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#397851 - 01/20/11 09:38 AM Andy Palacio  
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Andy Palacio, The Central American

Belize's Cultural Icon Andy Palacio died three years ago today.

The celebrated artist would've turned 50 last December, and so in the honor of his memory and in continuing to share his legacy, the Andy Palacio Foundation and the Image Factory held the second annual Andy Palacio Lecture.

To all of us - Andy Palacio was a Belizean Garifuna, but today's lecture, delivered by Anthropologist and Andy's uncle, Dr Joseph Palacio, pointed to his Central American identity.

According to Dr. Palacio, the themes of Globalization and Central Americanization were fundamental to Andy's work and existence as an artist on the world stage.

Image Factory impresario Yasser Musa discussed the importance of the lecture.

Yasser Musa: Director-Image Factory
"We really feel that a lecture is symbolic, yes it's intellectual but still we are trying to figure ways of expanding the space of art and I think the lecture does that because it allows us to reflect, to reason, to recognize why we are doing this. Yes it's under the banner of our great musical ambassador and artist but I think it's really about ourselves as well, how do we carry forward? How do we keep doing things that are innovative, special and important to our society."

"I would like to look at it like this, that we say we have an Andy Palacio legacy but what does this really mean? I always think of the word legacy as a jargon in English. It should have "ing" on it, it should be "legacing" I know that's not a word but it is a process, it's not a product, we always like to put things in boxes, oh Andy is up here on a shelf. No. What we have to recognize is that if we don't know we need to read about it. If we can't understand we need to learn about it and there is so much still yet to learn even about Andy the artist, all his lyrics, the music, the words that he has presented to us, these things have not yet been revealed in total to us yet. So we start from him but we can branch out because I really think that his - the underlying legacy is this continuation, the process of continuing to create."

Dr. Joseph Palacio: Anthropologist
"From the Belize side, the Garifuna people have been among the most influenced by Central America, pulling along a Belize that has always been ambivalent of its Central American identity. The Garifuna who came from Honduras and Guatemala to settle in Belize often went back and forth, forever putting a stamp on themselves as a nation across borders. We have already seen that Andy's exposure in southern Belize was greatly influenced by the neighboring parts of Guatemala and Honduras. We can add that his success in Cancun, Yucatan also helped in pushing him toward taking his rightful place as a global musical icon. In the end Andy P was an artist promoting his Garifuna culture whether it originated from Belize or other parts of Central America. He no longer saw Belize separate from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. He saw them as all parts of a globalized world. He drew his inspiration, the soul that drove him along, from Central America."

Yasser Musa: Director-Image Factory
"I think he really captured a important part of Andy's life and brought into a bigger picture, the sense of an artist coming from a small village - Barranco and was able to catapult himself into the global community yet still having this duality of remaining true and rooted to who he is and i think that all young people in Belize, especially artists I want to say should read this lecture, we have it online at Read this lecture and try to figure for themselves how can they chart a path of yes going out, making quality of our work the number one priority and then reaching back into your own society to inspire, to fill it with a spirit of soul which is what art should be about and I think Andy is a great example of that."

If you'd like to read the entire lecture and see pictures of the event you can find a link to that at ( And stay tuned right up until the end of our newscast when we'll remember Andy P. with a vintage flashback.

Channel 7

#397852 - 01/20/11 09:40 AM Re: Andy Palacio, The Central American [Re: Marty]  
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Lecture promotes the music of Andy Palacio

Andy Palacio

It’s the third anniversary of his death: but Andy Palacio continues to live in the hearts of Belizeans. At the Image Factory, Anthropologist Dr. Joseph Palacio, spoke of Andy, the perfectionist, whose untimely death came at the time when his music reached the pinnacle of success. The promotion and preservation of the Garifuna culture took centre stage in Andy’s music, putting Belize on the world stage. Isani Cayetano reports on the second lecture series called Andy Palacio – Globalization and Central Americanization of the Garifuna People.

Dr. Joseph Palacio, Lecturer

“Andy was a perfectionist. His band members had difficulty keeping up with him as he kept striving for that perfect sound. His aim was to start with concrete situations on the ground and to move them ever higher to reach the world appeal.”

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Andy Palacio, a Belizean iconoclast, realized that goal with his magnum opus Watina released in March 2007. The anthology of songs, written and performed in his native tongue, is widely regarded as the most complete musical effort to come out of Belize in many years. The album instantly won the hearts of music lovers worldwide but it was Andy’s ability to express his thoughts and feelings through well crafted songs that will resonate with his audience for years to come.

Joseph Palacio

Dr. Joseph Palacio

“He took his inspiration from his Garifuna culture based in Central America and molded it to reach the highest level of excellence and the world responded giving him the accolades that he truly deserved.”

Beyond the rave reviews however, was a man who did as much to unite Belizeans as he did for the cultural preservation of his people through music.

Dr. Joseph Palacio

“We’ve already seen that Andy’s exposure in southern Belize was greatly influenced by the neighboring parts of Guatemala and Honduras. We can add that his success in Cancun, Yucatan also helped in pushing him toward taking his rightful place as a global musical icon.”

In addition to the traditional Garifuna music that he heard on a daily basis, Palacio absorbed the diverse sounds disseminated by radio from Jamaica and Cuba.

Carlos Perrote

Composer Carlos Perrote also interpolated Palacio’s hit Weyu Larigi Weyu as an instrumental arrangement for his album Omolewa Osain.

Dr. Joseph Palacio

“Through the Watina CD Andy projected them unto the world stage giving them a global seal of approval as Garifuna music. I repeat again that what he did as an artist he knew where he was coming from. He took his inspiration, he molded it and gave it that stamp and projected it unto the world stage.”

Today marks the third anniversary of the death of Andy Palacio. On January 17th, 2008, Palacio suddenly fell ill with two apparent “stroke-like seizures.” He died in Belize on January nineteenth of “a massive and extensive stroke to the brain, a heart attack and respiratory failure.” Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Just prior to his death, Andy was recognized internationally by UNESCO as an Artist for Peace and had won the prestigious WOMEX Award. His last CD, Watina, topped the European world music charts while at home he was the beloved Cultural Ambassador.

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#397857 - 01/20/11 09:52 AM Re: Andy Palacio, The Central American [Re: Marty]  
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The second annual Any Palacio Lecture was delivered today in Belize City. The celebrated artist and UNESCO’s artist for peace died three years ago today. Three years after his death, Belizeans and most importantly, his Garifuna community continue to share and highlight the successes of Palacio’s life. Today Doctor Joseph Palacio presented a lecture entitled Andy Palacio – Globalization and Central Americanization of the Garifuna people. The lecture took place at the Image Factory and following the presentation, Doctor Palacio spoke to Love News.

Dr. Joseph Palacio – Lecturer

“I was able to show that Andy was an instrument for the Central Americanization first in so far that he lived in Central America, and got his initial beginning in Central America. Subsequently Andy himself became globalized as you know quite well and so we’re looking at those two processes and what they really mean for Garifuna people and for us in Central America on a whole.

Jorge Aldana - Reporter

"You mentioned that while globalizing the Garifuna, Andy Palacio did not get the political support that he would have wanted, could you tell why you felt this way?

Dr. Joseph Palacio – Lecturer

"Well it is one of these instances where as you know our political directorate is quite narrow especially when it comes to the arts. It was not only Andy who had suffered, from both sides of the political fence. It is a reality that the political directorate needs to give space, it needs to empower art. Sometimes they don’t do that but what Andy has given us in his example was that you don’t migrate, you don’t give up you continue. You get the support whenever you can and then move on. That is really the answer. Not that the directorate will not give but the little bit that you receive you can do so much with it. By just singing in Garifuna, Watina and the comment was made by one of the members of the audience today, he did it without any apology. He was saying look I am an artist, I am singing, these are the words I am singing, you listen to it, if you don’t want to listen to it that’s up to you, I will sing and I will sing it over and over again. It was the drive and I think the message was Garifuna language is dying a little bit and the only way for us to keep it going is to sing it, recite it, shout it as loud as possible.”

As part of the Andy’s fight to Globalize and Central Americanize the Garifuna people, he faced many challenges. Dr. Palacio said that despite those challenges, Andy manage to conquer the globe.

Dr. Joseph Palacio – Lecturer

“Several challenges coming from a small village, number one. He was certainly not rich, very poor parents. He had to work very early in fishing and in many ways in getting livelihood for the family and the household but that was one. Subsequently going to high school; I don’t know if he got a scholarship, somebody had to pay, those kinds of challenges. Later on in life it was always trying to get the best because he was a perfectionist in his music and when he met with people like Ivan Duran and members of the Collectives that he was able to get the scope for his perfectionism and that is what we have seen in the Watina CD.”

Jorge Aldana - Reporter

“You also mentioned that Andy Palacio went about by stages, conquering first Barranco and then eventually moving up. Can you tell us what kept him going in terms of having the globe as his target?”

Dr. Joseph Palacio – Lecturer

“He was driven. Some people are just driven. I don’t know. It is a pity he is not here to answer. If he was around he would say that is just the way it is. Some people are just driven. The inspiration would have come from his father, from his mother and the immediate surroundings that nurtured him and told him you are great.”

The lecture was coordinated by the Andy Palacio Foundation.


#446497 - 09/13/12 07:19 AM Re: Andy Palacio, The Central American [Re: Marty]  
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From La Ceiba to Belize: A Tribute to Andy Palacio

On Saturday, September 15th, Events Planners and the Battle of the Drums Committee will be hosting a concert in tribute to the late great Andy Palacio at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The show starts at 7 p.m. and features Paul Nabor, Aurelio Martinez and his Garifuna Soul Band, the Garifuna Collectives and much more.

Proceeds from the concert "From La Ceiba to Belize: A Tribute to Andy Palacio" will be donated to assist in the building of the proposed gravesite monument for Andy Palacio. Tickets are $35 each and can be bought at the Bliss or by calling 600-1839, 631-5360 or 627-5902. Sponsors of the event are NICH, James Brodie and Company Limited, Belikin, Wave Radio and Wave TV, Channel 7, Channel 5, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Battle of the Drums Secretariat, Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina and The Bakadeer Inn.

Also in honour of Andy Palacio, the Ministry of Education has commissioned the writing of a book on the life of Andy Palacio. The book entitled “The Andy Palacio Moment” was written by Lawrence Vernon and will be published soon. Here is a foreword of the book by Dr. Joseph O. Palacio.


This small but powerful book fills a vacuum in the literature about Andy Palacio. Surprisingly, there has been only one book dedicated to him, a collection of essays and memorabilia - photographs, newspaper clippings, etc. - that Yasser Musa so gracefully compiled a few months after Andy's passing in 2008 and entitled Andy Palacio. Lawrence Vernon has added a great deal to the story of the life of our beloved Andy but not altogether filling the vacuum that gets deeper with each passing year after his untimely death.

The name of each chapter in the book could itself be the title of a book on its own, which is waiting to be written. To a large extent, Vernon is challenging all Belizeans, especially the young and gifted, to continue the research that he has so carefully gleaned so ultimately we can deepen our appreciation of the multi-faceted contribution of this great Belizean to how he saw us expressing ourselves and to how he wanted to be remembered in the afterlife.

Vernon paints a compelling collage of Andy's life, starting with his humble roots in his home village of Barranco; to his commanding role in the embryonic music industry of Belize; to finetuning his musical formation; and finally embedding into that formation an inherently Garifuna brand that never before had been done among the approximately 400,000 Garifuna people in Central America and in diasporic communities in North America. Interestingly, the Garifuna, together with their compatriots in Central America and the diaspora, reacted with as much enthusiasm and love as the aficionados of world music in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. In his own way and through his Garifunaness, Andy had breached a gap that had long existed, making all of us, Belizeans and non-Belizeans, proud.

Unfortunately, within less than five years after his transition to the place of our ancestors, the lustre of Andy Palacio's unique legacy has begun to get dull and even lapse into the forgotten memory among several Belizeans. Vernon's work and the celebrations to take place in 2012 and, 2013 are one way to refurbish Andy's legacy. Much more needs to be done!

Dr. Joseph O. Palacio
Benebu, Barranco

The Guardian

#446873 - 09/18/12 07:16 AM Re: Andy Palacio, The Central American [Re: Marty]  
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Tribute to the late great Andy Palacio

Andy Palacio

Andy Palacio was born on December second, 1960 and he died on January nineteenth, 2008. In that short span of time Andy, the kid from the coastal village of Barranco, rose to prominence that would result in his creation of one of the best world music releases of 2007. That final album Watina is also on the list of top albums to listen to in one’s lifetime. A tribute concert was held in his honor as part of the September celebrations activities. Aurelio Martinez called on the Umalali singers, Garifuna Collective and Paul Nabor to the stage. Andy’s children and nephew received copies of an educational book that was sponsored by the Ministry of Education. And while Kami continued the work of his foundation, his son Kamou lent his voice to a rendition of Amunyegu accompanied by the Garifuna Collective, Aurelio Martinez and the Garifuna Soul Band. But the magic that was celebrated on Saturday night belonged to Andy and we searched our archives to bring back one memorable moment with Andy.

Palacio was given the Order of Meritorious Service in September 2007, and a few months later he was named as a Unesco Artist for Peace.

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#509644 - 12/04/15 04:57 AM Re: Andy Palacio [Re: Marty]  
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Remembering Andy P, 8 Years Later

He wowed us with his talent and inspired us with his music: and 7, almost 8 years after he died, Andy Palacio's legend endures. No matter your aged, your race or your identity…if you didn't know Watu, then you probably knew Watina.

That's what the members of the Andy Palacio Tribute Committee want you to keep doing to preserve his memory. It was Andy Palacios birthday yesterday and he would have turned 55 if he was still with us. Tribute Committee member Cynthia Cayetano told us why it is important to celebrate Andy.

The first ever Andy Palacio Festival will be held this Saturday in Barranco. It starts at 2:00 in the afternoon and ends at 10. If you would like to attend and don't have a ride you can call Cayetano at 677 0799.

Channel 7

Andy Palacio Remembered in Festival

Plans are in place for Andy Palacio Musical Festival in Barranco. One of the coordinators Dr. Ana Arzu of Wagiya Foundation and Arzu Mountain Spirit of Toledo Spoke to Love News of plans.


“The partnership between the Andy Palacio Foundation and the Wagiya Foundation is something that happened very organically, it was just natural. The Wagiya Foundation is dedicated to helping the refurbishing of Garifuna communities just bringing it back to life on a cultural level and the Andy Palacio Foundation is dedicated to keeping the legacy of Andy Palacio’s life and his contributions alive so naturally we came together. This event is our first baby, everyone has to be there between 2pm and 10pm, at 10pm that is when everything is done. When you get there at 2pm there will be a lot of things waiting for you. This event is to celebrate the life of the legendary Andy Palacio and to commemorate his legacy. It’s an effort to create an annual event so it’s something we are going to do every year and this is the first ever. This is a family affair, the main event is going to feature live performances, Garifuna music favorites and other acts, there is going to be comedy, poetry, a talent show but the greatest part is a performance of the Garifuna Collective, Wagerale Drummers, Lloyd Augustine, Sam Harris and a lot more.”


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