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#392145 - 11/07/10 05:18 PM Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight  
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At approximately 1AM on Saturday morning reports are that during a bar altercation at Los Compadres Bar located in the Boca del Rio area Lionel Pinelo was fatally stabbed. Two persons have been detained as suspects by the San Pedro Police Department but no charges have been made at this time. Pinelo, who was emergency evacuated to Belize City, succumbed to his injuries en route to the hospital.

Posted by The San Pedro Sun Newspaper

#392179 - 11/08/10 01:34 AM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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Diane Campbell Offline
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Damn. We need to get this booze thing under control.

#392180 - 11/08/10 03:32 AM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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2 killings in 1 week....thats GREAT for the largest generator of revenue for this country (cough cough TOURISM cough). Im sure the busy season will be great. Oh well, what do you expect when there are 10 cops on the payroll and 9 of them are always in the office instead of protecting those who pay their paychecks.

#392287 - 11/09/10 03:14 PM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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UPDATE on stabbing incident

Lionel Pinelo

New information in the Lionel Pinelo case have surfaced. Our sources within the police department reveal that Pinelo was initially involved in an argument that had ensued at the Los Compadres bar, to which the police department was called and responded.
Upon reaching the establishment, our sources inform, the argument was calmed. Afterwards, Mr. Pinelo left the establishment and went out to town. This incident reportedly occurred at around 9:30pm.
At around 11:30pm a second group of individuals were reportedly involved in another argument around the same area, also involving Mr. Pinelo. Information reaching our offices are that Mr. Pinelo was on a golf cart with four other individuals driving by a nearby establishment in the Boca Del Rio area. They saw three young men standing in front of the establishment. A bottle was thrown towards the direction of the golf cart.
As quickly as this happened, the driver of the golf cart stopped and reversed. Seeing that there were only three young men standing in front of the establishment, the five guys on the golf cart took this as an opportunity to retaliate and an argument ensued.
Unbeknownst to the passengers of the golf cart, there were an additional four young men inside the establishment, who quickly joined the three standing outside when the argument commenced. During the altercation, 24 year old Lionel Pinelo was stabbed once to the upper left rib cage. He was transported to Belize City where he succumbed to his injuries.
Police initially detained seven individuals in relation to the case. Two were released, and the other five are being detained pending the outcome of the investigation. Responsible parties are looking at charges of Murder and Conspiracy to commit Murder. A formal charge is expected by Tuesday November 9th.
#392293 - 11/09/10 03:28 PM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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Stabbed to death with broken bottle on La Isla Bonita

Lionel Pinelo

The weekend’s other murder took place in San Pedro where a cabinet maker was stabbed to death outside a bar. Lionel Pinelo had moved to the island years ago in search of a better future. But just before midnight on Friday, he was viciously stabbed outside a bar and he died hours later, early Saturday morning. Pinelo was with four other persons on a golf cart heading to Compadres Bar when one of three men standing outside Rainbow Bar, threw a bottle at them. Pinelo’s group confronted the three men who were then joined by four others. One among the rival group used a broken bottle to stab Pinelo to the left rib cage area. Pinelo was rushed to the Ambergris Hopes Clinic and was later transferred to the K.H.M.H. News Five’s Marion Ali was on the island and files this report.

Marion Ali, Reporting

Twenty-four year old Lionel Pinelo, a cabinet maker by trade, moved to San Pedro Town three years ago to seek a better life after a troublesome past in his hometown, San Ignacio. But it appears that threats he had been avoiding eventually caught up with him on the island early Saturday morning when a group of his peers viciously attacked and stabbed him to death in front of a nightclub in the Boca del Rio area.

Abigail Lopez

Abigail Lopez, Friend of Lionel Pinelo

“He mi di go and some young man mi di stone ahn with lone stones and then somebody wah person come, some police come and seh why you di stone di young man fah? And ih tell di young man mek deh go. And ih gone I hear that when the young bwai look fi gone out from the bar, they gone after ahn and they stab ah down.”

The stabbing was quite likely the result of contention between the youths on the island and Pinelo over a dispute he mentioned to his mother in brief three weeks ago when he visited with her in Cayo.

Sonia Harris, Mother, Lionel Pinelo

Sonia Harris

“Ih seh ma wah lotta people hate me out deh you know. I tell ahn madda I mi think dah mi only yah. You gone far and still why? Ih seh ma me noh know why, I change myself and still people noh like me. Ih no time no want tell me nothing because ih feel ih wah stress me out too much, but I have wah niece weh only she ih talk to.”

Marion Ali

Marion Ali

“The recent murder was an incident that outraged area residents say was the high point of a series of altercations here at Compadres Bar here in San Pedro Town. And those residents are clamoring for the permanent closure of this business. But that finality, according to Chairman of the San Pedro Town Board, Severo Guerrero, is one that those residents will have to actively pursue.”

Severo Guerrero, Chairman, San Pedro Liquor License Board

“With this problem of area residents not wanting it, the procedure is that area residents must sign a letter or voice their concern in black and white before we can take it to the table.”

Marion Ali

“But can’t that be done considering the nature of the crime that occurred? A man was killed right there outside.”

severo guerrero

Severo Guerrero

“Definitely, this black and white is just to enhance our efforts just so that we have something to show everybody that yes the community is asking for it to be closed.”

Guerrero says that the San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board had granted a license to the business after it met the requirements. He added, however, that since then, there have been countless complaints against the bar which the Board has now taken into account, the most significant of which was Saturday morning’s murder. While the police piece together this latest murder, Pinelo’s mother is left with the grief of losing a second child in five years. Marion Ali for News Five.

Police have detained several youths pending investigations.

#392298 - 11/09/10 03:36 PM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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Second San Pedro Murder In A Week And while that teenager was killed in the city, in San Pedro a 24 year old was stabbed to death.

It is the second murder in less than a week for that Island Town - and this time it was the end result of feuding, a fight between two groups - presumably over the divided affections of a female.

It ended in a deadly brawl as Monica Bodden found out when she went to San Pedro today:..

24 year old Leonel Pinelo - was fatally stabbed on Friday night in front of Rainbow Star Machine and Bar in San Pedro.

The bloodstains still visible on the ground in front of the establishment - marks the spot where he fell.

He was stabbed once to his upper rib cage - and was transported to the KHMH in a critical condition - where he later died while undergoing treatment.

Sonia Harris - Mother of Decease
"They have a friend in San Pedro and she call me and tell me otherwise I would have known about it until afterwards. Later on the police call me and told me about it."

Jules Vasquez
"You must have been shock?"

Sonia Harris - Mother of Decease
"I was shock yes but I expect that he only got a stab but by the time I reach here he had already die. I came to talk to him but he was already dead. I was really shock."

The tragic episode started sometime around 9:30 on Friday night when Pinelo was involved in fight in front of Los Compadres Bar - which is located just up the street from where he was stabbed.

The police were called and managed to calm the crowd down.

It is said that Pinelo left the area and 3 hours later - returned on a golf cart with 3 other friends to look for his attackers.

On his return he spotted -3 of the guys involved in the first fight - who were standing in front of Rainbow Star Machine and Bar.

That was when Pinelo and his friends jumped out their golf cart and another fight ensued.

One of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed Pinelo in his chest.

Pinelo was working in San Pedro at a Cabinet Shop. His co-worker and roommate told us the last time he saw him was on Friday evening after they got paid.

Haelei Velasquez - Co-worker
"It was Friday just after lunch, we collect our cheque; it was payday."

Monica Bodden
"He told you where he was going?"

Haelei Velasquez - Co-worker
"Actually after we collect our check we usually go to Orange Walk, Corozal or Cayo but he was going home."

Today his grieving mother told us - she is still confused and don't know why someone would do that to her son.

Jules Vasquez
"Why would anyone do something like this to your son?"

Sonia Harris - Mother of Decease
"I don't know."

Jules Vasquez
"If you could speak to the people who did it, what would you tell them?"

Sonia Harris - Mother of Decease
"I would tell them that my son died a horrible death but they find a worse death than that. They will die a more cruel than how my son died because they are chancey."

Pinelo was also known for having run-ins with the law - Just last week he was charged for being in possession of a bladed object after he was searched by police. But according to his mother - he was changing for the better.

Sonia Harris - Mother of Decease
"It hurts me because my daughter lately died. My daughter died about 5 years ago and my son has changed a lot and people don't like when you change because before he use to give trouble but now he has change completely for the better."

Haelei Velasquez - Co-worker
"He was a humble man; he usually would go out and drink a couple of beers and come back home."

According to a police press release which apparently took almost 72 hours to put together three men were standing outside Rainbow Bar, where one of them threw a quart bottle at the golf cart. The golf cart then reversed and all five occupants exited and approached the three male persons. Four other persons exited the bar and joined their three friends. Pinelo was talking to the seven men, where one of the seven picked up a piece of the broken bottle and inflicted a stab wound to Pinelo's left rib cage area. Pinelo fainted on the spot and was rushed to the Ambergris Hopes Clinic by his friends, where the doctor advised that because of the severity of the wound that Pinelo had to be rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He died At 8:20am on Saturday 6th November, 2010

Over the weekend San Pedro Police had 7 men detained for the murder of Leonel Pinelo. This morning 2 of the 7 were released. Charges are expected shortly pending a directive from the DPP's office. The 5 men may be jointly charged for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Channel 7

#392299 - 11/09/10 03:37 PM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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Police in San Pedro Town are faced with a second murder in less than a week after a stabbing left Leonel Pinelo dead over the weekend.

Jorge Aldana reporting….

“Investigations are ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the fatal stabbing of 24 year old Leonel Pinelo. The incident occurred shortly around midnight on Friday on Lagoon Drive in the Boca del Rio Area of San Pedro Town. According to San Pedro Police, sometime around 9:30 on Friday night, they were called to scene of a fight at the Los Compadres Bar located at the corner of Conch Shell Street and Lagoon Drive. Police source say that they managed to calm the fight and the crowd was asked to disburse. About 3 hours later, sometime between 11:30 PM and midnight Friday, they were called once more to the Boca del Rio area, this time to an area in front of Rainbow Star Bar on Lagoon Drive where a fight had occurred between two groups of people, some of whom were involved in the first fight at Los Compadres Bar. Moments later, they visited a private clinic where they say Pinelo suffering from a single stab wound to his left upper rib cage. Pinelo was transported to the KHMH in a critical condition where he died while undergoing treatment. Initial investigation reveals that shortly after the first fight, Pinelo went to the down town area of San Pedro where he met 3 of his friends on a golf cart. All four decided to return to Los Compadres Bar, apparently to look for Pinelo’s attackers. Police say that while Pinelo and 3 other friends were on their way on Lagoon Drive, they saw 3 men standing in front of Rainbow Star Bar one of whom threw a bottle at the moving cart hitting one of the passengers. At that point, the driver of the cart stopped and reversed and approached the 3 men. Unaware that another 4 men were along with the 3, the crowd on the cart allegedly started an argument after which a fight started. As a result of the group fight, Pinelo received a single stabbed wound after which he was rushed to a private clinic on the island. Diligent police investigation over the weekend, led to the detention of 7 men, all residents of San Pedro Town. Two of the men were released on Monday morning. Police source say that some of the men have been cooperating with police’s investigation and charges should soon follow. The group may be jointly charged for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Pinelo, who is originally from Benque Viejo del Carmen Town, is known to San Pedro Police and just last week was charged for being in possession of a bladed object after he was searched and police found a knife on him.


#392350 - 11/10/10 03:22 AM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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November 09, 2010

One person was arraigned in court today for the fatal stabbing of Leonel Pinelo on Ambergris Caye on Friday night. Jorge Aldana was there and filed the following report.

Jorge Aldana Reportering…

One man has been formally arrested and charged for the fatal stabbing of Leonel Pinelo which occurred over the weekend on Ambergris Caye. The accused is 21 year old Jason Reyes of a Lagoon Drive address in the Boca del Rio Area of San Pedro Town. According to police, there is enough evidence that point out that Reyes was the person that inflicted the single fatal stab wound on Pinelo. Pinelo died on Saturday morning at the KHMH while undergoing treatment after he was stabbed just before midnight on Friday following a fight in front of Rainbow Star Bar on Lagoon Drive. The fight on Lagoon Drive was a follow up to a previous fight outside Los Compadres Bar, an establishment owned by accused parents. Pinelo allegedly went to look for some friends and return to the area were the second fight occurred and Pinelo received the fatal injury. Reyes was one of 7 men detained during the weekend long investigation. He was charged by San Pedro Police yesterday and arraigned this morning at the San Pedro Magistrate court for the crime of Murder. Magistrate Patricia Arana explained to Reyes that his crime was indictable and hence no plea was taken and as such was remanded to the Hattiville Prison. Jason Reyes is scheduled to reappear in the San Pedro Magistrate Court on December 8th; 2010.This news report is sponsored by Grand Belizeans Estate Limited, where you can get great deals on great lots on Ambergris Caye.

Reporting for Love News from San Pedro Town, I am Jorge Aldana.

#392355 - 11/10/10 04:03 AM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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SFJeff Offline
SFJeff  Offline's nice to see that you can "sponsor" the news reports of fatal stabbings.

I wonder if there is a sliding scale for advertising rates... not sure if I can afford to advertise in the "murder" reports, but perhaps the simple "chopping" ones or aggravated assault???

#392358 - 11/10/10 04:07 AM Re: Lionel Pinelo Fatally Stabbed in Bar Fight [Re: Marty]  
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mind you, not making light of the incident (tragic/senseless) just the wording above.

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