Belize Tropical Weather Outlook: January 16, 2017

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Area wind information

Belize NMS Forecast

6:00 AM in Belize, January 16, 2017

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected in the North Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico during the next 5 days.

We have come to the official end of the 2016 hurricane season. The season turned out above average activity as fifteen named storms formed, of which seven became hurricanes, and three reached major hurricane status. That is category three, four or five on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale. The strongest was Matthew which reached a peak intensity of 160mph, while heavy rainfall affected the country late during the season as Hurricane Otto crossed the Central American mainland. Earl, a category one hurricane crosed the country on August 3rd with-out any loss of life, but left a trail of destruction in the Agriculture and Tourism industry.

Tropical Atlantic Wide Infrared Satellite Image:

USA National Weather Service Forecast

January 16, 2017

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days. The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season is over. Routine issuance of the tropical weather outlook will resume on June 1, 2017. During the off-season, special tropical weather outlooks will be issued as conditions warrant.

Tropical Weather Discussion

Please refer to the Meteo-France High Seas Forecast, that is listed on the website: www.Meteofrance.Com/previsions-meteo- marine/bulletin/ grandlarge/metarea2. The outlook, for the 24 hours that follow the forecast that is valid until 16/0000 UTC, consists of: the persistence or threat of a S or SW near gale or gale, in Irving.

The Caribbean Sea...

Upper level SW wind flow curves anticyclonically, from Nicaragua eastward, into the Caribbean Sea, from 15n southward. High level clouds cover the Caribbean Sea from 16n southward. Other high level clouds are moving through the NE corner of the Caribbean Sea, from the Atlantic Ocean, with the NE wind flow from 350 mb to 800 mb. NE wind flow, from 350 mb to 800 mb, covers the Caribbean Sea from 14n northward from 72w eastward. Middle level-to-upper level cyclonic wind flow covers the area that is from 16n northward from 70w westward. A cyclonic circulation center is near 19n80w. NE wind flow, from 600 mb to 800 mb, is from 18n southward from 70w westward. Comparatively drier air in subsidence, that is apparent in water vapor imagery, spans the Caribbean Sea. 24-hour rainfall amounts in inches for the period ending at 16/0000 UTC...according to The Pan American temperature and precipitation tables...miatptpan/sxca01 knhc...0.31 in Curacao, and 0.15 in Guadeloupe.

Climate Prediction Center’s Central America Hazards Outlook

Weather Underground Caribbean Forecast

Will return in June, 2017

48 Hour Forecast – Favorable Environmental Conditions For Tropical Development

Infrared Satellite in Belize City

The Atlantic Hurricane season is ending on the quiet note

11/30/2016 6:26:33 AM

This is the last day of the Atlantic hurricane season. There are no late season tropical features across the basin and current forecast information shows no support for post season tropical development through at least the middle of December.

This will be the last entry for the 2016 Hurricane Season.

This product is scheduled to resume on June 1, 2017. However, if late 2016 season or early 2017 season tropical development is expected this product will be updated until the tropical feature has died.

120 Hour Forecast – Favorable Environmental Conditions For Tropical Development

Quiet in the tropical Atlantic
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Quiet in the Atlantic
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In the tropical Atlantic

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Tropical Atlantic Wide Visible Satellite Image

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