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#476026 - 10/30/13 11:15 AM Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM
Marty Offline
Six weeks ago, a young man named Thyrell Hyde came to us complaining that police robbed him, and then took him to the ATM to clean out his account. His story was compelling, but he asked us to stand down on it because he wanted to make the internal affairs process work without the prejudice of public exposure. So he complained to police and the ombudsman, but got no assistance. So today he came back to media with disturbing proof that what he said is true. Here's how he explained it to Daniel Ortiz.:..

Thyrell Hyde, Claims Police Robbed Him
"They said that they were going to search the car and us and so they told the 2 females to go at the back of the car while they search the 2 males; myself and my friend. They searched us, I had $70 in my pocket and they took that. My friend likewise they took out the stuff from his pocket and while they were searching us two other officers were searching the car. One search on the driver's side and the other on the passenger's side. While they were conducting their search the officer that was searching on the passenger's side was a Hispanic/Maya decent in uniform ask me to open the glove compartment because it was lock with the key and so I open the glove compartment and he took out a manila envelope that I had in there. That envelope contained $3,500 that I had on me with the intent to go and print for Expo because I make the board game "The Tourist Belize" and so we had to print it. My mother and I were in Belize from Friday looking for the cheapest place to go and print."

"The officer took out that envelope and the other officer; he decided to go and search the trunk and had asked me to supervise. I had my bag in the back with my clothes and so they search through all of that. When they finish their search they told my friend and I that they were going to take us to the police station. They told the 2 female friends to go and if they stayed that means that they wanted to go to the police station also."

"I ask the officers why are they taking us to the police station. I told him that you all didn't find anything illegal and you all didn't find us doing anything illegal. One of the officers told me that I can help myself. I looked at him and ask him "what do you mean" and he says that $70 cant split amongst all of us. All along I was under the impression that this was a legitimate search and now I realize that it is money that they wanted. I told the officer that he already took my money and he told me that 'police don't take anything from anybody, you forget you gave it to us.' One of the officers says that they have an ATM card here and they ask who was Thyrell Hyde and I answered me. The same officer suggests to the other officers that they should take me to the ATM."

"He ordered the 2 officers who were searching my car to take me to the ATM. They took me to the Atlantic Bank on Freetown Road and whilst there they told me to exit the vehicle and they took me inside the ATM. The officer in plain clothes (Creole decent), he went to the machine and input the card and did a balance inquiry and they he took out $260.00 from the account. After they had gotten the money we exited the ATM."

According to Hyde, shortly afterwards, the officers released him, and threatened to arrest him if they ever saw him again. He told us that since that incident, he has taken this footage, which the office of the Ombudsman helped him to get from Atlantic Bank, and even with this evidence, the internal investigation has not progressed.

Channel 7

#476071 - 10/30/13 08:37 PM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
Barbara K Offline
Is this Belize or Colombia? wow

#476099 - 10/31/13 10:48 AM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
artisan Offline
I lived in Colombia for years, they are crooked like anywhere else in Latin America, but are "light-weights" compared to Belize.

#476108 - 10/31/13 11:41 AM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
Marty Offline

Closer Look At Police Shakedown In ATM

Last night we showed you how police shook down Thyrell Hyde in an Atlantic Bank ATM booth. His shake-down story is so incredible, that without the video evidence, it would be hard to believe.  But with the evidence it is compelling, and stands out as one of the most outrageous police abuses ever caught on camera.  Tonight, we take a closer look at the video to see how the cops made sure they got every dollar they could from Thyrel Hyde:

Daniel Ortiz Reporting

The camera inside the ATM picks up 2 men. The one in red is Thyrell Hyde, and the other in the corner is one of the police officers he says kidnapped him and took him there to rob him of money from his personal bank account.

Inside the ATM room, it seems so ordinary, just like 2 close friends who have no trust issues making a withdrawal, but if the allegation is true, it is an obscene abuse of authority.

The man has already Hyde’s ATM card into the machine, and he glances at his hand, where he seems to have Hyde’s pin number written down.

He punches it in and does a balance check, after all, he needs to know how much is Hydes’ account to know how much is reasonable to take for himself.

He ejects the card the machine and starts a discussion with Hyde, and it seems that the process is taking too long because Hyde looks back and opens the door to the ATM room.

Holding his head, Hyde returns to his position as observer to his humiliation and powerlessness.

In walks another person, this time, we’re sure that it’s a police officer because of the khaki shirt and the outline of a police badge number on his left shoulder. Notice, just like the other person in the far left, he takes very careful steps not to have his face caught by the camera.

Finally, a decision is made and the person in the far left puts Hyde’s ATM card back into the machine, punches in the pin and proceeds to withdraw money.

Thyrell Hyde looks up at the camera, obviously hoping that it is capturing this outrage as it unfolds.

The selected amount comes out of the machine, and the man operating from the left takes it. Hyde puts his hand on his head, as in disbelief, as the man hands him his ATM card with the receipt for the withdrawn money.

You get a quick view of the uniformed police officer as he walks away, satisfied that progress is being made.

And then, to add insult to injury, the man in the left then counts the money – talk about brazen – and that’s after he handed over a receipt, suggesting that he has Hyde’s full blessing to be taking his money.

A couple seconds later and the whole ordeal is over, and the camera briefly catches the face of the man who stole from Hyde before they walk out of the ATM, following the uniformed officer.

The professional standards branch, which takes the place of internal affairs, says it has possibly identified only one of the officers and the information has been sent to the DPP.

Channel 7

#476123 - 10/31/13 01:06 PM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
ScubaLdy Offline
Are the mayor and town council going to let this dissapear? I thought the police department was improving. How can they leave a man on duty who is even suspected of such an outrage?
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#476145 - 10/31/13 08:16 PM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
SimonB Offline
This took place on the mainland not here in San Pedro.

#476151 - 10/31/13 11:30 PM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
ScubaLdy Offline
Thanks Simon - I missed that little detail.
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#476158 - 11/01/13 06:14 AM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
Marty Offline

Police Minister Says ATM Cops Have To Go

By now, we've all seen the video of two police officers shaking down Thyrell Hyde in an ATM Booth. All, except Police Minister John Saldivar, apparently. Today he told the media he hasn't seen the video but he knows that the police perpetrators have to be dealt with:..

Jules Vasquez
"Have you seen the Thyrell Hyde video and what are your feelings about it?"

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police
"I have not seen it on news or anywhere, but I am aware of the video and I know that the police are investigating. I have been told that the DPP has the file now."

Jules Vasquez
"Is it something that aggrieves you to see police officers shaking down a citizen in an ATM checking his balance and all of that?"

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police
"Certainly and we will leave no stone unturned in trying to get to the bottom of exactly what took place in there."

Jules Vasquez
"Should these people be in the police department the persons who did that to him?"

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police
"They certainly should not and that's why we are doing our investigation to make sure that whosoever we can punish will be punished."

"Sir, when did you become aware of it? Was it on the media?"

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police
"No, I believe that the mother got in touched with me some time ago and at that time her son had not yet gone in to make a statement and I asked her to have her son go in and make the statement which apparently he did. That's why the police is now able to investigate."

So far the Police Professional Standards Department believes it may have identified one of the officers - and this information has been forwarded to the DPP.

Channel 7

#479604 - 12/12/13 10:03 AM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
Marty Offline

Cops Charged For ATM Shakedown

So, that’s two major pieces of news against the police department, and tonight, we add one more: 2 officers have been criminally charged for the ATM shakedown of Thyrell Hyde, a most brazen form of police abuse caught on tape.

42 year-old Police Corporal Reymundo Requena, a resident of Benque Viejo, and 30 year-old Police Constable Edgar Teul, who resides in Belmopan were arraigned before Magistrate Clive Lino today.

Requena was charged with harm against Hyde, and theft of $70. He, Teul, and another – who has yet to be detained – were jointly charged theft of $260; that was supposedly the money they withdrew from Hyde’s Atlantic Bank Account from the Freetown Branch, which was caught on camera.

Both officers pleaded not guilty to the charges, and were granted bail of $4,000, which they were able to meet. They must return to court on February 11, 2014, their next court date.

Interestingly enough, Requena came dressed in civilian clothing, but in an attempt to try to slip past the photojournalists at court, he changed his clothes to this police uniform and borrowed a police cap from one of his fellow officers who works at court. He was trying to blend in and pass as one of the many officers who operate at the Magistrate’s Court out of the Prosecution Branch.

Teul was a little cleverer, and waited the media out. When the other prisoners were being transported before the lockup of the Magistrate’s Court, he dodged the cameras by using the stream of persons leaving as cover. He then ran away; yeah, real stand-up guys…

As we told you, Thyrel Hyde claims that on September 8, several officers conducted a search of his vehicle. The operation quickly went crooked when they shook him down for money that he had in his pockets, stole an envelope which had over $1,500 in cash, detained him, took him to the ATM, used his card to withdraw money from his account, and then let him go, threatening to arrest him if they ever saw him again.

Channel 7

#480151 - 12/18/13 09:59 AM Re: Cops Caught On Camera Shaking Down Man In ATM [Re: Marty]
Marty Offline

1 More Cop Charged For ATM Shakedown

Today, 30 year-old Special Constable Joslyn Gill, seen here, became the 3rd police officer out on bail for charged in relation to the Thyrel Hyde shakedown which was caught on tape. This afternoon, Gill was arraigned before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart, for theft of $260, which was withdrawn from Hyde's account on September 8. He pleaded not guilty, and he was granted bail of $4,000, which he was able to meet.

Staying true to the cop culture at the court, SC Gill tried his best to avoid the media, with the help of his fellow officers. He was supposed to be arraigned in the morning, which did not happen, and even though he was in custody, he was allowed to slip out the back door, without a police escort so as to not draw attention. Now, that is very irregular because ordinarily, persons who are charged and have been escorted to court, are in police custody, and they should not be released until they have been arraigned, and bail is met. That didn't stop Gill from leaving the court as though he was a free man.

When he returned in the afternoon, he was without his police escort yet again. Our photo-journalist tried to get him on camera, and Gill decided he wasn't going to have that. When he got close enough, he took on the behaviour of a common criminal and slapped the camera out of the journalist's hands, and ran into the Magistrate's Court. Now, as is usual with police officers detained, he wasn't placed in the holding cell, yet another perk, which ordinary citizens don't enjoy. With that freedom, he was able to get in and out of the court without reporters knowing that his arraignment had taken place.

And to top it off, the bail form, which other accused persons have to sign before they are released, was hand delivered to him by one of the officers working at the court. This was done so that he could avoid being seen by the cameras outside. Again, this is not afforded to any other persons who have been charged, everyone else is paraded from the holding cell to the main office to sign that form, and afterwards, they are then free to leave through the way they came in. This is the same VIP treatment that Police Corporal Reymundo Requena and Constable Edgar Teul were given when they were arraigned last week for theft charges in relation to the Thyrel Hyde incident. After his bail was finalized, he waited for the opportune moment and ran away before any cameras could get his face.

Coming back to our journalist, whose equipment was damaged, he's lodged a formal police complaint, and the case officer has promised that Constable Gill will be charged with damaged to property.

As we told you, Requena, Teul, and Gill are all officers who have been implicated in one of the most brazen police shakedown caught on tape. These officers are being accused of escorting Hyde under the pretence of official police business to the Atlantic Bank ATM on Freetown Road, where they used his ATM card, withdrew $260 from his account, and releasing him with the threat of being arrested if he was ever seen again.

Channel 7

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