Two JBL spearguns for sale.
One JBL Explorer 24 Metal Speargun. Sells at Sharks for $750. Gun has brand new bands and tip and shockline. Gun length is 50". Used but in excellent condition. $550

One JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum. Sells at Sharks for $1200. Gun has brand new handle/trigger/grip, brand new bands. Gun length is 53". Gun is in awesome condition. The trigger cracked the handle so I order a new gun and new handle. Put the new handle on this gun so it's pretty much brand new. $950 I'll throw in the old handle too. Even though it doesn't work it still has the metal trigger, screws, sear, and spring inside which are good just in case you might need parts later. (Last pic)

No need for either of these guns since I have my new one. I'd like to keep one so whichever one sells first I'll keep the other. Unless someone buys both and in that case I'll take off $100 for both. Both guns are perfect for shallow or deep water. Both can also be used without the shockline for freeshafting in shallower water. Sorry for all the pics but wanted to show them.