The water balls or dance balls have enough breathable air volume inside the sphere, for a normal person to remain inside for around 20 minutes, without the need to refill it with fresh air.

It can be used on water as a game or amusement device. Which allow the rider inside the internal ball, It's a safe, fun and exciting experience for all ages. You can walk on the water!


Putting fresh air inside the balls is easy.

Open up the air intake valve and insert the blower even with someone already inside the ball, so the riders can stay inside for longer periods of time.

Inflatable Water walking Ball
Condition: New in the box
Packing Size: Carton 31"X18"X9"
Including: one Water Walking Ball and one Inflater (220v 650w)
Price: $1350 BZ

Inflatable Water Roller
Condition: New
Packing Size: 3'X2'
Including: One Water Walking Roller and one Inflater (220v 650w)
Price: $3350 BZ

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