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#429798 - 02/07/12 09:08 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Sports Roundup with James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley welcoming you to this portion of Sports Monday.

The Belize Canoe Association continued its preparation for the 2012 La Ruta Maya set to launch on 9th March with the presentation of another stage race on Saturday February 4th. At the 9:30 a.m. start, 18 canoes have lined up for the event and if you’re a keen fan of this sport, you might be thinking they’re headed the wrong way; but they’re not. The association had decided today’s race would travel upstream going from the Haulover Bridge to Burrell Boom. As always breaking out of the pack is compulsory for the big boys who must avoid the dangers that lurk in a crowded field. Fortunately, today no canoe is overturned in the frenzy of competition.

Meanwhile, in the Pleasure Craft Category, it’s Print Belize taking top honors in 2:37:46 featuring Jesus Hozes, Rudolph Gentle and Jabier Guardado and you can see to your left the Junior Team of Garret Bermudez, Adrian and Darren Williams get victimized by a spill. Hats off to the female team – Police – who won this category in 2:46:40 behind the energy of Audrey Moody, Jane usher and Ruth Cruz. Folks it was Natius winning the Junior Class in 2:31:58 but we got no picture so we apologize to Alfred Lopez, Byron Cruz and Armando Lopez. And of course we give a shout out to Grumpy Ole Men who were more tired than grumpy today. For sure peddling upstream is rough. In the meantime, the countdown to La Ruta Maya on 9th March continues.

The defending La Ruta Champion Zip Rider quickly surges to the lead followed closely by the sub-champions and archrivals Belize Bank while NICH makes it a 3-boat race in the open male class. At Bainton Bank, we see the mighty struggle for supremacy continue to rage and if you think paddling upstream is a walk in the park, just watch the energy and the skill being displayed by the 3 lead boats. It’s money time now inside Burrell Boom and Jerry Rhaburn, Feliz Cruz and Efrain Cruz power their craft to the win in 2:16:37. The brothers; Erwin, Amado and Daniel Cruz mount a gallant effort that falls short as they take 2nd place 3 seconds later while NICH pulls up 3rd—5 seconds behind the winner.

In the mixed team class, Oceana powered by Chris, his daughter Jayda and Jamel Seguro takes the victory in 2:27:14 and finished 5th overall.

Maito Perdomo

Turning to the football scene we caught up with newly elected President of the Premier Football League of Belize, Omario Perdomo Jr. N an effort to play catch-up on the scene.

Maito Perdomo

“This league is the amalgamation of the previous BPFL and the Super league. They came together with all the road map for the new election of the F.F.B. and the district branches. So out of this came the premier league of Belize and we went to elections in December and I won as president. A new executive was formed and we’re here today with a new league. I will not be running for the President of F.F.B. The league will have six votes for that election to elect the new president. There are three slates right now and today is the last day for nominations. So I guess you guys will be getting some news on that later on this week. The elections are march fifteenth.”

So here’s the schedule for the opening week in the PFLB. On Saturday 11th, paradise Freedom Fighters take on San Ignacio United at Toledo Union Field at 4 p.m. Police United will host Placencia Assassins at the MCC Grounds 7:30 p.m. ON Saturday 12th FC Belize takes on World FC at the MCC Grounds. The B.D.F. battles San Pedro at the Norman Broaster Stadium and Verdes goes to work against Belmopan Bandits inside the Marshalleck Stadium—all 4 p.m. starts. At 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, San Felipe Barcelona will host Juventus in a battle of the North.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#430444 - 02/14/12 08:52 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley’s Mind-blowing Sports Update

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The premier football league of Belize kicked off its inaugural season with matches spread out across the nation over the weekend. At the MCC Grounds yesterday, FC Belize opened against World FC of Cayo and in the opening minutes Jaime Brooks of World FC misplays this spot kick launch outside of his goal but is eventually bailed out by his defense. We’re some 20 minutes in when Jeremy Bernadez pushes this ball across the goal mouth to find Jeremy James and FC Belize takes the 1-zip lead. A few minutes later, James gets the opportunity to score his 2nd goal of the match but this time he misfires.

On this FC press, Jermaine Zuniga does everything right only to see his ambition to score foiled by a big time save from the Cayo goal. It’s more FC Belize and this set piece triggered by David Ramos forces a rise by Jaime Brooks who makes the save. Folks we’re into 2nd half play when Leon Cadle takes down Albert Velasquez in front of the referee—he gets a yellow card but jaws about it for which he gets red-carded off the field. Despite the numerical disadvantage, FC Belize continues in the role of protagonist and maybe the referee cheats Jermaine Zuniga of a goal by not applying the advantage rule on this play. In the meantime, Ricardo Ayala takes down David Ramos not once but twice and guess what he gets away both times. Jeremy Bernadez then gets this nice opportunity to increase the FC Belize lead, but apparently he doesn’t get it yet that delay is dangerous. Here Bernadez gets another chance to shake the net; however, Jaime Brooks foils this attempt with a nice save. On this play, Brooks does get beaten by the header from Eric Martinez unfortunately for him, the goal negated by a foal throw.

Folks, on a whole, World FC showed very little offense against FC Belize and in fact to describe this match as well-played would be an overstatement of the facts. Of course it’s opening day and we expect things to get better.

In other action around the league on Saturday night at the MCC Grounds, Police United arrested Placencia Assassins in a 1-zip affair on a goal by Orlando Jimenez while at the Norman Broaster Stadium, Amin August’s goal gave San Ignacio United a 1-zip Win over Toledo Freedom Fighters. On Sunday at Cayo, San Pedro got goals from Jeffrey Smith and Kenny Whitfield while B.D.F. got goals from Brian Waight and Harrison Tasher in a 2 all stalemate. At Belmopan, the Bandits blanked Verdes 1-zip while up north at San Felipe Barcelona got goals from Oscar Acevedo and Christopher Hendricks while Osmar Duran scored twice for Juventus in a 2-2 draw. Looking ahead 6 matches are scheduled for the weekend. On Saturday the B.D.F. will host Juventus at the Norman Broaster, then on Sunday San Pedro takes on World FC at the MCC, San Felipe Barcelona will host FC Belize , Hankook Verdes travels to the Placencia Assassins, San Ignacio United will host Belmopan Bandits and Police united travels south to P.G. for a date with the Toledo Freedom Fighters.

Around the curve heading to the tape, the 2 man battle continues—it’s Edward Reyes on the inside when Byron Pope zips pass him and Pope of Benny’s Megabytes holds on to win the 17th Valentine’s Classic in 3 hours 20 minutes 23 seconds while Edward Reyes of D & D Cycling settles for 2nd. 27 seconds later, 2 D & D riders, Kyne Gentle and Richard Vera, pull up to take 3rd and 4th respectively and we must give big time credit to D & D Cycling. Luigi Urbina of C-Ray and Gregg Lovell of Santino’s then ride in 1 minute 48 seconds behind the winner to grab 5th and 6th in that order.

At the junior class, it was Deezan Spence of D & D taking top honors as Juan Umana of Cayo High Road Cycling finished 2nd and Riis Cattouse of C-Ray rounds out the top 3. And on the ladies side, it was kaya Cattouse and Kirah Eiley—both of C-Ray—finishing 1st and 2nd while Shalini Zabaneh of Sagitun finished 3rd. hey folks, we’ve got to say things have certainly changed in female cycling.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#430983 - 02/21/12 08:43 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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The World of Sports with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and we’re certainly glad to be with you for this portion of Sports Monday.

Week 2 in the PLB brought with it a full slate of 6 matches spread across the nation so we journeyed north to San Felipe where FC San Felipe Barcelona hosted FC Belize in a battle that can only be described as intriguing. The 1st real threat at goal comes from the home team some 10 minutes in when Gabriel Perez singles out Eduardo Morales with this long pass off the right wing but Elroy Rawley of FC Belize comes up with a timely intervention. At the other end, Thomas Castro’s launch atop the 18 is potent but fails to find the target. It’s more FC Belize when Jeremy Bermudez turns nicely against Gabriel Perez to serve up this beauty to Thomas Castro who should have done better with this chance at goal. Still, FC Barcelona gets this wonderful opportunity to open the scoreboard when Oscar Acevedo outruns the FC Belize defense then waits to beat his man before firing which allows Ian Gaynair to make the successful tackle. In the meantime, this right foot bomb from Delwin Jones crashes on the wrong side of the target and at the half, the scoreless stalemate remains intact.

So we go to 2nd half and its Oscar Acevedo unleashing this powerful right foot in a bit to give San Felipe the lead only to see it rise over the crossbar. Folk’s we’re at the 62nd minute when Ian Gaynair fails to come up with the defensive clearance; the loose ball reaches Oscar Acevedo and his left foot gives San Felipe Barcelona the 1-zip lead. 4 minutes later, Thomas Castro uses strength and skill to get this ball inside the box to Jeremy James and his left foot launch ties the ballgame at 1-apiece and the rehearsed celebration is executed.

Meanwhile, Christopher Hendricks believes he’s fouled by Gaynair on this move—he reacts verbally to referee Irfan Basdemir who shows him a red card and as you can see Hendricks is obviously enraged by the card and we dare say this is not the way to handle your business on the football field. Despite the numerical disadvantage, it’s still San Felipe with the chance to steal the Win when Gaynair makes this defensive error however; Harvey Cruz can’t come up with the conversion as the match concludes in a 1-1 stalemate.

In other action around the league , the Belize Defence Force got 2 goals from Marlon Meza and 1 from Richard Jimenez to blank Juventus 2-zip, San Pedro Seadogs doubled World FC 4-2 at the MCC Grounds on 2 goals from Kenny Witz and 1-apiece from Francisco Mejia and Jesse Smith. Placencia Assasins crushed Hankook Verdes with a 4-zip blank on 2 goals from Luis Torres and 1-apiece from Derrick Torres and Ernie Whyte. Police United pounced on Paradise Freedom Fighters for the 2-nil Win on goals from Lennox Castillo and Orlando Jimenez while the Belmopan Bandits held San Ignacio United to 1-2 draw inside the Norman Broaster Stadium. Woodrow West put the Bandits ahead from the penalty spot but Defour replied for the West.

Looking to the weekend 2 matches are set for Saturday in the PLB: World FC will host Juventus at the Norman Broaster Stadium and Police United travels to the Belmopan Bandits. On Sunday at 3:30 p.m., San Felipe Barcelona will host the B.D.F. At 4 p.m., FC Belize will host San Pedro Seadogs inside the MCC Grounds. The battle for Cayo will be staged at Benque Viejo where Hankook Verdes goes against San Ignacio United and at Placencia; Placencia Assassins gets a visit from Paradise Freedom Fighters.
Turning to cycling news, 28 riders suited up for race 4 in the Weekend Warriors series at the A class level in a 39 mile ride that left Belmopan Comprehensive and headed to St. Margaret Village then swing back to finish where they started. At the turnaround point it’s Kenroy Gladden of Horizon in the lead, but the pelathon remains in immediate striking distance as they begin the journey back to the finish line. We fast forward to the finish line and around the curve it’s Kenroy Gladden challenging Ernest Meighan but Jaw-Meighan of Santino’s easily takes the Win as Gladden of Horizon settles for 2nd. Team Stewart of MOH then edges out Barney Brown of Scotiabank for 3rd place while Wilbert Jones of BCB/FT Williams rounds out the top 5.

For the record, Barney Brown wins the Veterans Class, Andrew Poppa Brown takes 2nd place and Collet Mejia is 3rd. Meanwhile the Master B Class 28 mile race was won by Jose Moguel of Cayo Rentals, Mark Lisbey of BCB/FT Willaims finished 2nd and Geoffrey Waight of Cayo Rentals round out the top 3. Incidentally folks, Ernest Meighan leads the series overall with 125 points. Race 5, the Individual Time trial comes up this Sunday, February 26th.

Finally folks, the Belize canoe Association presented another race on Saturday as they prepare for the 2012 La Ruta Maya. This time the race travelled from Burrell Boom to Belize City and again the finish found the usual big 3 in a battle for supremacy—and again it’s Zip Rider edging the Belize Bank this time by 5.6 seconds while NICH pills up 3rd. in the mixed class, all in took top honors with Oceana 2nd and Missile 3rd. print Belize prevailed in the Pleasuire class beating the Belize Defence Force by over 10 seconds. The Belize Police Department won in female class and in the master class, it was Watta Ting with the Win.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#431565 - 02/28/12 08:18 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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All that’s good in Sports with James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Week three in the PLB brought a monster showdown inside the Isidro Beaton Stadium Saturday night as the Belmopan Bandits hosted the front running team in Zone B, Police United in what promised to be a keen contest. The Bandits came in ready fort the World and in the opening minute, looked to strike quickly when Ronaldo Alvarez fires this volley at Japheth Young who mishandles the pill which provides 2 more atemmpts that the Bandits fail to convert. The team continues to press the action and this deflection off the spotkick gets Ronaldo Alvarez another chance to score and he just misses the target. Police United finally gets some offense going when Lennox Castillo mounts this individual effort off the left wing but fails to deliver a centre that would get past Woodrow West.

It’s Police United again on the attack and this defensive error gives Jarret Dennis a one on one opportunity against West in which he disappoints terribly. Jacinto Bermudez then gets this nice look at the Police goal however, this launch was always rising. We’re in 2nd half action when Alden Coleman gets this chance to impact the ballgame only to be embarrassed by a nice recovery from Oswald Young. At the 76th minute, the ballgame was descended in form and skill whne Devon Makin fires this grasshead burner in heavy traffic that beats the diving Woodrow West to give Police a 1-zip lead. The Bandits look for the reply off this corner kick launched by Kareem Haylock, but Japhet Young does well to get this ball out of harm’s way. Again the Bandits look for the equalizer when this ball is kept alive to Mark Leslie but the heel play turns out to be a high riser. Folks it was not a well played ballgame, but Police United takes the 1-zip win anyway to become the only team with a perfect record in week 3 in all of the PBL.

In other Zone B Matches, Juventus banked World FC 3-nil on a hat trick from Osmar Duran while San Ignacio United doubled Hankook Verdes 2 to 1 on a pair of goals from Victor Morales. Placencia Assasins punished Paradise Freedom Fighters in a 5-1 onslaught. Thus Police United leads Zone B with a perfect 9 points, San Ignacio is next with 7, Placencia has 6, the Bandits show 4 while Hankook Verdes and Paradise Freedom Fighters are yet to post a win or even a draw.

Over in Zone A, FC Belize and San Pedro Sea Dogs settled for a scoreless stalemate, Juventus blanked World FC 3-nil on a hat trick by Osmar Duran while FC Felipe Barcelona burned the B.D.F. on a goal from Gabriel Perez. The standing in Zone A shows the San Pedro Sea Dogs, San Felipe Barcelona and FC Belize all with 5 points in that order due to goal differential. Juventus has 4 points and so does B.D.F. while World FC shows no points after 3 outings.

This weekend schedule looks like this on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. World FC will host San Felipe Barcelona at the Norman Broaster, Placencia Assassins travel to Belmopan bandits and Police United will be at the MCC Grounds against San Ignacio United. On Sunday, FC Belize faces the B.D.F. at the MCC Ground. Juventus takes on San Pedro Sea Dogs at the People’s Stadium and Hankook Verdes heads to the Toledo Union Field for a take with Paradise Freedom Fighters in a battle of teams looking for their 1st points of the season.

Turning to the cycling scene, the C-Ray Cycling Team presented a 30 mile race on the Boom Circuit on Saturday that attracted over 50 riders including some of the big names in the sport as they ready themselves for the 2012 Cross Country. At the turn around point in Hattieville, we have 5 man breakaway lead by the Mexican Donesetti Vasquez. And this is a look at the main pelathon as round the circular to head back for the finish. When we rejoin the race on the return at Fresh Pond, it’s Kenroy Gladden grabbing that premie from the 3 man lead that includes Donesetti Vasquez and Leroy Cassasola. Now here’s the sprint to the tap andf its the Mexican Vasquez with the early lead but Leroy Cassasola of Santino’s will not quit and surges to grab the Win forcing Donesetti Vasquez of Depredadores into 2nd while a vastly improved Kenroy Gladden pulls up 3rd. Meanwhile for a 3rd time this year, Kaya Cattouse forced Shalini Zabaneh into 2nd place and Riss Cattouse prevailed in the Junior Category.

Jah Over All, I’m James Adderley.

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James Adderley’s Sports Update

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and you’re most welcome to this fresh dish of Sports Monday.

We head immediately to the MCC Grounds where week 4 in the Premier League of Belize brought the B.D.F. face to face with FC Belize in a zone A matchup that could provide front runner status for either ball club. It’s FC Belize with the first probative move of the ballgame when Thomas Castro tries to get this left foot past Frank Lopez but that launch was never going to beat the goalkeeper. The military responds with this set piece triggered by Daniel Jimenez that is easily handled by Elroy Rawley. We’re 19 minutes in when Jeremy James finds Delwin Jones with this perfect service off the right wing. Frank Lopez comes up with the initial save but the rebound reaches David Ramos and his left foot swing gives FC Belize the 1-zip lead. 5 minutes later, Denmark Casey looks for the equalizer with this floater from outside the box—to his determinant, Elroy Rawley mishandles and Marlon Meza almost makes him pay—with operative word being almost. Still B.D.F. keeps coming and Daniel Jimenez’s right foot burst proves that the upright can be a goalkeeper’s best friend. In early 2nd half action, Richard Jimenez let’s go this left foot that inches past the wrong side of the sticks. The military is in the ascending now and it takes Lionman effort from Ian Gaynair to head this ball out of danger when Daniel Jimenez looks for Richard Jimenez. So FC Belize tries to double the lead off this set piece from Francisco Briceño but it poses no real problem for Frank Lopez. It’s more B.D.F. when Denmark Casey deals to Marlon Meza who fires at goal only to see a well positioned Elroy Rawley make the save.

At the 79th minute, the military pressure pays off. Daniel Jimenez picks out Denmark Casey whose shot is somehow kept out by Rawley but Erwin Flores beats Cristobal Gilharry to the ball and ties the ballgame at 1-apiece. The tension begins to mount and Ian Gaynair loses his cool and challenges Referee Reid’s authority for which he gets ejected. In the closing moments of the match, Francisco Briceño fires this potent left in a bid to steal the win but the ball rises over the horizontal bar as both teams settle for the 1-1 stalemate in a competitive ballgame.

In other results from Zone A: Juventus unleashed a 4-zip barrage on San Pedro Sea Dogs and World FC used the home field advantage to hold San Felipe Barcelona in a 3-3 tie. Thus Juventus emerged the leader with 7 points, San Felipe and FC Belize show 6 points apiece, the B.D.F. and San Pedro are tied at 5 points each and World FC got its 1st point Saturday night.

Over in Zone B: Police United and San Ignacio United settled for a scoreless stalemate, so did the Placencia Assassins and Belmopan Bandits while Paradise Freedom Fighters got their 1st three points in a big way by bombing Hankook Verdes 6-nil. After 4 weeks, Police leads with 10 points, San Ignacio is next with 8, Placencia 7, Belmopan 5, Paradise Freedom Fighters 3 and Hankook Verdes has no points to show after 4 tries.

This weekend schedule looks like this: On Saturday, San Ignacio will host Placencia, San Felipe Barcelona gets a visit from San Pedro and at the MCC Grounds, it will be FC Belize against Juventus. On Sunday, World FC plays host to the B.D.F., Police travels to Hankook Verdes and Paradise Freedom Fighters will be home against Belmopan Bandits.

In cycling news; the Weekend Warriors staged a Saturday race from Leslie’s Imports to Hattieville and back featuring some 20 riders. At the Hattieville roundabout, while the pelathon is not compact, everyone who started is still in the hunt. Going to the tape at least 11 cyclists were in play for the win but its Maurice Kelly of Horizon who grabs top honors, Frank Ferguson of Santino’s takes 2nd, Warren Coye of Horizon is 3rd, Mark Gentle of BCB/FT Williams is 4th while Ryan Willoughby rounds out the top 5.

In other cycling news, Byron Pope of Megabytes beat our Gregory Lovell of Santino’s and teammate Mark Staine to win C-Ray’s 106 mile elite race. Shalini Zabaneh got a win over Kaya Cattouse in the female class, while Oscar Quiros won the Junior Category and Kenroy Gladden of Horizon took the Masters event. Meanwhile folks, the Belize Cycling Association has been awfully silent of late.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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#432927 - 03/14/12 08:02 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Monday Sports mash up with James Adderley

Good Evening I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The 2012 La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge took front and center in our nation over the weekend drawing thousands of fans from all across the country. WE pick up the action on Day II and it’s Oceana Wave Makers challenging the mighty Belize Bank for the lead at Double Head Cabbage. They would take the win by a second over Belize Bank, with NICH pulling up 3rd and if you’re looking for the defending champion Zip Rider they’re some 18 minutes off the pace today.

In Day III, Zip Rider—the defending champions—makes its presence felt at the Burrell Boom finish line and are followed 5 seconds later by a new and improved NICH. Belize Bank, the overall lead after Day III, pulls up in 3rd place 9 seconds behind the stage winner, Oceana takes 4th with BTL Cobb Arm rounding up the top 5.

So here we are for the start of the final leg. We’re inside Burrell Boom and the starting line brings with it a mess of colors as the athlete ready themselves for the final push. The river explodes with energy to the starting signal and despite the win at Boom, Zip Riders will know that the 18 minutes lost to the Belize Bank would be irreversible. Now here’s the finish at the Belcan Bridge here in Belize City. it’s a head on clash between Zip Rider and Belize Bank—Zip Rider turns up the pressure and crosses the finish line a nose ahead of Belize Bank but it’s a victory as it’s Belize Bank with the overall win with a time of 16 hours 36 minutes 3 seconds over 4 stages. Oceana Wave Makers pulls up 20 seconds off the pace but their overall time of 16 hours 37 minutes 52 seconds gives them second place. NICH pulls up 4th, but finishes overall in 3rd place with its total time of 16:42:44. BTL Cobb Amin takes 4th place overall in 16:44:50. Coast Guard Redemption looses the sprint nevertheless round out the top in the male division with a time of 16:54:45.

For Zip Riders, the win streak is broken after loosing 18 minutes in the first two stages were never again a serious threat to Belize Bank. In the mixed class, Beat di Burn won it in 17:20:25. Creative Marketing sales took the Intramural Category in 17:50:53. Crime Fighters won in the Pleasure Class in 18:29:52 and the female class was again taken by Peace Makers—this time in 18:36:18.

Turning to the football scene in the Premier League of Belize, Week 5 brought a monster show to the MCC Grounds yesterday as FC Belize locked horns with the mighty Juventus in a pitched battle for supremacy in Zone A. However, the opening 17 minutes was bereft of highlights until this incident caught our eye. FC’s Jeremy Bernardez launches a fierce tackle while the response from Juventus Captain Oliver Hendricks is just as vicious and in the interest of the game, both players should have been shown yellow cards. At the 27th minute, Jeremy James keeps this throw in alive to Cristobal Gilharry whose header crashes against the crossbar—the bounce reaches Jeremy James and FC Belize goes up 1-zip. The pace of the ballgame intensifies and even before this set piece is launched the referee has to impose order. Freddy Tun tries to curve this ball into the goal—Gilharry comes up with the initial defensive header as FC Belize eventually gets off the field.

We’re in the 2nd half play as Juventus continues the search for the equalizer when Clifton West decides if he can’t connect with the head, he’ll connect with the hands for which he is properly and promptly sanctioned with a yellow card. It’s more Juventus pressing this time it’s off the corner kick and indeed Russell Cassanova should have at least made contact with the ball inside the box. Meanwhile we’ve got to give some props to Howard West who reads this pass from Francisco Briceño who was trying to free up Jeremy James. FC’s Alfred Garnett then gets this chance to double this team’s lead but the shot is right at West and maybe the FC player should fix the numbers on their backs. On this FC press, Dalton Cayetano makes the right move only to be denied an opportunity at goal by a bad 2nd touch. Less than a minute later, Dalton Cayetano makes amends when Francisco Briceño pulls this ball into the danger zone it bounces to Cayetano and his header doubles the FC lead. That’s the way it would end.

In other Zone A results; San Felipe Barcelona sink San Pedro in a 2-1 finish up north and the B.D.F. easily conquered World FC in a 7-zip rout. Over in Zone B, Placencia Assassins burn San Ignacio FC 2-1 inside the Norman Broaster Stadium. Police United pounded Hankook Verdes 3-zip while Paradise Freedom Fighters were held to a 1-1 stalemate by the Belmopan Bandits inside the Toledo Union. This weekend schedule: FC Belize at World FC and Hankook Verdes goes to Belmopan Bandits—that’s Saturday. On Sunday, the B.D.F. will be at the MCC against San Pedro, Juventus will host San Felipe Barcelona, Placencia will be at home against Police United and San Ignacio travels to paradise Freedom Fighters.

Finally folks, the 31st Annual Belmopan Cycling Classic comes up this Sunday, March 18th.

Jah overall, I’m James Adderley.

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#433536 - 03/20/12 07:53 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley Buzzer Beating Statistics

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Week 6 in the PLB brought a struggle to the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk as Juventus looked to rebound off that 2-zip loss to FC Belize against the undefeated San Felipe Barcelona. Folks we’re only 5 mins into the ballgame when Oscar Acevedo is cynically taken down inside the box by Dean Flowers and Referee Wellington Hall took out the maximum punitive measure by ruling a penalty kick in favor of the visiting San Felipe team. Eliazar Itza steps up and his left foot push gives Howard West no chance at the save as San Felipe Barcelona takes a 1-zip lead. In response, the league’s leading scorer Osmar Duran sets up Oliver Hendricks who launches this beautiful on the run right away full volley that brings out a monster save from the San Felipe goalkeeper, Brayan Hernandez.

It’s still Juventus looking for the equalizer and Oliver Hendricks sets Clifton Hall nicely with this pass and the defense does enough to handle the situation. Things certainly take a turn for the worse for Juventus when referee Hall chases Enrique Castillo off the field with a red card. So we go to 2nd half and Oliver Hendricks picks out Osmar Duran who opts for the spectacular instead of getting the equalizer for this ballclub. Give Dean Flowers some credit when he digs Acevedo’s header out of the goal after the keeper is beaten—making amends for that penalty he gave up. Lady luck certainly was not with Juventus today because the set piece from Freddy Tun finds Geraldo Patron, Howard West pushes it out to Oliver Hendricks who by going for power instead of accuracy, squanders a real chance to tie.

Meanwhile, Eliazar Itza dances his way through the Juventus defense and sets table perfectly for the unattended Oscar Acevedo who really should have done better with this opportunity. It’s getting late, but even with the numerical disadvantage Juventus is pressing for the equalizer when this header from Clifton West rolls outside the target. Now watch Osmar Duran look for his 7th goal of the season—it’s a beauty but the save by Brayan Hernandez is even more impressive. It’s a last gap effort by Juventus when Clifton West finds Oliver Hendricks who gets taken down by the goalkeeper and again referee Hall rightly rules penalty. Hendricks steps up to take it himself only to be denied by a save from Brayan Hernandez. San Felipe Barcelona hangs on to the 1-zip W.

In other action from Zone A, the B.D.F. bombed San Pedro Sea Dogs 2-zip at the MCC Grounds and FC Belize handled World FC by that same score inside the Norman Broaster. Thus FC Belize and San Felipe show 12 pts apiece in that order, the B.D.F. has 11, Juventus 7, San Pedro 5 and World FC show 1 point after 6 outings. In Zone B, Police united shook up Placencia Assassins in a2-1 finish, San Ignacio United held Paradise Freedom Fighters to a 1-1 stalemate at Toledo and guess who bust out the champagne; Hankook Verdes got its win of the season with 2-1 home win over Belmopan Bandits. Police United leads Zone B with 16 pts, Placencia has 10, Sa Ignacio 9, Belmopan 6, Freedom Fighters 5 and Hankook Verdes 3. Looking to the weekend, on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., World FC will host San Pedro, San Ignacio travels to Belmopan and Police United will host Paradise. On Sunday at 4 p.m., FC Belize will be matched against San Felipe Barcelona in a pivotal showdown. Juventus gets a visit from the B.D.F. and Hankook Verdes plays host to Placencia Assassins.

Turning to the cycling scene, the 31st Annual Belmopan Cycle Classic took center stage on the Western Highway yesterday under the banner of the Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Fund. Among the 58 elite taking aim at the final big race before the Cross Country are Byron Pope, National Time Trial and Road Champion of Belize, defending Champion Darnell Barrow and up and coming C-Ray Star, Brandon Cattouse. And they’re off in a hundred mile ride from Belize City to Belmopan and back. Coming out of Hattieville, the pelathon is split into 2—with this 16 man unit stepping on the pace including Brandon Cattouse, Darnell Barrow, Byron Pope, Herman Requeña, Edward Reyes, Austin Armstrong, Ron Vasquez, Quenton Hamilton, Erwin Middleton, Jose Choto. At La Democracia, it’s Herman Requeña grabbing his 2nd station prize in a row as the lead pack enjoys a 1:16 seconds lead over the main pack. Heading into Belmopan, young Peter Choto who held the pace from mile 42 continues to run the show. On the way back, around Cotton Tree, the lead pack has been reduced to some 11 riders with Williams Stewart on the pace followed by Jose and Giovanni Choto. A few minutes later, these 3 riders; Ron Vasquez, Edward Reyes and Erwin Middleton try to run away from the unit. However, the runaway trio is reeled in by around mile 27. Nevertheless, at mile 23, the new wrinkle features Ron Vasquez, brother Shane Vasquez embarking on a solo flight in a serious head win.

At Burton Bridge, it’s still the solitary figure of Ron Vasquez dominating the pace. Around the police checkpoint, this group of 7 riders mounts the final effort to reel in Ron Vasquez. At tape time, it’s Ron Vasquez of Western Spirit showing that he is capable of grabbing the big time winning the 100 mile race in unchallenged fashion in a time of 4 hours, 24 minutes, 41 seconds. 51 seconds later, the defending champion, Darnell Barrow of Santino’s takes 2nd place edging out Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray, Austin Armstrong of D & D Cycling pulls up 4th while Byron Pope of Benny’s Megabytes rounds out the top 5. At the Junior level, Oscar Quiros Jr. riding unattached picks up top honors, Aiden Juan of Cayo High Road took 2nd while Brandon Morgan of C-Ray rounds out the top 3. Only 2 females participated in the female ride. Kirah Eiley of C-Ray credited with the win over teammate Kaya Cattouse. Meanwhile, the 80 Mile Junior Cross Country Cycle Classic comes up this Sunday, March 25th from Succotz Ferry to Leslie’s Imports. Joel Borland won last year’s event. The Belize Cycling Association is seeking assistance with prizes for this event and the 84th Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic coming on Holy Saturday.

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#434156 - 03/27/12 07:57 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Sports Monday with James Adderley

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.


The future of Belizean cycling was in full bloom yesterday with the 13th running of the Junior Cross Country Cycle Classic. 20 of the most promising young talent were suited at the Succotz Ferry for the start of this 74.6 mile journey chasing a record of 3 hours 37 minutes 48 seconds set by Byron Pope. The first to make his presence felt is Gian Zetina Junior of Cayo Uprising who jumped out of the pack about a mile into the race and would go on to claim on impressive catch of 13 station prizes. Just outside San Ignacio town, Zetina continues to dominate the pace but even the exuberance of youth could not propel him out of reach from the resolve of the compact pelathon to reel him in. and here is Zetina sprinting for the last premie before he is enveloped by the main bunch coming out of Georgeville. The 13 premie’s might have led to his 11 place finish. Passing through Roaring Creek, it’s Riis Cattouse stepping out to grab that station prize. Giovanni Lovell then crosses over to join Cattouse making it a lead duo around Cotton Tree. However, by the time the race passes mile 30, we have an 11 man split that will take the ride to the finish line.

At mile 10, the 11 still cleave together trying to figure out who’s to make the big move. When we catch up to the race at Old Belize, we have a 7 man lead preparing for the sprint. Now here’s the sprint for the 2012 Title. It’s Oscar Quiros on the outside attacking all the way, Aidan Juan tries to hang on while Deezan Spence runs out of power. Oscar Quiros Jr. riding unattached grabs the Junior Cross Country title in 3 hours 50 minutes 11 seconds, Aidan Juan of Cayo High Road hangs on to 2nd place while Riis Cattouse, Zahir Figueroa, Brandon Morgan and Giovanni Lovell rounds out the top 7 in that order. Hey folks, the future of Belizean cycling looks good.

In other cycling news the results from the weekend warriors Sunday race shows that Ernest Thurton of Santino took the top spot forcing his teammate, John Burns into 2nd while Shaun Howard pulled up 3rd with Colin Majia and Santino Castillo rounds out the top 5. Meanwhile folks, the countdown to the 84th Annual Cross Country continues so stay tuned.

Turning to the football scene, week 7 took us to the Isidoro Beaton Stadium where Belmopan Bandits played host to San Ignacio FC Saturday night. It’s the host team looking to strike first when Oscar Banegas, the San Ignacio keeper, mishandles this ball but recovers in time before any damage is done. In the meantime, Floyd Jones gets this one on one look at the visitor’s goal only to let loose a high rising left foot. San Ignacio finally goes offensive when Dennis Alvarez triggers this set piece that force Woodrow West into a diving save. At the other end, Kareem Haylock launches this solo effort that concludes with a left foot shot that inches outside the far upright. Folks we’re at the 40th minute of the ballgame when Gilbert Swazo fires this grass head burner that Banegas mishandles, the rebound reaches Jacinto Bermudez who powers it home to give the Bandits a 1-zip lead.

The joy is short-lived because as San Ignacio drives off the kick-off, John Trapp is taken down inside the box by David Madrid. Amin August steps up and ties the ballgame at 1 apiece at the 41st minute. 2nd half brought very little entertainment to this ballgame as both teams settled for the 1-1 tie.

In other action around the league, San Pedro Sea Dogs sank World FC in a 3-2 burner, Police United continued to roll with a 2-1 win over Paradise Freedom Fighters, Placencia Assassins blanked Paradise Freedom Fighters 2-zip, FC Belize edged San Felipe Barcelona 1-nil and the B.D.F. jolted Juventus in a 1-nothing finish. Looking to the weekend schedule; the B.D.F. will host San Felipe and the Police gets a visit from Belmopan. That’s on Saturday night. While on Sunday, World FC travels to Juventus, San Ignacio and Hankook Verdes will kick it out at the Norman Broaster while Placencia Assassins travel to paradise Freedom Fighters.

In other football news play, in the female football league over the weekend saw Pumas and Dangriga battle to a 2-2 stalemate, while Sugar City Girls shook up Millennium in a 2-1 final score. Finally folks, the 31st UB Relathon was staged yesterday with the males overtaking the females at mile 10. Kaina Martinez finished the run from Belmopan to Belize for the females who put up a time of 7 hours, 33 minutes, while the makes posted 7 hours, 10 minutes. The males have not had 18 wins to the females 14.


Jah Over all, I’m James Adderley.

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Full Sporting Events with James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.


Week 8 in the Premier Leagues of Belize saw undefeated Police United play host to the Belmopan bandits inside the MCC Saturday night in a bid to keep the clean sheet intact. Folks we’re only 6 minutes in when the Police provides positive proof that they’re the protagonist in this one thanks to this embarrassing misplay by the Bandits’ goalkeeper Orlando Galdamez who comes out of his goal but mis-kicks. Andres Makin pounces on the loose ball and picks out Lennox Castillo who moves Ronaldo Alvarez out of the way and then beats Galdamez to give Police the quick 1-zip lead. The visitors then get the opportunity to tie the ballgame when Alden Coleman sets up David Madrid with this perfect pass only to see the striker misfire.

The Police looks to double their lead off this corner kick from James Logan Jr., but the volley by Lennox Castillo is right at the Bandits’ keeper. It’s another chance for the Police to increase their lead when Evan Mariano outruns the Bandits defense and fails to get the pill past Galdamez in 2 tries. At the other end, Alden Coleman tries to get the bandits equalizer but does not get enough on the ball to bother Japheth Young. Orlando Jimenez finds himself with this good look at goal and fires straight at Galdamez who makes the easy score. 8 minutes into 2nd half, the Police finally come up with their 2nd goal of the match. Orlando Jimenez triggers this set piece that eventually reaches Trevor Lennon and his header makes it a 2-zip ballgame.

Folks this might just be Belmopan’s best offensive in this ballgame when Floyd Jones looks for the far corner with this left foot in-swinger which is foiled by a monster save from Japheth Young. Now watch Trevor Lennon impose himself on the Belmopan defense; he swings and misses and then is forced wide by goalkeeper Galdamez only to find the far corner from a real acute angle. The Police wins 3-zip to maintain its lead in Zone B with 22 points from 7 wins and a draw.

In other results, Placencia Assassins held Paradise Freedom Fighters to a 1-1 tie at Toledo to remain in 2nd place with 14 points, while San Ignacio United doubled Hankook Verdes 2-1 to remain in 3rd place with 13 points. Over in Zone A, the Belize Defence Force bombed FC San Felipe Barcelona 2-1 to move into 1st place with 17 points after the San Pedro Sea Dogs held FC Belize to a scoreless draw out at the Island and FC now shows 16 points in 2nd place. Meanwhile, Juventus stopped a 2 game slide with a 3-zip bashing of World FC at the People’s Stadium.

Looking to this weekend on Saturday night, San Ignacio takes on Police at the Norman Broaster. On Sunday, it’s all of 5 matches. San Pedro Sea Dogs will host Juventus, FC Belize travels West to face the B.D.F., San Felipe Barcelona will host World FC, Paradise Freedom Fighters will visit Hankook Verdes and Placencia Assassins will be at home against Belmopan Bandits.

Now let’s check in on the female football league as the defending champion, Millennium hosted the Sugar City Girls inside the MCC Grounds last night. And it’s Millennium shaking the net early when Gianne Cayetano finds Sherain Tracy whose goal is voided for roughing the goalkeeper. This wakes up the Sugar City Girls so Tamara Baptist deals to Gisel Baisa whose grasshead burner burns a hole in the back of the bet like a laser and the visitors are up 1-zip. Make it 2-nil in early 2nd half when Karen Garcia fires this bullet from pointblank range as the OW girls continue to shine. Meanwhile, Elisha Bermudez thinks she has pulled back one for Millennium here, only to see Jenny Cantun make the save. Make it 3-zip ballgame when Karen Garcia’s launch off this set piece bounces past the keeper. And then Gian Castaneda gets her 2nd goal of the match with this right foot swing that bulges the net. Sugar City Girls beat the defending champion on their home field 4-zip to make it 2 wins in a row over Millennium.

In news from the Easter Tournament in Dangriga, Valley Pride beat Real Juventus 4-zip, Harlem blanked Canada Hill Aquillas 2-nil, Southside routed Bilboa 11-nothing while Rimas Strikers handed DYFA U-19 a 3-zip loss. Action resumes Holy Thursday with Canada Hill facing Bilboa and Foreshore Elegance goes up against Umadagu U-19.

In cycling news, the Weekend Warriors Sunday Race saw Kenroy Gladden take top honors, Vallan Symmons finished 2nd while Ray Hyde rounds out the top 3 from a field of 22 that travelled from La Democracia to Leslie’s Imports. Meanwhile, Ernest Meighan won the Master’s Class in a race held at Chetumal over the weekend while Brandon Cattouse and Gregg Lovell finished 4th and 5th in the Elite Class.

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Football and Cycling; James Adderley’s Full Update on Sports Monday

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.


The final schedule to regular season play in the Premier League of Belize, found FC Belize as journeymen to Juventus at People’s Stadium yesterday looking to nail and even a spot in the 4 team playoffs set to kick off this Sunday, April 22nd. It’s a rude awakening for FC Belize as we’re only 2 minutes into the ballgame when Cristobal Gilharry fails to clear this ball which is picked up by Clifton West who hammers it past Elroy Rawley for the 1-zip lead. A minute later, Osmar Duran gets this look at goal only to be denied by Rawley from pointblank range in his bed for a 6th season goal and a doubling of the Juventus lead. When Clifton West comes up with this loose ball in front of FC’s goal, he should have gotten his 2nd goal of the match but failed miserably.

FC Belize finally gets some offense going when David Ramos sends this delivery into the Juventus goal area, Colville Richards mishandles the pill, Thomas Castro catches up with the loose ball but gets off a weak left foot that wasn’t going anywhere. FC is in the ascending when Francisco Briceño triggers this spot kick that Ritchie Dominguez almost converts into an auto goal—and then Ivor Arriola’s left foot attempt to score leaves a lot to be desired. So we go to 2nd half and we don’t know what Clifton West is doing but he should have doubled the Juventus lead right here. of this defensive misplay, Jeremy Bermudez gets this opportunity to tie the ballgame but for some reason he just gift the ball to goalkeeper Richards of Juventus—maybe their friends. However, Jeremy Bermudez makes amends a minute later when he pounces on this loose ball and toes it into the far corner to tie the ballgame at the 50th minute.

FC Belize grabs the lead when Bermudez finds Francisco Briceño who unleashes a left foot that Richards can’t handle for the 2-1 score; 60 minutes in. Now watch this handball by the FC defense and Referee Reid rightly rules for the penalty kick. Osmar Duran steps up to notch his 6th goal of the season and ties the ballgame at 2-apiece at the 65th minute. We’re at the 70th minute when David Ramos picks out Jeremy James who beats Richards to the ball to score his 5th goal and give FC Belize the 3-2 lead. By the way, referee Reid, goalkeeper Richards should have gotten a card for showing his pegs. In closing minutes of the ballgame, FC Belize seals the deal when Carlton Rogers tucks this ball into the far corner as FC Belize wins the match in a 4-2 score and are into the payoffs from the runner up spot in Zone A.

Meanwhile, the B.D.F. finished atop the standings in Zone A after crushing World FC in a 5-zip rout Saturday night. The Sea Dogs bombed San Felipe Barcelona 4-nil but could not make it into the playoffs with 15 points. In Zone B, Police United handles Hankook Verdes in –nothing doubling to finish atop the standings with an undefeated 25 points from 10 outings. Placencia Assassins joined Police from Zone B after edging San Ignacio United 2-1 yesterday and Paradise Freedom Fighters burned Belmopan Bandits 1-zip. Thus the playoffs blast off this Sunday with 2 matches. The B.D.F. will host Placencia Assassins while Police United will hold court against FC Belize—look out for fireworks.

Turning to the Belize District Female Football Play Saturday, the defending champion, Millennium Girls broke a streak of 2 straight losses. The sputtering offence came to life against Belmopan Blazers as Sherraine Tracey fires at goal only to be denied by Anna Ramirez. On this press, Sherraine Tracey beats the Belmopan defense to the ball and then pushes the ball past Ramirez for the only goal of the match as Millennium wins 1-nil. Checking the results from the Stann Creek District Easter Cup on Friday, DYFA stopped Marie Sharp 5-1 while Canada Hills Aquillas beat Hopkins 4-nil. Yesterday Umadagu U-19 edged Ghans 2-1 while Hope Creek Pumas handles Galindo Proper Fix 2-1. On Friday, Rivas Strikers tab on Real Juventud and Southside challenges Benguche FC while on Sunday, Foreshore Elegance sees action against Valley Pride and DYFA U-19 goes to work against Umadagu U-19.

In cycling news, 43 riders suited up for the Weekend Warriors A Class Cross Country ride that travelled from Loma Luz Hospital. Ernest Meighan and Kenroy Smokes Gladden commanded the pace for the most of the way and are still in control. When they rolled around Hattieville roundabout on their way to the Boom Circuit, Jaw Meighan then drops Gladden but is now joined by Lean Stewart. At Haulover Bridge, the duel intensifies between Stewart and Meighan. In fact, it lasts all the way to the sprint at Shell Gas Station on the Northern Highway. Santino’s Jaw Meighan attacks on the outside and grabs the Win forcing Lean Stewart into 2nd. Barney Brown of Scotia Bank wins the sprint for 3rd place while Luigi Urbina of C-Ray is 4th and Kenroy Gladden of Horizon rounds out the top 5.

In the B/C Class that ran from Roaring Creek to the Shell Gas Station on the Northern Highway, Perry Gibson of AAA Loans took top honors—female rider Kaya Cattouse of C-Ray finished 2nd and Leroy Vargas of BWSL rounds out the top 3.

Also in Cycling News, the 7th annual Pablo Marin Cycle Classic will be staged on May 1st 2012. It will travel from Miami Beach to the Santa Elena Border then swings back and heads to Orange Walk where it will turn around and head back to Miami Beach in Corozal for the big finish. Registration should be done by email to

In softball news, the Belize Softball Federation will host the World Games Qualifying Tournament for English speaking countries of the Caribbean from November 27th to December 3rd 2012 here in Belize City. the World Games is scheduled for Cali Colombia in July 2013.

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