Two sports directors' form the Caribbean Sports and Development Agency in Trinidad are in Belize for two weeks. Andre Collins and his colleague Mark Mungal have been invited by the National Sports Commission to develope a strategic plan for sports in Belize.

Over the past couple days Collins and Mungal have engaged in discussions about the process - which involves reviewing the current sport act, the development of a national sports policy and the strategic plan. Over the next couple of months they are hoping to engage stakeholders from around the country to get an input of their vision for Sports in Belize.

Now, if it sounds like more bureaucratese to you, it shouldn't because the sport policy should create greater organization across disciplines:

Andre Collins - Director, CSDA
"Our experience throughout the Caribbean has been in our previous incarnation of the organization called the Trinidad and Tobago Alliance for Sports and Physical Education, we've been supporting the rest of the region in various sports-specific development programs, more along the lines of the development of physical education for elementary and secondary school children, along the lines of sports for persons with disabilities, as well as sporting for at-risk or underserved youths. So, this is an opportunity to bring all of those things together into one framework, as well as to try to capture the aspects of sports, not just sport but sport development, and sport excellence in terms of high-performance sporting as well."

Monica Bodden
"How will it affect ongoing work of sporting federations and associations?"

Andre Collins
"Well, one of things that we hope to do is to be able to better align the activities of all the federations, association, clubs and committees in Belize, and to help everybody to work toward the realization of similar goals, even through different sports. So, Belize has the vision 2030, and I think that what we want to do as well through this process is align all our sporting goals and ideals towards supporting the achievement of those 4 pillars established in the 2030 vision. So all the federations we hope to address them to address whatever areas that they need to development, and also to help them be more sustainable, and to help them to achieve some of the goals that they have identified for themselves. So all in all, it will help sports across Belize to just go to another level."

Collin and his partner Mark Mungal will be making frequent visits to Belize over the next 6 months.

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