How to make Hudut, a classic traditional Garifuna food
Iím a man of simple pleasures, next to Rice and beans with stew chicken and potato salad, Hudut is my favourite Belizean grub. And with Garifuna Settlement Day recently occurring on November 19, Iíve been craving this traditional Garinagu food even more. Iím happy to be cooking it today and sharing the recipe with you guys. Hudut is easy to make! It is comprised of green and ripe mashed plantains called Fu-fu and a fish coconut stew. This traditional dish is important to the Garifuna because it represents their love for the sea and living on the coast. Many other cultures that are near the sea or ocean have similar dishes, for example countries such as Brazil and Thailand have their own versions of a fish coconut stew. Even here in Belize, the local creole culture has a similar dish which is known as Sere. Sere is cooked in the same way but involves many other ingredients and is most of the time eaten with white rice instead of Fu-fu.