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#392292 - 11/09/10 03:27 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley gets ripped with bodybuilding on Sports Monday

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday

The 6th Annual Sagitun Cycling Classic was staged yesterday at Independence with a whopping 60 riders suited up for the 66 Mile Open race on a circuit from Senter to PG Junction, through Big Creek and back to Senter for the big finish. And of course their off.

This group of seven riders which includes the Guatemalan Donizette Vasquez-Aburto of Despredadores, Chris McNish of Benny’s Megabytes, Lisando Acu and Kyne Gentle of Western Spirit extricates itself from the main bunch around the halfway mile. We head to the finish now and it’s the Guatemalan Donizette Vasquez-Aburto of Despredadores who takes to 5 man sprint grabbing top honors in 2 hours 40 minutes 35 seconds. Chris McNish of Benny’s Megabytes is 2nd, Lisandro Acu of Santino’s is 3r, Kyne Gentle pulls up 4th while Luis Santizo, another Guatemalan rounds out the top 5 in a race that averaged 24.66 miles per hour with 24 riders abandoning the event.

In the Master’s Class, 3 time cross country champion, Ernest Meighan of Santino’s easily fool that 33 mile race in 1 hour 26 minutes 4 secs beating out Wilbert Jones of Benny’s megabytes and Ken Gladden of Typhoon in that order. Henry Moreira and Luigi Urbina rounds out the top 5 in a race that averaged 23 miles per hour with 24 of the 30 cyclist that started completing the ride. Two females also participated in this class—Shalini Zabaneh beat out Jr. Rider, Patricia Chavarria by 14 minutes 14 seconds. Meanwhile the Jr. 77 mile rode saw Daniel Choto of Cayo High Road Cycling outsprint Deezan Spencer of Clear the Land to claim top honors in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes 57 seconds with an average speed of 22.61 miles per hour. Joel Borland of Indeco then beat the Guatemalan Alejandro Tejero for 3rd place while Darren Williams rounds out the top 5 in a race that saw 30 start and 15 finish.
The next big cycling event on the calendar comes up this Sunday, November 14th, right here in Belize City as the University of the West Indies proudly presents a day of races on Marine Boulevard and it promises to be big.

Turning to the Body Building Scene, the Mister Belize Contest grabbed center stage inside the Bliss Auditorium Friday night with a monster package of wall to wall muscle. We go immediately to the four man clash for competition under the 170 pounds and by the way we always thought that body building was a non-contact sport. In his debut, Giovanni Gomez takes on the big boys but can only muster up a fourth place finish. We’re certain you will hear from this athlete again. Allen Holliday has the size and the ambition but his symmetry and definition is not pronounced enough to truly challenge for the tile and he has to settle for 3rd place. In the meantime, Deon Ortiz shows real promise as a bodybuilder and will win the Mister Belize title sooner rather than later, but he is just not ready to depose the king, Deon Danderson. Ortiz has to settle for the runner-up spot, 2010.

For his part, the reigning Mister Belize title holder, comes out on top of his game and ready for prime time to win the under 170 pounds class almost hands down. In fact, this podium shot emphasizes the distance between Danderson and the rest as he gets ready to challenge for the Mister Belize title again.

At the over 170 pounds meanwhile, tonight’s contenders are Edwin Ramirez, Deon banner, Victor Valencia and Rico Vellos. Victor Valencia does need to put in a lot of work to become an elite bodybuilder and does not make it to the podium tonight. Deon Banner also needs fine tuning to display the definition demanded at this level. He shows promise but is relegated to third place. Rico Vellos threw down a strong challenge with this exhibition. He has size, shape and presence but it’s only good enough for second place tonight. Why? Well former Mister Belize, Edwin Ramirez, is in his element and pulls out quite a show in his routine that earns him the win at this weight class. And as we go to the podium shot, all we can say is that a picture tells a thousand words. So now the two divisional winners meet in a face off at the 2010 Mister Belize title of bodybuilding and you’ve got to be an expert to determine who is the winner here. The judges are and they decide that Deon Danderson is the better of the two today and we say congratulations.

We now turn to the Miss Belize Body fitness competition and standing in the winner’s circle again, Kayla Myvette. Newcomers, Olga Vidas and Kaina Martinez finish second and third respectively while former champion, Gina Lovell, was relegated to fourth place. This brought a howl of protest from the fans, but the decision stands.

Turning to the football scene, action in the FFB’s Inter-district Competition over the weekend saw Club Athletico eliminated Cristo Rey in a 3-2 aggregate after yesterdat’s 1-1 draw at Corozal. Down South, Benguche forced extra time after beating Libertadores 2-1 but Libertadores came up with 2 goals in extra time to move on. P.G. Mavericks got into the semifinals with a 1-zip defeat off Carmelita while World FC held Hopkins to a 2 all draw which was enough to get them into the next week.

Thus the semifinal round gets off this Sunday with Mavericks travelling to Libertadores while World FC will play host to Club Athleticos. In BPFL results: Toledo Ambassadors edged hankook Verdes 1-zip, FC Belize sink the San Pedro Sea Dogs in a 4-1 blast, san Felipe Barcelona blanked Belmopan Blaze 1-zip while B.D.F. and Griga United settled to a scoreless stalemate.

Finally in Tennis Table news, on Saturday Bombers crushed No Mercy 5-1 in 1st division play and Racqueteers rallied past Rivero Welders in a 5-4 decision. At the 2nd division level, Phoenix shook up Hurricane 5-3 and Garage mashed up Assassins in a 5-zip finish. Thus the 4 teams to make the 1st diviosn finals are Bombers, Ace, Racqueteers and Rivero Welders. And in the 2nd Division play its Phoenix, Hurricane, Garage and Assassins.

The finals is set for Sunday, November 14th, at Belize Elementary auditorium featuring a round robin format in both categories and you don’t want to miss it.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

#392873 - 11/16/10 03:11 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley and the weekend blotter of Sports

James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

In its 2nd year, the University of the West Indies Day of Races really captured the hearts and minds of the fans with its innovative approach to an event that rapidly become a feature on the Cycling Calendar. The passing of the UWI Torch to open the event by the Black Jaguars Basketball Team of the University of Belize and the light of education leading the way, symbolizes bringing together of UWI, the Belize Cycling Association, the Belize Amateur Athletic Association, Athletes students, fans, the young and the old—all working together to make today a success.

In fact, this group of students came all the way from Dangriga to entertain the public with a jump rope for the heart exhibition in between races and if that’s not a novel idea, then we don’t know what is. And when the torch reaches Mrs. Jane Bennett, Head of UWI Open Campus in Belize, who incidentally must be credited for this event, the cycle races begin in earnest.

But first, meet the former head of the UWI in Belize and now Director of UWI Open Campus site, Mrs. Luz Longsworth.

Luz Longsworth

Luz Longsworth, Director, UWI

“It has been my great pleasure to be here and to share this year in the day of races and particularly in the torch which as Paco has said, is very symbolic of the university’s presence in Belize over the last sixty-two years. The university first was housed in a small room on top of the Bliss for many many years, the old bliss. And now we are on Princes Margaret Drive. So we have grown we’ve expanded and we continue to expand.”

Now welcome to the main event. Here are the twenty-nine elite cyclists looking for the big W in the 18-mile ride, packaged in 15 laps around the Marine Parade Circuit. Very quickly, this five man group grabs command of the pace which they would not relinquish despite the fury of the chase bunch. Now fast forward to the finish and the big 5 remains intact as they sprint to the tape. David Henderson of Indeco controls the pace and hangs on to take 1st place in 44 minutes 8 seconds. Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray is forced into 2nd place while Edward Reyes of Team Smart pulls up 3rd, Erwin Middleton is 4th and Ruben Cano rounds out the top five in a race that averaged 24.47 miles per hour.

At the master level Preston Martinez of M&M Engineering overtake Ernest Meighan of Santino’s to win the 12-mile ride in 31 minutes 21 seconds in a race that averaged 22.967 miles per hour while Henry Moreira pulls up 3rd. Meanwhile the Junior Category featured a duel between Melvin Tillett of C-Ray and Austin Armstrong for the win but its Tillett of C-Ray who gets the win in 31 minutes 25 seconds. Armstrong of Twin Towns Cycling takes 2nd while his teammate Deezan Spence pedals in for 3rd place.

In the Boys High School Ride, Christopher Andrews, Yan Cattouse and Ruis Cattouse finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in that order in the 6-mile ride. Talk about dominate folks, Charleston Cleland rolls in unchallenged for 1st place in the Primary School Class, beating Joshua Culletts by 35 seconds and Micahel Castillo pulls up 3rd, 42 seconds later. At the Boys Tiny Tots Level, Derrick Brown beats out Jaheem Gillett while Goran Gabourel takes 3rd. In the Girls Tiny Tots Class, Deanne Cleland beat out Dalia Smith to win that race and Gabriel Gabourel pulls up 3rd. We want to thank the UWI and the Belize Cycling Association for this wonderful presentation.

Turning to the football scene, the semifinal round in the FFB Inter-District Competition saw Mavericks host Libertad inside the people’s stadium yesterday. We’re some 20 minutes in when Jamaal Martinez of Libertadores mounts this individual effort on the left side only to be taken down inside the 18th by defender, Theodore Lopez and the referee rules penalty. It gives Clifton West the opportunity to showcase his national team quality and West gives Libertadores the 1-zip lead with the conversion. A couple minutes later, this slice by Clifton West is defended by Theodore Lopez but his header takes a funny bounce and adding poor goal keeping from Jamie Mangar and the auto goal makes it a 2-zip score which will hold up to regulation whistle. This two game series concludes on Sunday at the Ricalde Stadium with Libertadores in the role of host. Meanwhile, World FC and Club Athletico drew 1-1 yesterday. Game 2 now moves to the Norman Broaster Stadium coming up this Sunday for sure. In news from the Belize premier football league, Griga United and San Felipe Barcelona settle for a 1-1 stalemate yesterday at the Carl Ramos Stadium. Inside the Norman Broaster Stadium, it was the DBF punishing the San Pedro Seadogs in a 7-zip walloping. Toledo Ambassadors blanked Belmopan Blaze 2-nil. And at the MCC Grounds it was FC Belize beating Hankook Verdes by that very same score.

In table tennis news, the defending 1st division champion in the Habet League, ACE knocked off Bombers 5-3 to repeat as champions while Rivero Welders finished 3rd and Racqueteers 4th. In the 2nd division finals, Garage handled Phoenix in a 5-3 finish to take the title with Hurricane finishing 3rd and Assassins 4th.

On the softball scene, Digicell Avengers upset the #1 seed Flowers Crushers on Saturday at the Rogers Stadium in a 13-1 bashing for the Junior Girls Softball title in which Amber Wade got the victory while Jahama Trapp was saddled with the loss.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

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#393434 - 11/23/10 03:04 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley with the Weekly Sports Update

James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

As the semifinal round of the FFB’s Inter-District Football Tournament reaches its natural conclusion, over the weekend, we headed West, yesterday where World FC hosted Club Athletico inside the Norman Forrester Stadium to close out the home and series after last week’s 1-1 draw at Belmopan. Immediately into the ballgame, the home team looks for the early goal when Cesar Villeda frees up Joel Guzman whose right foot grass head burner rolls outside the upright. We’re some 12 minutes in when Carlos Vasquez triggers this spotlight at goal—goalkeeper, Orlando Galdamez makes the initial stop—Elliott Bermudez send it back into the danger zone and connects with Vasquez who gives World FC the 1-zip lead. Just 2 minutes later, Joel Guzman gets another chance to aim at the far post and this time the ball dangles in the net to make it a 2-zip World FC lead.

It’s all World FC when Carlos Vasquez looks for his 2nd goal of the match but this time is denied by Galdamez. In the next press, Vasquez gets a foot on this ball that should have been handled by Galdamez but the mud and water in front of the goalmouth, prevents it from scoring—Mike Chavez is the first to react—he complicates the situation and gets away with it. Folks it looks like a rout when Elliott Bermudez outruns the Athletico defense and finds the rear corner to make it a 3-zip score in favor of World FC. In the meantime, goalkeeper Galdamez continues to live dangerously when he fails to come up with ball and somehow gets away with two legit scoring attempts that bounce off the rear post. So Club Athletico gets busy as David Madrid mounts this foray into the box. He beats the keeper but gets taken down inside the eighteen for the which the referee rules penalty. Melvin Barrientos steps up for the Belmopan Team and pulls one back with a nice looking penalty conversion and at the half World FC leads 3-1.

We’re in early 2nd half action when Julian Maldonado picks up this loose ball that niche outside the stick. Some 7 minutes later, Club Athletico goes for goal off the set piece and indeed this left foot launch is a beautiful spot kick you’ll want to see as it bounces off both uprights to make it a 3-2 score, thanks to the delivery by Edel Diaz fresh off the bench. Diaz then gets this chance to the ballgame at 3 apiece but the left foot fails to get past the keeper. This wakes up the home team so Vasquez launches this long distance floater that bounces off the crossbar—the ball rebounds to Miguel Aguilar and World FC takes a 4-2 lead. Meanwhile, Sean Mas has an open look from pointblank range to make it 4-3, but is let down by a feeble left foot. The visitors then seal their demise when Joseph Waight is taken down inside the goal by Mike Chavez and the penalty call is automatic. It’s Miguel Aguilar who steps up and calmly pushes the pill past Galdamez for his 2nd goal of the match as World FC goes on to post the 5-2 big W.

They win 6-3 an aggregate and are into the 2nd game championship series. They’ll be facing Libertadores of Corozal who held mavericks to a 2-2 draw at Punta Gorda on Sunday to win the series with a 4-2 aggregate. Thus game 1 of the FFB Inter-District finals between World FC and Libertadores is set for December 5th at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal.

In other football news, Sports Monday mourns the passing of Thomas Suazo—a Dangriga footballer who was recently called up to the National A-team of Belize. He had played on the Under-17 and Under-20 National Team and condolences goes out to his family and friends.

Turning to the Cycling Scene, former Cross Coutnry Champion, Collet Maheia presented a cycle race to celebrate his birthday over the weekend. At the Elite Class, Glen O’Brien of Zamia took the win in 1 hour 51 minutes 19 seconds with Mike Lewis 2nd and Brandon Cattouse 3rd in a race that saw 32 start and 13 finish. While in the Master Class, Ernest Meighan of Santino’s took the 44 Mile ride in 1 hour 56 minutes 48 seconds from a 3 man sprint with Warren Coye and Robert Stewart finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Finally folks, the 14th Alpheus Williams HIV/AIDS Cycling Classic is set for Sunday December 5th and will run Capital City Belmopan to Leslie Imports outside Belize City on the Western Highway. It is gonna be a monster so don’t miss it. Gregg Lovell goes in as defending champion on the Elite Class. Daniel Choto the Junior Champ and Shalini Zabaneh, the defending female champ.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

#393794 - 11/30/10 03:23 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The softball community converged on Roger’s Stadium yesterday to pay respect to a fallen hero of the sport, Charles Solis, with the presentation of a grand regular tournament in his name featuring the defending champion Mirage Lady Rebels, National Champion Grace Kennedy of Roaring Creek, Camalotte Cristal Parrots and Easy Does It of Flowers Bank. We must say Grace Kennedy had an easy time making it to the finals so we join the matchup between Lady Rebels and Easy Does it as they make a bid to face Grace Kennedy for all the marbles. In fact, we’re in the top of the 6th inning with Lady Rebels up 5 to 4 when Diane Baldwin ties the ballgame with this single that brings Anna Gillett home. However, the big blow comes from Shana Robinson when this power smash brings home Diane Baldwin and Tricia Rhaburn as Easy Does It takes a 7-5 lead and would beat the defending champs by that score to make ti to the finals in a major upset.

So we move to the money game as Leandra Guy takes the mound for Grace Kennedy who strikes out Kathleen Rhaburn to come out of the 1st inning unscathed. The national champ gets its first run of the ballgame from Stephanie Francis who gets this single past Hendy to bring Karlee Bradley home from third base. With 2 on shortstop, Shadalee shacks Hendy really hard for 2 runs and then Shadalee takes advantage of poor defensive play to make it a 4 run 1st inning.

In the second inning, Tanya Davis brings in another with this infield single; meanwhile, the bases are loaded for Myralee Ho and this ball should have been caught but is dropped by the shortstop and 2 more runs come in and at the end of 2nd inning, Grace Kennedy leads 8-zip. Easy Does it tries to come back in the 3rd, but its poor defensive work at 3rd base that allows Diane Rhaburn to get their 1st run. Baldwin then relieves Hendy on the mound and promptly gets the force out at 2nd base. Nevertheless, Greta Davis brings home Karlee Bradley for the 9th run in favor of the national champs who go on to win the 7th Annual Charles Solis Memorial Title in an 11-6 final score thanks to the Mercy Rule. We say congratulations to Grace Kennedy and to their star pitcher, Leandra Guy who walked away with the MVP award.

Turning to the Table Tennis Scene, the BWF National Championship staged yesterday saw David Jones and Tux Vasquez battle to get into the men singles final. We’re in the 5th and decisive game with each player having won 2 games each and the score tied at 9 apiece. Tux Vasquez comes up with a tough shot but David Jones handles it so Tux tries the other edge and misses. Vasquez ties the game with this underhand slice that Jones cannot handle. Vasquez then fails to find the edge of the table to concede the 11th point to Jones. It’s David Jones now serving for the Big Win—Tux cannot handle the spin and Jones moves into the finals where he would defeat Zhi Cheng to claim the National men Singles title. However, it wasn’t all bad for Tux Vasquez who teamed up with Petie Matus to heat Carlos Cui and Cui Ahen Li for the national men doubles title and here they are on their way to the finals rolling ever Mister and Misses Marion Usher 3-zip. Meanwhile, Harin Ochaeta battled Victor Quan to 3-1 finish to claim the Cadet U-15 title. Petie Matus blanked Cui Zhen Li 3-zip to claim the national women singles championship and Nelito Ayuso teamed up with Ernesto Rivero to heat Dan Habet and Landy Habet 3-1 for the national men doubles title. We say congratulations to one and all.

Checking the football scene, the F.F.B. Inter-district Championship series gets off this Sunday at the Ricalde Stadium with Libertadores hosting World FC of Cayo to kick off the 2 game series. In other football news, results from BPFL play shows that the BDF blanked Toledo Ambassadors 3-zip, Griga United and Hankook Verdes battled to a 1-1 tie while FC Belize edged San Felipe Barcelona 3 to 2. New here is a reminder tha the Belize Cycling Association presents the Alpheus Williams Classic this Sunday, December 5th and Gregg Lovell goes in as defending champion. In closing folks we leave you with images from the 7th Annual Special Olympics staged at the MCC grounds and it certainly was a fun thing for all involved.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

Channel 5

#394235 - 12/07/10 03:23 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley and the weekend blotter of Sports

James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and welcome to Sports Monday.

The new cycling calendar as presented by the Belize Cycling Association got off with a bang yesterday as the 50 mile Alpheus Williams HIV Classic reigned supreme on the Western Highway with all the big guns out to make the point that they’ll be ready for the 2011 Cross Country Cycling Classic.

It’s a rolling start featuring a whopping 96 riders as the race leaves the starting line at the Belmopan Comprehensive School to go around the ring road and looking for his 3rd in a row is the 2-time defending Champion Greg Lovell riding for Team Zamir of Orange Walk. It’s a sight to behold when a field this large hugs the curve coming out of Belmopan and the real journey begins.

Around Mile 33, the pelathon is spread out and this is a glimpse of men and their mean machines travelling at 30 miles per hour and any self respecting rider is right here. As we pan forward, we see Darnell Barrow, Glen O’Brien, Big Mike Lewis, George Abraham, Shane Vasquez (the last Belizean Cross Country Champ), Marlon Castillo and on the pace is the Guatemalan Luis Santiago, Ernest Meighan, Geon Hanson and Brandon Cattouse.

It’s around Mile 17 when this group of 18 finally extricate themselves from the main bunch which includes Jose Choto, Glen O’Brien, Nissan Arana, Henry Morriera, Arnide Rovers, Greg Lovell, Hernan Ochaeta and Byron Pope. Of the pelathon is just 56 seconds behind which is manageable. Race commisaire Kwane Scott confirms the lead time. At mile 12, the group of 18 has extended the lead to 1 minute 14 seconds and again we have the evidence. So now, we’ve got a 15 man sprint to the tape at Leslie’s Imports—Leroy Cassasola has the early lead—Greg Lovell responds with the afterburner and indeed no one can stop the speedster who wins his 3rd Alpheus Williams Classic in a row with a time of 1 hour 43 minutes 58 seconds. Byron Pope of Benny’s Megabytes pulls up 2nd, Kyne Gentle of Western Spirit is 3rd while Leroy Cassasola of SAntino’s is 4th and Juan Umana-Horis rounds out the top 5. Of the 96 that started 76 riders completed the route in a race that was clocked at 28.047 miles per hours. The fastest time in modern history.

In the Category 4-5 Masters Class, Barney Brown of FT Willimas took this win in a record time of 1:09:03, Santino Castillo took 2nd, while Albert Conorquie Sr. orf Typhoon rounds out the top 3. on the female side, newcomer, Kirah Eiley of team Moze Cycling took top honours in 1:25:47, Anthea Sutherland finished 2nd and Shalini Zabaneh settled for 3rd. We now look forward to the New Year’s Day Cycle Classic sponsored by Krem.

Turning to the football scene, the FFb Inter-District Championship series kicked off yesterday inside the Ricalde Stadium as Libertadores played host to World FC of Cayo. It’s the home team with the opportunity to get on to the scoreboard first when Jamal Martinez gets this open look at goal from point blank range a minute in only to be deified by a fingertip save from goalkeeper Shawn Lopez. A couple minutes later, Clifton West finds himself at the right place at the right time and his right foot push gives Libertadores a 1-zip lead. Folks we’re at the 11th minute when Joel Guzman slices this perfect pass to Julian Maldonado who comes up with a wicked left foot push to tie the ballgame at 1 apiece. Maldonado then looks for his 2nd goal on this volley that fails to give World FC the lead.

At the other end, Ardon Budna displays good range form outside the 18, but his wonderful strike is kept out of the goal by an impressive save from Shawn Lopez who really had to extend himself. 38 minutes in Miguel Aguilar comes up with this left foot slice that dangles inside the net as World FC takes a 2-1 lead. The home team look for the reply off this set piece but again the intervention by Shawn Lopez is successful.

We go to 2nd half and immediately Clifton West gets his chance to tie the score but pulls the left foot outside the sticks and knows he should have done better. New here is an interesting play; Elliot Bermudez works his way to the penalty area only to end up gifting the pill to goalkeeper Keron Swazo. However whent his long distance dial from Julian Maldonado bounces off the near upright, Miguel Aguilar pounces with the right foot for his 2nd goal of the match to five the visitors a 3-1 lead and the Libertadores reaction shows that their will might have been broken right here.

At the 77th minute, things really nose dive for the home team when poor defensive play gives possession to Miguel Aguilar who gives World FC a 3 goal cushion with his 3rd of the match. In extra time, Shannon Defour picks up this loose ball and fires a right foot shot that gives World FC a 5-1 Big Win.

The scene now shifts to the Norman Broaster Stadium for the final match of the series and Libertadores must come up with 4 goal margin of win first to force overtime. In other football news, Caribbean Cup play over the weekend saw San Felipe Barcelona handle the BDF in a 2-1 score, Griga United blanked Belmopan Blaze 1-zip and Toledo Ambassadors edged FC Belize 4-3.

Finally folks, here are the winners from the Belize Amateur Athletic Association races held on the Western Highway, yesterday. Leon O’Brien wins the male 10K, Ajahny Carr tool the female 10K, Alexander Alvarado was winner in the male 5K while Ashantie Carr was the female winner. Ajani Vaughan took the male 5o meters, Aaliyah Carr won the female 50 meters. Ajani Vaughan won the Male 150 meters with Aaliyah Carr taking the female 150 meters. Ajani Carr emerged with the win for the female junior 150 meters. The next race is set for January 1st, 2011.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley

#394759 - 12/14/10 02:57 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley with the smashing weekend in Sports

James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The road to the F.F.B. Inter-District Football Championship screeched to its conclusion yesterday inside the Norman Broaster Stadium as World FC played host to Libertadores of Corozal. Of course, Libertadores would have had to win by a 5 goal margin to claim the title after last week’s capitulation to the Cayo Team in a 5-1 rout at the Ricalde Stadium. Nevertheless, the visitors came in looking for the miracle but World FC in the opening minute of play set the pace with this monster right foot strike from outside the 18 that forces Keron Swaso into a spectacular save. In fact, the Cayo team almost opened the scoreboard off this ensuring corner kick that Jamaal Martinez should have headed into the net.

However, it’s the Libertadores who strike at the 8th minute of play when Clifton West’s strike at goal beats the keeper. Felipe Guy reached the loose ball 1st and smacks it home to keep the championship dream alive. 5 minutes later, Elliot Bermudez outruns the Libertadores defense only to bungle the finish in a one to one situation against Swaso. Talk about intensity people, the Corozal team gets three opportunities to make it a 2-nil ballgame on this press only to walk away empty handed. We’re some 24 minutes in when Keron Swaso fails to intercept this ball in the air because of tardiness—Jamaal Martinez then tries to make the clearance only to come up with the auto goal and we have a tied ballgame. Meanwhile, Felipe Guy gets a second chance to impress the scoreboard and return the lead to Libertadores but it’s obvious the left foot lets him down.

Ok guy gets another crack at it when Clifton West finds him on the right side and this time he misjudges the pill and at the half, we’ve got a 1 all stalemate. Some 15 minutes after intermission, Clifton West launches this dangerous header that bounces outside the far upright. For certain national Team player Clifton West is the man on Libertadores and here he demonstrates why as he fires this left foot into the far corner of the goal to make it a 2-1 ballgame. However, 5 minutes later, the World FC Captain, Joseph Waight stumbles into the goal with the ball to tie the match at 2 apiece and the dream begins to face for Libertadores.

Meanwhile, the home team regains the momentum and Jamaal Martinez goes for the spectacular with the bicycle kick but its right at Jamil McKoy. Everald Bodden then gets this chance to move the scoreboard in favor of World FC but embarrasses himself at the finish. In the waning moments of this ballgame, Miguel Aguilar who had the hat trick in last week’s outing crushes this header into the net for the 3-2 World FC big Win. So World FC winds the 2010 F.F.B. Inter-District Championship with an aggregate of 8 goals to 3 over a worthy opponent—Libertadores—we say congratulations and must add that this Cayo Team looks good. They get $5000 and trophies for this success.

Sergio Chuc

Speaking of the F.F.B. folks, the much anticipated election for President of this FIFA affiliated organization that runs football in Belize is set for this Saturday out the F.F.B. Belmopan Headquarters on Saturday, December 18th. We tried to get Sergio Chuc of the Belize Premier Football League who was to challenge the current president Dr. Bertie Chimilio, but he wasn’t answering his phone.

Bertie Chimilio

We spoke to Dr. Chimilio who informed us that Chuc will be ineligible to run because his nomination has not been seconded by any other football organization. Thus it is more than likely that Dr. Bertie Chimilio will return for an unprecedented 4th term. Dr. Bertie was unable to accept our invitation for an interview today here at Channel Five. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.

In other football news, Caribbean Motor Cup results from over the weekend shows that Belmopan Blaze consumed Hankook Verdes 4-1. Toledo Ambassadors blanked Griga United 2-zip and the BDF marched our FC Belize in a 2-1 affair.

We also have this news from Los Angeles. The L.A. Warriors under Manager, Charles Hogan, blanked Brazil CDC4, 1-zip at Griffith Park Stadium to claim this year’s soccer title. This Belizean unit now becomes the winningest football team in LA for the 30 years on this particular tournament. You might recognize Malaki Nolberto and Sylvian Lyons on this puicture and it’s good to see Belizean football still going strong in L.A.

In basketball news, the Central Division Champion emerged last week at the Civic Centre. On the girl’s side, Gwen Liz swept Wesley College 3 straight in the best of 5 series, concluding the competition on Friday with a 44-32 Win over Wesley that saw Glenda Torres strike for 20 points, 15 rebounds and Anna Pinto put up 10 points. In male play, Sadie Vernon also wrested the Central Division Title in 3 straight completing the sweep on Friday in an 83-74 final score. Kashief Thomas led the way with 33 points while Matthew Young scored the game high of 42 points in a losing effort. The national tournament now comes up on the 17th and 18th of December at the Civic Centre so stay tuned.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

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“To the victor goes the spoils;” James Adderley with winners in sports

James Adderley

Good evening I am James Adderley with this week’s dish of Sports Monday.

On Saturday at Belmopan, the Football Federation of Belize endorsed Dr. Bertie Chimilio as President of this FIFA affiliated body by a 7 to 1 vote with the Belize Premier Football league being the only dissenting vote. The National Sports Council had warned that it would not accept this process by which Dr. Chimilio has been awarded a 4th consecutive term as president. We spoke to him by telephone earlier today.

James Adderley

“Doctor Bertie, I know that there was a whole lot of opposition to not only your presidency, but the means by which you were elected for this fourth time. Maybe you could give us a comment about that?”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio, President, F.F.B.

Bertie Chimilio

“Well if I should start by using the comment from the Honorable Boots Martinez, “Don’t worry about the noise of the market, check your change.”

And I think the people who are making noise, like everything else in politics, when you are opposed to somebody and you have to make all the necessary noises they need for them to be heard. And fortunately for us and for football, they were not heard.”

James Adderley

“You will admit though that it will be rather difficult to work with the present governmental sporting structure in place at this time?”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“On the contrary James, I don’t share that thought of yours. The sports op is the same, the system is the same, government has never contributed to football so there will be nothing different.”

James Adderley

“Well the new Minister of Sport has certainly come out against you. This is what I was referring to.”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“That’s nothing new, it’s not the first time. I’ve been here for ten years doing that James. They all come against me and unfortunately, they don’t want to learn how the system works, they want to come with sentiments and we just got to do what you got to do. It’s all about the kids, it’s all about the future of this country in football.”

James Adderley

“So how does Doctor Bertie Chimilio and the F.F.B. move forward now?”

Dr. Bertie Chimilio

“We are moving forward. We have to do what we have to do, put our plans in place, look for our finances and move on.”

Turning to basketball scene, The National High School Basketball Tournament staged over the weekend inside the Civic Center found Sadie Vernon of Belize City in the male championship game against Georgetown Technical High School. At the tip off its #6 Charles Armstrong of Sadie Vernon jumping against Wasani Flores of Georgetown and we’re underway. The 1st field goal of the match comes from Georgetown’s Wasani Flores who picks up the botched effort fro Sheldon Vicente and nails the put back. Sadie Vernon replies with a put back of its own when Andrew Ortiz missed, shot is picked up by London Reneau who banks it off the glass. Lindsay Lopez then penetrates between 2 defenders to knock down this difficult runner as the city team jumps to a 3 point lead. It’s Lopez again with the good heed faint that gets him to the glass for 2 more.

Down by 11 in the 1st quarter Teron Terry sets up Joel major for the three point shot and he knocks it down. However at the end of the 1st quarter Georgetown is still down 20 to 9. In the 2nd quarter Sadie Vernon continues to dominate as Kashief Thomas finds Andrew Ortiz baseline and he delivers the bucket. The lead in 12 when #12 Cho takes on Sadie Vernon to sink this tough bucket in traffic and would convert the 3 point play the old-fashioned way. With this foot on the 3 point line Melvin Augustine banks this long deuce to cut the deficit to 8 pts. And we must inform Gilbert Lopez that game officials are an endangered species when he derails into Referee Kisling. Still at the half the lead is back to 11 points.

In the 3rd Lopez tries to keep his team in the hunt with this individual that yields a bucket. But folks Sadie Vernon would not relinquish its grip on the lead – Peter McKoy finds Andrew Ortiz who finished the play. Nevertheless, Georgetown wouldn’t quit and the three point basket fro Joel Major cut the lead to 6 points and would finish the 3rd quarter period down by 9. We’re in the final quarter with Andrew Ortiz works his way down low for 2. Kashief Thomas then receives this long pass from Ortiz for the easy bucket. It’s another long pass to Thomas who knows what to do with it. Sadie Vernon goes on to win 74 to 50 to claim the 2010 National High School male Basketball title and we say congratulations.

Turning to the female title match its Gwen Liz of Belize City facing Delille Academy of Dangriga as Kenya Brown faces Shirley Castillo at the tip off – picked up by Glenda Torres who deals to Adrianna Meighan and she sinks the 1st bucket of the face off. At the other end the Delille reply is automatic when Ethel Martinez gets this runner to fall. But watch Glenda Torres reply in kind for Gwen Liz who lees by 1 at the end of the 1st. It’s Glenda Torres who breaks the tie in the 2nd quarter with this nice move to the hoop. Ether Martinez then fires up this long deuce for Dangriga to cut the deficit to 3. Adrianna Meighan adds to the Gwen Liz lead with this nice put back. And indeed Delille Academy has no one on its rooster to handle Glenda Torres who impacted this game in a big way. We’re in the 4th quarter when Torres hooks up with Kenya Brown and the long deuce in good. Gwen Liz wins this one going away in a 43 to 18 final score. Meanwhile folks we congratulate all 4 teams that made it to the finals. We must single out Glenda Torres who emerged with the Most Valuable female player award. And Kashief Thomas who grabbed male MVP honors – kudos to both athletes.

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#395818 - 12/29/10 03:10 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

James Adderley rounds up Sports for 2010

James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and we welcome you to this our final edition of Sports Monday for the year 2010.

As we look back over the year that was, we’ve singled out 5 events that have left an indelible mark on the Belizean psyche for one reason or the other. We begin with Dr. Bertie Chimilio, who despite the coming together of his legions of detractors was able to remain president of the Football Federation of Belize for an unprecedented 4th consecutive term.

Bertie Chimilio

In 2010, Dr. Chimilio had his easy win yet after the only challenger, Sergio Chuc of the Belize Football League was found ineligible to stand for election after not having his nomination for the post of president of the FFB seconded by another football association. Thus, Dr. Chimilio was ratified to repeat by a 2 to 1 vote some 2 weeks ago. While he will not be remembered fondly by the majority of the football community, he has proven that he is able to survive even under direct fire. Of course we must remind you that the saga continues.

greg lovell

Meanwhile, Greg Lovell finished 5th in the 2010 Cross Country Cycle Classic which was won by a foreigner and in fact, Greg didn’t do so well this year on the racing calendar with only one win. However, Gregory Lovell has written his name into the history books by becoming the 1st Belizean cyclist to complete the oad race in a commonwealth becomes setting when he finished 2nd among the riders from this hemisphere. Lovell’s only win this year came in the Alpheus Williams Cycle Classic to make it 3 wins in a row.

Giovanni Choto

We turn now to Giovanni Choto who won the 2010 Lionman Triathlon ending the domination of the Guatemalan athletes who had captured the previous three. Fortunately or unfortunately, Choto just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The Guatemalans couldn’t attend the 2010 meet because of a scheduling problem and Choto made the most of their absence with a marvellous performance that gave him the Lionman title.

As we head back to the football scene, we feel secure in the knowledge that we have moved into positive territory. A football team coming from the Southside of Belize City amazed the world in 2010 by winning the Super League National Football Title from among the 10 teams that started. Yes, the city might, at this time, appear gang infested and crime ridden, however Raymond Gentle and the City Boys rose above their environment to become champions and this is a story that must be told. There are serious lessons to be learned from this outstanding achievement.

Finally a man stepped out of shadows to engineer the return of amateur boxing to the Belizean landscape. Leopold Smart never did give up hope in his quest to bring back this sport. In 2010, he made the right moves and involved the right people to stage a successful fight card against a Mexican contingent even when the chips were down. Smart did not close down his gym and in many instances had to use money out of his meagre resources to keep going. A humble and dedicated Belizean, Leopold Smart is one to emulate. Smart Gym will be back in action on February 15th, 2010 inside the Belize Biltmore Plaza and Hotel.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

#397007 - 01/11/11 03:54 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Marty  Online Happy

James Adderley with sizzling sports statistics

Good evening I’m James Adderley with this week’s serving of sports Monday.

The special investigation committee convened by the Ministry of Sports to examine the Football Federation of Belize election processes is hard at work interviewing the various organizations that function under this particular umbrella. We spoke by phone to Miley Garcia National Sports Administrator in the Ministry of Sports.

Ismael ‘Miley’ Garcia, National Sports Administrator, Ministry of Sports

Ismael ‘Miley’ Garcia

“In June of 2010, the minister met with the president of several federations individually. At that time he talked to them about his concerns regarding all the federations and asked them for certain things that he wanted them to present to him. In the case of the F.F.B., the minister had asked the president at that time if he can present him with the evidence that the members of the F.F.B. had been duly elected by their respective football constituencies. About two letters later and about twelve months after, there had been no response from the F.F.B. so the minister conducted a nationwide tour. Subsequent to that, the minister decided that he was going to order an independent investigation to find out if whether or not the member do the F.F.B. had in fact been elected. As such he signed into law statutory instrument 125 of 2010 dated December thirty-first and the job of that committee I have outlined already to your viewers; which is reviewing and establishing the validity of the members of the F.F.B., the members of F.F.B. executive and also the validity of the decision by the F.F.B. to disallow the candidate that was put forth by the B.P.F.L.”

James Adderley

“Probably we could turn to the progress report of this committee. We understand that they are concentrating on the southern portion of the country right now.”

Ismael ‘Miley’ Garcia

“Yes, the committee has not submitted any report because according to the SI there are suppose to submit their complete report no later than January twenty-eighth. So what the committee has done up to this point is that they have visited the Toledo district and Stann Creek district and they have spoken to the executive members of the two members of the F.F.B. which are the Toledo District Football Association and the Stann Creek District Football Association. In the case of Toledo, the only person they did not get a chance to speak to was the chairman of the Toledo District Football Association.”

Bertie Chimilio

James Adderley

“Can this investigative committee meet its own self-imposed deadline of January twenty-eighth 2011?”

Ismael ‘Miley’ Garcia

“It doesn’t look very likely at this point. As you know, the committee members are people who are individually employed—and at this time the chairman had had to leave the country and he will be out about ten or twelve days so that will definitely push back the date of the completion of this task. Most people have received their summons and they have come in and they have answered the questions that have been asked of them of the committee. And so the committee will be filing their reports so I think they should be able to complete their tasks.”

James Adderley

“Will Doctor Chimilio be interviewed by this body?”

Ismael ‘Miley’ Garcia

“The body hopes to summon all the executive of the F.F.B.—past executive. As you know the ministry has not recognized the new executive of the F.F.B.”

Folks we hope to bring you weekly updates as the investigative committee moves across the nation.

In cycling news folks, we seem to be caught in a stand off between the Belize Cycling Association under president Emile Moreno and the Weekend Warriors Cycling organization. Our investigation reveals that both bodies have barred their respective members from participating in each others events. The BCA is the legitimate body that runs cycling in Belize and has international affiliations while the Weekend Warriors is an organization of riders who are past their prime in the sport but still like to compete. Frankly folks both bodies are good for cycling in Belize but their can only be one boss.

The BCA feels that the Weekend Warriors are competing with it for the very funds it needs to push the sport forward, after all if the elite local riders can’t win the Annual Cross Country Classics of late then its nearly impossible for a Weekend Warrior to snatch the garland. We respect all sports and sportsman but in this fight we’re backing the Belize Cycling Association because the future belongs to the young and not the young at heart.

Meanwhile yesterday the Weekend Warriors held their own New Years Race that featured all of 56 riders and at the finish line we see Luigi Urbina of Typhoon jump out of the lead bunch to grad top honors, Barney Brown of BCB/FT. Williams held on for 2nd place, Big Mile Lewis of Truckers pulled up 3rd. In other cycling news this Saturday, 15th January the BCA resume its Saturday races so stay tuned.

Finally folks 5-a-side football is living large inside Sugar City so we took a look at Friday’s nightcap match at the People’s Stadium between Hellfighters and the Belize Bank. It’s Alfred

Anderson getting hold of this rebound to fire a left foot bomb that gives Hellfighters a 1-zip lead early in. Off the kick off Alex Cajun from long distance and the lead is doubled as Ropel Cocoum is embarrassed. The Belize Bank do pull one back when Rafael Huego convert from the penalty spot but it would be the only goal that Adrian Vasquez would concede in this outing. Here is Alfred Anderson scoring his second of the match as Hellfighters go on to mash Belize Bank in a 6 to 1 rout.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

#397589 - 01/18/11 03:33 PM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Marty  Online Happy

James Adderley breaks down the weekend sporting news

James Adderley

Good evening I’m James Adderly bursting out another portion of Sport’s Monday.

The foot community of Belize might be in disarray at this time but it certainly did not prevent the National Football Team as selected by the recently ratified Football Federation of Belize from competing in the Copa Centro Americano being staged by UNCAF at Panama. At stake is a pass to CONCACAF’s Gold Cup, a competition that Belize has never qualified to participate in, despite numerous attempts.

We’re inside the Estadio Roumel Fernandez Friday night as out National Team opens against the host team and defending champion Panama. Very quickly the Panamanians go offensive as this center off the right wing provides the perfect opportunity to open the scoreboard but Robert Brown blows it.

It’s Panama fully in control when Belize gets this opportunity against the run of play as David McCauley fires this potent right foot bomb that is handles by goal keeper Jaime Ponodo. We’re 21 minutes in when Ricardo Bulfrago finds Edwin Aguilar with this corner kick and the header gives Panama a 1-zip lead. 7 minutes later poor defensive positioning by the Black Jaguars allows Panama to have their way inside the box and Roberto Brown beats Shane Orio to make it a 2-zip score and no folks – its not an offside goal.

Brown then gets the opportunity for a 2nd goal when Aguilar sets him up perfectly but this time Shane Orio denies the Panamanian. Orio would be asked to make much more saves in this one. At the half the Jewel in down 2-zip. When the action resumes Adolfo Mechado picks out Brown with this long throw in but Orio goes to work. At the other end Orlando Jimenez gets this ball into the deeper zone and for a 2nd time in the match Deon McCauley fails to convert a scoring opportunity. Of course Shane Orio continues to work hard in defense of Belize goal. On this play, Orio is well positioned in goal and he does make the save. Panama goes on to post the 2-zip victory and while we didn’t win, we were not disgraced.

We now check in on last night’s match against El Salvador and again Belize fall victim to a poor start. We’re only 15 minutes in when William Romero gets this pass off the left wing to beat Shane Orio and open the scoreboard. Nevertheless enjoy this fine save from Shane Orio as Romero aims for the far post off the set piece. Right off the subsequent corner kick Orio has to make another big time save and we do dodge a bullet right here. Make it 2 nil when the defense fails to clear this ball that Rafael Burgos pounces on to shake the net at the 25th minute.

At the other end Daniel Jimenez threads this ball to Deon McCauley and indeed he should have pulled one back right here. Meanwhile off this corner kick launched by Elroy Smith Belize gets a penalty call but the cameras didn’t pick it up. Smith, the designated penalty kicker steps up and Belize gets on the scoreboard, the 1st goal for Belize in the tournament. At the half the score is 2 to 1 in favor of El Salvador.

Check this out folks, we’re only 17 seconds into the 2nd half when Rafael Burgos beats the defense down field and he makes it a 3-1 ballgame. At the 54th minute, Jaime Alas catches up with this center off the right wing and Salvador goes up to 4 to 1. 5 minutes later Alas turns provides for Doris Umanyor who makes it a 5-1 score. At the 76th minute Belize pulls one back off this set piece as Elroy Smith finds Orlando Jimenez whose header makes it a 5-2 ballgame and that’s the way it ended.

Belize now faces Nicaragua tomorrow to conclude its schedule at the Copa Centro Americano. Win, lose or draw, I’m a Belizean – but I ain’t holding my breath.

Turning to the cycling scene the Belie Cycling Association presented the first Saturday race on the 2011 calendar featuring 49 riders that included elite and masters. They’re off… The Jr. Riders side 17 riders participated in the 26 mile ride from Belize City to Hattieville and back. By the time we reach outside the turn around point at Hattieville, the break has been established by this 12 man break which includes Mark Staine, Wilbert Jones, Deandi Ordonez, Geon Hanson, Tariq Cano, Raymond Hyde, Darnell Barrow, Michael Lewis, Santi Castillo and George Abraham Jr. Of course the chase group lead by Gregory Lovell remains within striking distance.

The break remains solid as they hug the curve that will lead them right back to the city. A minute 6 seconds behind the chase group make its grand entrance around the curve. Around mile 3 we find a depleted lead pack now only featuring Abraham Jr., Cano, Lewis, Staine, Hanson, Ordonez and Santi Castillo. We’re at the finish line in front of Leslie’s Imports and the sprint is already into full swing. On the right side of your screen Hanson grabs the lead momentarily but had to give way Deandi Ordonez – both riders get off their saddle for the big push and its Deandi Ordonez of C. Ray who grabs the big win.

In a race that averaged 24.6 M.P.H Geon Hanson of Indeco settles for 2nd, Mark Staine of Benny’s Megabytes takes 3rd while Santino the chief Castillo impresses with his 4th place finish and Big Mike Lewis riding unattached rounds out the top 5.

On the Jr. side here is Joel Borland of team Indeco winning this class in uncontested fashion in a time of 1:14:19. Zahir Figueroa of Cayo Uprising rolls in unchallenged for 2nd. Now here’s the heated sprint for 3rd place and it’s Cattouse with the blaze of speed to take that position. Incidentally folks, no prizes were issued because the race was not completed under an hour as demanded by the BCA. So, the Saturday races continue this weekend of January 22nd and the next big event comes up on February 13th to the 16th annual DigiCell Valentines Cycle Classic.

In basketball news, Saturday win the senior competition at Orange Walk King Ballers edged ballers 71 to 67 as Randy usher led the way with 26 points while Ian Carcamo added 15 points in the win. Calbert Carcamo hit 19 and Brandon McKoy 14 points in the loss. In Games II, Top Shattas burned Nothern Uprising 56 to 54.

In closing folks, we give a shout out to our boy Rosdele Ellis, a member of the Washington DC Legend hall and a former football great in Belize. Buya then folks that’s our show.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

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