dished to Alex Carcamo who closes in for the two-handed jam over Trinidad’s center. Belize’s first match ended with a nine point win over Trinidad and Tobago with a final score of 80-71. Following the game News Five spoke with Head Coach Marques Johnson who commented on key contributions made by Keenan Jordan to their first victory.

Marques Johnson, Head Coach, Belize National Team

Marques Johnson

“Well, just to start the game off and give us seven hard, strong minutes to start the game, start the half and then Keenan’s gonna be the guy that’s gonna play twice as many minutes as Sonny Watson. But Sonny’s go to set the tempo early, use his body to be a physical presence. But Keenan is kind of a savvy, experienced basketball player that we need on the court most of the time.”

Belize’s first win is quite important in building the confidence of the team which will face Mexico tomorrow.

Marques Johnson

“Major. Major, for this team to start off the tournament right and our group we’re trying to be three and O going into the last game. I don’t wanna look ahead, look past anybody. Mexico is gonna be a tough opponent in this next game but you know we gotta take it one game at a time. But you don’t have a winning record until you get the first one and we got the first one so that was important.”

For Milt game one was a bit nerve racking but after a few buckets and settling into a rhythm the butterflies were history.

Milton Palacio

Milton Palacio, Point Guard, Belize National Team

“I’m a little exhausted but it’s good to always get the first one behind us and a lot of guys were—everybody was nervous. I was a little nervous coming in, missing a lot of easy shots. But that’s the nature of the beast you know. You’ll be nervous a couple times and the ball gets real slippery. But I think when you get the first basket or get that first little bump then you’re into the game but it was good. All the guys pulled it together, we got a couple areas we gotta tune up but I think it was overall a good victory.”

Stay tuned to this station for continued coverage of the games, on Open Your Eyes and the live broadcast of the games at eleven o’clock Tuesday morning. You can also stream video live by going to www.channelbelize.com. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Our sportscaster James Adderley will have a detailed report in Sports Monday and a repeat of this game can be seen tonight at eight-thirty.

Channel 5

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The Centro basket tournament continued in the Dominican Republic and it was not a good day for Belize’s national team. Fresh off a win over Trinidad and Tobago, team Belize took to the court today to face Mexico. Our national team never managed to take control of the match and lost by 22 points, 85 to 63. Head coach Marquez Johnson spoke with our broadcast team following the game.

Marquez Johnson, Team Belize Head Coach

“I told the guys before the game that this game really worried me because we’ve watched them play a terrible game against Cuba last night and the thought process of coming in here today and they were going to play another game like that today we had to put out of our minds and I am not sure we did. And so that responsibility falls on my shoulders and the shoulders of my coaching staff to make sure we are ready to play and we just had too many turnovers, missed too many easy shots so give them some credit. They did a nice job defensively against Milton and made it tough for him to get to the basket and dared us to beat them on the outside and we couldn’t. “

Terry Gordon; Marketing Manager, RSV Media Centre

Now, the other two opponents, Puerto Rico and Cuba; Puerto Rico ranked number nine and I am sure Cuba is ranked much higher than the team you played today, Mexico. How do you see yourself going up against them?

Marquez Johnson

“Well, again I thought if we were to be able to make some shots and not turn the ball over that this was a game that we would have been competitive in we didn’t. We have to do a better job against Cuba, they are very athletic, very quick, and we have to focus on Cuba right now. We can still do some good things in this tournament but Cuba is the opponent we got to put our energies into it and figure out a way to beat them, that’s all there is to it.”

Terry Gordon

Is there a way?

Marquez Johnson

“There is always a way, where there is a will there is a way. And if there is a game plan that is followed in execution that is followed there is a way to beat them. I mean they are not as dominant size wise; they got great quickness but we matched up with our size a lot better than the two teams we played, Trinidad and Mexico tonight. So we’ll see, main thing is the guys got to bounce back and not get down on each other, and just still believe that we can come back here and do some good things.”

Belize must try to get back on track when they face Cuba tomorrow afternoon. The game which is scheduled to begin at four o’clock will be carried live on Love FM and Love Television.


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Team Belize Falls To Mexico

Last night on this newscast you heard the veteran leaders of Belize's national basketball team Milt Palacio and Alex Carcamo explain that all they needed to do at Centro Basket was win the first three games in their bracket. That would ensure the team of at least a fourth place finish and qualifying for the Tournament of the Americas.

But that fourth place finish is in serious jeopardy tonight after a damaging loss to Mexico today. Team Belize took a pounding, losing by 22 points, 63 to 85. The team was outmatched in size, shooting accuracy and hustle. They were down by just one at the half but had a defensive meltdown in the third quarter where the Mexicans blew the game open, outscoring Belize 27 to 12 in that period. In the end Mexico shot 45% from the field to Belize's 35%. Milt Palacio top scored for Belize with 15 points but he also had 9 turnovers.

Darwin Carter - the last minute replacement for top scorer Marlon Garnett - who arrived from Los Angeles to the stadium at game time played in the second half but not to great effect.

More is expected and much more will be asked of him in tomorrow's game when Belize faces a formidable Cuban team. The game is considered a must win if Belize has any hope of advancing to the next round.

Channel 7

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Team Belize suffered its first major loss in the Centro Basket Championship today at the hands of its archrival Mexico. The defeat can only be described as a crushing blow dealt to a team that made its debut on Monday in grand fashion by beating Trinidad & Tobago in the opener. It’s not the end of the road for the boys representing the Jewel but the current record of one win, one loss serves as a stark reminder that Belize faces stiff competition in Santo Domingo. Belize still has to play Cuba and Puerto Rico, and has to absolutely win their games in this series to move on to the other round of competition which is the Tournament of the Americas, the pre-qualifier for the 2012 Olympic games. News Five’s Isani Cayetano has the highlights from today’s game.

A nail biting first half during Belize’s match up against Mexico ended with a glimmer of hope for our national team which trailed by a single point after twenty-four minutes of regular time. Today’s game, like Monday’s face off with Trinidad, was a low scoring effort by both teams which struggled to convert possessions into numbers on the scoreboard.

Equalizing the score at nineteen apiece was Mexican center David Crausse who zeros in for a kisser off the glass. What seemed to have been killing team Belize on the floor were a succession of turnovers down court. Here we see Milton Palacio making an attempt to drive the ball through the paint. That effort instead leads to Mexico regaining possession of the ball and taking a two point lead seconds after tying the game.

Capitalizing on a steal minutes later was Milton Palacio who takes it all the way to the hole over Mexico’s Jovan Harris. The score at that point in the second quarter had the Green Machine up by one.

Equally detrimental was Belize’s failure to take advantage of free throw opportunities. Here Charles Burgess is only one of two from the line. Alex Carcamo, who approaches from the rear, reminds him that every point matters.
A few seconds before the half a timeout is called and both coaches regroup their players to draft up last minute plays to see how best they can either tie the game or widen the margin.

At the half Belize is down by one after Milton Palacio scored one of two buckets from the free throw line.

That difference would be the closest; Team Belize would get to a win over the Mexicans as the second half the local guys would not covert possessions into points.
Despite efforts by our national team to narrow the lead the baskets just weren’t dropping from behind the arc.

On the other end Mexico opened up a comfortable lead by as many as eighteen points in the third quarter. The score towards the end of that quarter was sixty-two to forty.

And so Belize took its first defeat at the hands of its rivals north of the border. When it was all said and done Belize was overwhelmed by a difference of twenty-three points with a final score of eighty-four to sixty-one. Both teams are now tied at one win and one loss each and are still eligible to advance in the tournament depending on the outcome of the upcoming games. Belize now faces Cuba tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock. Reporting for News Five I am Isani Cayetano.

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Belize topples Cuba in CentroBasket games in Dominican Republic

It’s a classic tale of David and Goliath as our national team which is widely regarded as the underdog at the CentroBasket Games in Santo Domingo a few minutes ago overwhelmed the Cuban powerhouse in rebounds and points scored. The win now brings the Belize dream to the closest it has ever been to an Olympic basketball qualifier. Team Belize has proven that it remains a basketball powerhouse in the Tournament as it emerged triumphant in its third outing. The sixteen point blowout of Cuba’s national team comes on the heel of the postponement of game three which was scheduled for Wednesday. Due to poor ventilation and the poor conditions of the court at Palacio de Deportes the critical match-up was pushed back an extra day. That in turn gave Team Belize a day of rest which certainly proved helpful in the ninety-four/seventy-eight defeat. From the onset Belize maintained total dominance on both the offensive and defensive ends as the point margin grew wider between the teams. We join William Neal in Santo Domingo for a complete look at today’s win.

Marques Johnson, Head Coach, National Basketball Team

Marques Johnson

“I feel great. I mean I give all the credit to the players. They came out and we looked at it as a won and done. We had to have this game, which we did and they came out to a man and played good basketball, stuck to the game plan, playing great defense when we needed it. I cannot give too much credit to Richie Troyer, Ken Paulino, of course Milt Palacio our captain led us, and then Darwin carter, his ball handling and his stability as a playmaker was a big key. And then Charlie Burgess who didn’t start but came in and gave us great minutes at the end of the first half, Alex Carcamo some tough, hard plays. It was a total team effort.”

Terry Gordon, Love Television

“Now, we’re very much alive and kicking. Our next opponent is Puerto Rico. We must do very well against them I would imagine. We must come up with the big W against the number nine ranked team in the world if we want to go on to the Tour of Americas in Argentina next door.”

Marques Johnson

“Well, obviously they’re a great team but you know look at what Trinidad did the first time they played them, anything could happen in a game like this. We just gotta come out with the same frame of mind, the same focus, come up with a game plan that we think will be successful against them and come out and play the game, the number ninth in the world…”

Terry Gordon

“What does it take to beat a team like that especially with all the big men that they have been throwing at us?”

Marques Johnson

“Well, obviously you’ve gotta rebound the basketball as well as you can but we can win without winning the rebounding, we can’t get crushed on the offensive glass and we’ve got to take advantage of our skills; run the court using our speed and our quickness and our ball handlers’ ability to penetrate and then we gotta knock down shots. We knocked down shots today. This was the difference in today’s game compared to Mexico.”

William Neal

“What do you think the day off made in terms of the performance that we saw today?”

Marques Johnson

“The day off was a godsend for us. The basketball gods smiled down favorably on us to play three games in three nights with the long minutes that Palacio has played, that Jourdan has played, that Carcamo’s played it would have been tough with a team like this young, athletic. I think they had a day off so they were feeling good about themselves. So the day off came at the right time. We got another day off tomorrow, get some more rest and be ready to play on Saturday.”

William Neal

“Any particular strategies for Puerto Rico and for the rest of the tournament?”

Marques Johnson

“Not right now. Right now we gotta look at the film of Puerto Rico, talk with my assistant coaches and just try and come up with something that we feel is going to be most effective. So right now we just want to enjoy this one.”

Channel 5

Belize Bombs Cuba in B-Ball

Team Belize scored a major, decisive victory against Cuba at the Centrobasket Championships in the Dominican Republic this afternoon.

Belize won by 16 with the final score, 78 to 94. Alex Carcamo led all scorers with 23 points while Richard Troyer had 21 and Milton Palacio had 12 assists. Team Belize was hot from the field shooting 53% connecting on 11 three pointers. It's an incredible win because the Cuban team is a powerhouse and because the game was an absolute must have if team Belize has any hopes of advancing to the semi-finals.

Team Belize will next play the defending champion Puerto Rico - which is also one of the top ranked teams in the world. Yesterday's games had to be rescheduled because FIBA deemed the facility unfit to play because of the lack of air conditional and leaks from the roof of Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto. With FIBA threatening to cancel the competition, tournament organizers had to scramble to bring in portable air conditioning units....

Channel 7

National basketball team captain speaks on the big W

Milton Palacio

Today’s monumental victory in Santo Domingo has undoubtedly lifted the spirits of the national selection as it moves forward to now take on Puerto Rico. Following this evening’s crushing defeat of Cuba, New Five’s William Neal spoke with team captain, Milton Palacio, who was overwhelmed by the victory.

Milton Palacio, Captain, Belize National Basketball Team

“It was tough you know. I just wanted to go out there and be aggressive. That was the biggest thing; I think I wasn’t aggressive yesterday starting the Mexico game. But I just told myself I want to be aggressive because I think Cuba is one of the most talented teams and one of the teams that are structured. They’re going to be patient and they’re going to run their stuff and I felt that we played a good defense. I knew we’d be fine.”

William Neal

“Now, it’s very hard to predict the games in this tournament. We’ve been up and down and everybody has been winning and losing unexpectedly. How do you prepare for the next game against Puerto Rico?”

Milton Palacio

“Well, we know they’re a talented team with two NBA guys on their team, Roy and Barrera. But you know this is a tournament of who’s playing the best basketball and who’s playing the best defense. And we said it before the game, we play defense we’ll be okay. I think we’ve got enough manpower, I think we’ve got enough scorers to stay with their scorers. So I think if we do that and just focus; I think tonight the focus was great.”

William Neal

“How important was today’s win for you?”

Milton Palacio

“It was big because the biggest thing I was telling the guys right before the game was that not only was this going to be big for us as individuals but it’s going to be big for a country like Belize to play against a team like Cuba to put us on the map. After the game you could see a lot of people were coming up to us and congratulating Belize. So now they know, they’re aware of it. They saw the bad game against Mexico but they know that Belize has a good team.”

William Neal

“Any predictions against Puerto Rico and for the rest of the tournament?”

Milton Palacio

“Nah, no predictions, just our focus like I told the guys coming out before the game. I said this could be a couple of guys last go around for the national team. Definitely, myself and Keenan it’s gonna be hard for me to try to fight for 2016 at my age. But I told the guy right now it’s win or go home and I think that’s the biggest thing we’re gonna do the next game, come with that intensity.”

Channel 5

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B.B.F. discusses how national team can defeat Puerto Rico

The Belize National Basketball Team tossed a monkey wrench in Cuba’s plan to dominate the 2010 CentroBasket Tournament in a historic win on Thursday. But despite its current standings of two wins and one loss, Belize still has to beat Puerto Rico to be guaranteed the top spot in group B of the games in Santo Domingo. Belize’s upset of the Cuban powerhouse came with a sixteen point victory of ninety-four to seventy-eight after suffering a massive loss to Mexico on Tuesday. Alex Carcamo was the top scorer with twenty-three points while Richard Troyer came closely behind with twenty-one. So what’s next for the local boys? Belize Basketball Federation Executive, Brads Neal, outlines what the team needs to do in order defeat Puerto Rico and advance to the final round of the championship.

Brads Neal, Executive, Belize National Basketball Team

Brads Neal

“The situation is that we might be in the lead right now, according to the FIBA website. But in reality there’s two games today that are being played and the first game we had Mexico beating Trinidad and Tobago by a twenty-three point differential. That don’t really leave us in the lead; Mexico is pretty much in the lead, according to the way it’s being calculated by FIBA. The game being played right now, Puerto Rico versus Cuba, the outcome of the game is going to be huge again, being that we have one game remaining against Puerto Rico. But it can be very confusing. The win/loss situation in our bracket is very funny because every team has a loss and with only four games to play it’s gonna be pretty difficult to sort out until the games are played. But the one thing that we have is that we control our destiny. The team that wins three games in our bracket automatically takes the number one seat and then the remaining is going to be based on the point differential system with the two games win and two games lost scenario.”

William Neal

“So if Belize wins tomorrow they definitely move on.”

Brads Neal

“That is exactly what the scenario—that’s the best case scenario for us. If we win we have the number one seat, if we lose then there’s a whole lot of win/loss situation with the two and two brackets within the brackets.”

William Neal

“And what is the point differential that you mention? Just break it down a little; you add, you minus?”

Brads Neal

“The points differential is based upon how many points you win by and how many points you lose by. So it’s a very complicated situation. So I guess we leave that until the games are played and in the end we’ll determine if we advance based upon the win/loss situation.”

William Neal

“And what do you think about Belize’s chances against Puerto Rico as you look at the game?”

Brads Neal

“Great! We have a great chance against Puerto Rico. We have to suit up, strap up against them and win the game tomorrow.”

Channel 5

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Belize & Venezuela win 1 each in basketball friendlies

Team Belize went 1-1 with Team Venezuela in a 2 game series of friendlies at the Belize City Center last Thursday and Friday to prepare for the Centrobasket tournament in Santo Domingo. Team Venezuela won Game 1 on Thursday night – 83-77. Team captain Milton Palacio led Belize’s attack with 14pts to give Belize a 26-23 at the end of the 1st quarter, but Joan Herrera responded with 12 pts for Venezuela, Rafael Perez added 10pts and Axiers Sucre was good for another 9 pts as they took over the lead 49-44 at the half.

Venezuela’s Joan Herrera hit 2 long treys in the 2nd half, David Cubillon followed suit with a trey to finish with 10pts, Hector Romero added 8pts and Windy Gizaterol added 4pts. Luis Valera drained in another long trey to lead 66-55 at the end of the 3rd quarter. In money time, Kenton Paulino stepped up big time with 2 treys to finish with 15pts, and Keenan Jourdan added 13pts. Troyer also hit 2 treys to finish with 10pts, while Alex Carcamo had 8pts. Charlie Burgess drained in a trey to add 6pts and Leon “Sonny” Watson chipped in 4pts.

In Game 2 on Friday, Team Belize came back strong, blowing out the Venezuelans 83-64! This time Alex Carcamo led with 18 game pts. Roger Troyer added 11pts, and team captain Milton Palacio had 9pts and Belize dominated the 1st quarter 27-9. Kenton Paulino hit a long trey to finish with 12pts and more buckets from Darwin “Puppy” Leslie and Leon Jacobs gave Belize a 40-28 lead at the half. Venezuela’s Rafael Perez hit a long trey as he scored 12pts, Axiers Sucre added 8pts, Jesus Urbina hit a trey to add 7 pts and Joan Herrera had 5pts. Palacio and Burgess answered each with a long trey, and more buckets from Carcamo, Troyer and Keenan Jourdan, and Paulino scored 5 from the charity stripe to give Belize a 64-43 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Venezuela’s Hernan Salcedo drained in 2 treys as he led with 12pts in the 2nd half, Hector Romero added 7 pts, Gregory Vargas chipped in 4pts and Jose Bravo added 5pts, but they were out-rebounded by Team Belize. Carcamo grabbed 9 rebounds while Troyer snagged 7, Milt Palacio captured 6 rebounds, Burgess also caught 5 rebounds. Sonny Watson punctuated the 83-64 victory with a final dunk. Belize’s top scorer with 10 treys or 40pts in our silver medal win at the COCABA championships in Cancun last year, Marlon Garnett, could not join the squad, because the Belize Basketball Federation could not provide the earnings compensation insurance, to compensate for Garnett for lost earnings should he be injured in the tournament. As Garnett is getting towards the end of his career, he did not wish to risk his anticipated earning by a possible injury without insurance.

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Team Belize wins 1, loses 1 in 2010 Centrobasket

Team Belize fell to Mexico 62-82 in their 2nd game on Tuesday, after opening with a 80-71 win over Trinidad and Tobago in the Centrobasket tournament in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic on Monday.

Team Belize was up 15-13 in the 1st quarter, led by team captain Milton Palacio, who scored 15 game points. Unfortunately Mexico led by Oscar Quintero who had 19pts, had taken over a slim 33-32 lead at the half time break. Belize had 18turnovers which the Mexicans took advantage of to open up a 17pt run in the 3rd quarter that was only answered by 4pts from team Belize, and Mexico led 60-44 at the end of the quarter.

In money time, the pressure was on Belize to score, and while Richard Troyer drained in a 3-ptr to narrow the lead, other shot attempts were hurried and did not score. The Belize defense in their efforts to hold back the Mexican offense got into foul trouble early and Mexico converted from the free throw line. Team Belize’s shooting was also off, as they shot only 42% from the free throw line, compared to 76% the day before.

Team Belize did better on Monday, when they dominated Trinidad and Tobago 80-71, Milton Palacio leading the attack with 16pts, dishing out 5 assists and snatching 3 steals. Ian Young led Trinidad’s attack with 15 pts to lead 17-14 in the 1st quarter. Alex Carcamo answered with 16 pts for Belize, grabbing 8 rebounds and dishing out 2 assists, while Richard Troyer added 14pts, grabbed 9 rebounds and handed out 3 assists to lead 40-38 at the half. Trinidad took over the lead briefly after the break, but Leon Jacobs added 8pts to Belize’s score, Charlie Burgess added 4pts and Belize led 63-54 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Trinidad matched Belize 17-17 in the last quarter, but Belize led 80-71 at the final buzzer.

Team Belize plays Cuba on Wednesday, Cuba has won the Centrobasket tournament 4 times and on Friday, Belize faces the defending champs, Puerto Rico, which has won Centrobasket 10 times. Only the top 2 teams from each group advance to the semifinals over the weekend; it will be curtains for the remaining 6 teams. Belize would need to be among the semifinalists to qualify for the FIBA Americas tournament, from which the top 3 advance to the 2012 Olympics.

Belize will be among the top 8 teams who qualify for the Central American and Caribbean Games to be held in Puerto Rico later this month. The top 3 from Centrobasket also qualify for the 2011 Pan Am Games to be held in Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, in Mexico.

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Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
We manage a variety of homes, apartments, condos and commercial properties here on Ambergris Caye. Our minimum lease on ALL properties is six months.
Conch Shell Inn: All rooms are right on the beach in the heart of San Pedro, so within walking distance to anything and everything!!
Lil’ Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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Cayo Espanto
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Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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