Asha Pastor in Nicaragua for Iberoamerican Karate Championship

the Belize Karate Federation (BKF) is participating in the Iberoamerican Karate Championships in Managua, Nicaragua. This is the first time that our athletes are taking part in Iberoamerican sporting championships that are contested by Spain and Latin American countries and are considered equivalent to the Commonwealth games. The BKF has sent Asha Pastor to compete in the event. Earlier today, News Five spoke to Pastor and Sensei David Diego via an internet link in Nicaragua.

Sensei David Diego, BKF

“We are actually competing against twenty-two countries and its Spanish speaking countries of Central American and Latin America. This is the fourth Iberia American Championships and we’ve been invited for this championship. My role here is to officiate as a judge and referee in this tournament and we have one athlete here with us—that’s Asha Pastor.”

Jose Sanchez
“Asha, tell us a little about your passion for the sport and what it’s like so far being out there?”

Asha Pastor, BKF
“Well I love karate and I’ve been doing it for seven years. So far I like being out here because I see a variety of athletes from different countries and it gives Belize exposure and it will also help the athletes to bring up their level in karate in Belize.”

Jose Sanchez
“What disciplines will you be doing? Kata? Kumite? What will you be doing?”

Asha Pastor
“Kata. I’m actually sharing rooms with the Guatemalan team and we are exchanging different techniques and how I can improve in my different katas so I can ker it back to Belize to help my club and other clubs in Belize.”

Jose Sanchez
“So sharing rooms with the Guatemalans; none of them want to spar with you on principle do they?”

Asha Pastor
“No, they are very kind and they are willing to help anybody.”

Jose Sanchez
“Is this your first experience traveling with your sport?”

Asha Pastor
“No it’s not the first, but it’s the first Iberian though.”

Jose Sanchez
“Okay, when do you return to Belize and can you tell us what you hope to bring back if anything?”

Asha Pastor
“I would like to bring back a gold to Belize and I am leaving on Sunday.”

Sensei David Diego
“We are hoping that next time we will have more athletes. We actually had one more person to come but he wasn’t able to make it. So we are hoping that we will be able to have more athletes in the next two years.”

In addition to Asha Pastor, two judges and referees, Sensei David Diego, Sensei Herman Pastor Junior, cultural attaché Doctor Pamela Barnett and technical specialist Amílcar Barnett, round up the Belize delegation.

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