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#488858 - 04/01/14 05:43 AM Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name
Marty Online   happy
Friday was the deadline for UDP mayoral aspirants to put in their names - and the news tonight is that mayor Darrell Bradley has not put in his name - meaning he won't run for mayor, unless, of course, he changes his mind again - which he has been known to do. That happened in February when the mayor told the media at a prime ministerial press conference that he would run - and by the time the press conference was over, he told us he had mis-spoken.

But not meeting the deadline is bigger than mis-speaking at a press conference, and it will be interesting to see if mayor Bradley changes up again. In the meantime we are told three other UDP councilors and past councilors have put in their names: Deputy Mayor BQ Pitts, Former Deputy Dion Leslie, and former Councilor Leila Peyrefitte.

We tried to contact the mayor by text message, but got no reply.

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#489051 - 04/05/14 05:48 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

The Burdens Of High Office Weigh Heavily On Bradley

So, as you've seen many times, Bradley has consistently told the media that the current sanitation charges are an unsustainable and unmanageable burden on the council. With many other no-win situations like that one in the sphere of municipal affairs, we wondered if the cumulative load of woe played into Bradley's decision not to enter his name as a mayoral candidate for the next election.

While we had the opportunity, we asked Bradley about it, and here's how he responded:

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"People always ask that question and I maintain this view that I can see myself going forward in the City. Of course these things do not make it easy. The job of being mayor is very difficult, we are in litigation a lot, there is a lot of problems that I have inherited. I do think that think that we have made in-roads in terms of the parks and the infrastructure, quality of life and in terms of reduction in crime - all of those things putting the financial house of the City Council in order and I have maintained to the media and to the public that the thing that I am chiefly concerned about is being able to deliver on our manifesto promises and services. From the very beginning, because you want me to go a certain way, which I haven't given a lot of thought to. I have maintained that we are about service, we are about cleaning house at City Council, and we are about delivering on core promises. Right now we are at 107 concreted streets. The city has 8 streets going on including Buttonwood Bay's Independence Drive, Seashore Drive, the extension of Vernon Street, the extension of Dean Street, West Canal, Castle Street - we have a lot of infrastructures going on, those things are causing headaches because we are coordinating with people in terms of traffic and business and all of those things. Those are the things which keep me up at night, those are the things that I am worried about - I am not worried about an election. I am worried about performance and being able to stand in front of every member of the city and tell them that I have done right by them and I have discharge my obligations to the fullest extent possible."

But as you heard, he still didn't answer the question of whether or not he intends to run. The media continued to press him on that topic, and he gave some revealing answers about his experience as the current Mayor sitting for 2 terms:

Rowland Parks, reporter
"The question is yes or no, are you going to run?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"It's not a yes or no question."

Rowland Parks, reporter
"Okay, I am sorry sir."

Geovanni Brackett, reporter
"We know that you've missed the deadline. Can you still apply to be mayor."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"All of those are not things that I decide. You can ask me about Waste Control because I am the Mayor. You can ask me about streets; about drains, about property tax; trade license, you can ask me about anything that's in the portfolio of the mayor. You can ask me if it is my wish to run again and I will tell you yes. I think that we are making a difference in the city and every single resident of Belize City is telling me that they can see a mark in difference in the quality of life in Belize City versus two years ago. That is something that motivates me to go forward. But you are telling me about an election and I am talking to you about the continued work that we have to do in City Hall and I want to make that a priority and I want that to be my only concern rather than an election."

"So you will run even though you miss the deadline to submit your name?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"I am telling you that the things that I am concern right now about are being able to finish all of our obligations."

Geovanni Brackett, reporter
"What will determine whether you run for either mayor or a constituent? What will determine?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley

Geovanni Brackett, reporter
"Time will determine?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley

Geovanni Brackett, reporter
"At what point do you think the time will run out?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"You are putting this in a certain frame of mind that I am not where you are. I am at the point of doing a good job at mayor. I don't know how you interpret that but that is really what I am worried about. If I can see that I can continue to make the impact and work with my with team to do the effective work that we have been doing and we can make progress then I can see that going forward, but you are asking me about a date and I am telling you that we are worried about so many other things. When I drive around this city and I see the conditions in respect to how some of our people live and some of the infrastructure conditions which are under my responsibility - that's something that disturbs me as mayor and as head of the city. That's what I am worried about."

"Have you gotten the feeling that this new responsibility is too overwhelming for you?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"Honestly it is, I mean it's not a nice feeling to be in court every single week. It's not a nice feeling to be saddled by debts that you inherited - it's not a nice feeling, but I can say that on a balance we are a City Council that is struggling in terms of our financial position, but within the context of that struggle we have made substantial improvements to the quality of life. When I go to BTL Park as I do every single weekend and I see families interacting out there and enjoying the space - that's something that makes me feel good because I know that I had a hand in improving and providing that space and improving the quality of life and feeling of security for residence, but it is a frustrating job."

"But you knew that there was a deadline to submit your name."

Mayor Darrell Bradley

"So you internationally did not submit your name?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"Well I didn't submit my name. I don't think that it's a willful thing, but I didn't submit the application."

The deadline for Bradley to have put in his name for Mayor was Friday, March 28. Current mayoral candidates are current Deputy Mayor, BQ Pitts Jr., the past Deputy Mayor Dion Leslie.

Channel 7

#489251 - 04/09/14 06:23 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Mayor Darrell Bradley’s political future

Where his political future is concerned, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has been dodging the question of late. Months ago, he announced his intention to throw his hat into the ring in Caribbean Shores. That news wasn’t received warmly by Area Representative Santiago ‘Santino’ Castillo or by UDP leader Dean Barrow. It’s hard to say if that has discouraged Bradley, but he has been evading the question of late. For context, he has missed the deadline for submitting his application to vie for a second term as Mayor of Belize City. Still, that’s no real problem if he does decide to run. So has he? This morning Bradley was a guest on OYE and I asked him point-blank. Here’s his answer, for what it’s worth.

Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“I do have an intention, and I have always maintained that. I believe that we are doing a good job at City Hall. If I were to grade myself, I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect. I wouldn’t say that it’s near perfect. But I would say that it is better than what was before, and I think that we are moving in a positive direction. That’s something that encourages me and I can see a place for me going forward in City Hall. I think that for example this Commercial Centre project…if that is something that is started, that is something I would want to start and finish. I don’t want to leave that obligation to somebody new, so in terms of the kind of excitement that we have been able to generate in the city, in terms of the kind of economic development and stimulating effect that has been generated…that’s something that motivates me to want to continue. All I have said is that it’s not an easy thing.”

Marleni Cuellar, Co-host, OYE

“But you have missed the deadline.”

Darrell Bradley

“Politics is not a hard and fast thing. Politics is not a situation where…

Marleni Cuellar

“So it’s not impossible for you to submit your name?”

Darrell Bradley

“I don’t think that it would be. I don’t think that it would be…”

Marleni Cuellar

“So why haven’t you done so as yet?”

Darrell Bradley

“Because being in City Hall is not an easy thing. I think one of the media people has asked quite candidly – is it an overwhelming thing? Yes it is. Our city has come from a far way and there are a lot more challenges that we have. When I drive in the Gungulung Area or certain areas in Port Loyola, it makes me really sad to see the conditions in which our people live and our people have to be asked to survive in, in terms of street conditions, housing conditions, long term policies…and it makes me feel that we are not doing what we should be doing or enough to have an impact on those people…and that is why I have difficulty…”

Marleni Cuellar

“You have difficulty in deciding if you will seek the second term?”

Darrell Bradley

“That’s why we are at this present moment in terms of not turning in the application…”

Marleni Cuellar

“Have you set a deadline for yourself as to when you will make the decision?”

Darrell Bradley

“Honestly I could tell you that it’s not something really that has crossed my mind. Actually I recall that when that deadline was there on Friday, I was in court every single day on that week…and it’s not something that I said I wouldn’t have turned in the application…it was just that I went up to five o’clock working in court matters. It’s not to be evasive in terms of the question, although I am being evasive.”

Channel 5

#489334 - 04/11/14 05:58 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Bradley Says Mind Still Not Made On Mayorship

And while the PUP is entering its general election campaign season, the UDP has finished that phase and is now preparing for its municipal conventions. The biggest name in all this has been rising political star Darrell Bradley. He didn't in his name for Mayor at the party's deadline on March 28th , and since then he's been vacillating on his decision on whether or not he'll run. Today, this would be Prince of Denmark told us about his dilemma:

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"I think that in terms of running for mayor in office again, it's an easy decision for me, I have other commitments in terms of my family commitments, I have other commitments of my professional development as an attorney, I have other views in terms of other political office that I am thinking about, so it's not an easy decision for me. Of course I can't not make a decision very long into the future, it's something that I am seriously reflecting on, It's something that I am consulting people on. It's a thing that I want to go forward in politics but there are other considerations that I have to give before making a final decision."

Jules Vasquez
"But the deadline has passed going on two weeks now."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"I mean, in respect to that deadline, it was not a willful thing in terms of my not submitting in the application."

Jules Vasquez
"However, it's not unreasonable for your party to conclude that "bwoy, he is too important for us" we have to move on."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"But then that fine. That's a decision that I don't make and then that's fine."

And while the party may have moved on - Bradley says he should have some clarity on his political future in a week. We take him at his word, but let's just say if he doesn't - we won't be surprised.

Channel 7

#489977 - 04/26/14 06:14 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Barrow: buh-bye Bradley

Darrell Bradley has turned indecision into an art with his flip flopping on whether he'll run for mayor again. But, the deadline has long passed - 4 weeks ago, actually, and though Bradley would be considered a prohibitive favourite to be re-elected as mayor, the PM said today, that ship has sailed:

Jules Vasquez
"Has the ship sailed as regards Mayor Bradley running again for mayor? Has the party now moved on?"

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"In my view absolutely. The deadline has passed and there will be no reopening of the deadline…that's out of the question. The only possibility that I can see in which that Mayor could run again is if those that put in their names within the deadline for some reason decided to withdraw their names and then that would throw the thing wide open."

"Sir, do you believe it's a loss at the municipal level?"

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"That's a funny question. I believe that Bradley did a magnificent job, but I believe that we can in fact select a new candidate for Mayor who can do an equally good job. It's a pity that the Mayor did not put in his name. I still am not sure whether it is because he honestly did not want to stand for re-election or whether there is more to it than that. I will yield to no man in my admiration for his accomplishments, but as one television station said, you never know from one day to the next exactly what the position is. I leave it at that."

Channel 7

#490098 - 04/29/14 05:58 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Mayor Still Undecided On Political Future, And So What If He Is

On Friday night's newscast - you heard the Prime Minister say that the door had officially been closed on any possibility of Darrell Bradley running for mayor. That's because the deadline to submit names to that had long passed - and Bradley still hadn't made up his mind.

So what's Bradley's reaction to that? Well, like the man himself, it's complicated. But today, he had a surprisingly candid interview with 7News where he said, basically, his mind still isn't made up - and so what if it isn't?..

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"Whether or not I am going to run for mayor again, the jury is still out - I don't know. That is the reality and that's the honest response: I don't know. If you are telling me now that there was a statement made in relation to the door is close, then the door is close. That is the leader of this party and he makes those decisions, I don't. You ask me if I want to run for mayor, yes I want to run for mayor, but there are certain problems in relation to the structure of a municipality which I have elucidated which causes me a division and I told Jules this earlier. When you are dealing at City Hall, one of the things that kind of frustrate me substantially is that you are trying to push behind all of the problems that came before you and you are trying to pull the city forward in terms of a clear vision. That's a very frustrating job. I don't know if I want to do that another 3 years, but the election to decide whether or not somebody is in office comes one year from now. So all I am saying to you, you can have your opinion but let us deal with the work that we have to deal with right now. Let us get through the municipal bond. Let us get through the infrastructures. Let us deal with all of the concerns of sanitation and employment and citizen security and all the other kinds of expectations that they want us to deal with right now. Let us deal with that now because now is the season for that and let us deal with the election when the election season comes around."

"If it is of interest to you or of interest to members of public in relation to where I go here or here then that is why there is an election date, that is why there is a nomination period, that is why there is a convention, that is why those dates are set. Now what you want to do is that you want to sew a seed of division one year in front of an election. The Prime Minister and I are never apart in terms of where we want the country to go, where we want the UDP to go in terms of victory and what we have been doing in relation to this country - we are never apart and you will ask me in relation to his comments that I have not seen and you will ask me for a comment to somehow support that we are separated which we are not. You can come right now and you can ask me about any single thing under the stars that has to do with being in the office of the mayor, but you cannot ask me in relation to where will go in the future because that's my business."

Geovanni Brackett, reporter "But you are public official and your political future is of interest to the public."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"It's of interest to the public, but what is of supreme interest to the public and I think what ought to be of supreme interest to the public is the performance of the municipality."

"Jules, you ask me about elections and forms and submitting this and whatever, but I hope that I would have demonstrated to you that I have never been about that. I have never been about an election, about a deadline, about this, about that. We have only been about the work. The only rule in life is the rule that comes of living a life of principle and integrity and that is what I have done."

Jules Vasquez
"Are you saying that UDP should be fixating on: well we had a date and you never sign the date, man, see me here, see the sweat in my shoes, I am working hard every day and night - I am the man for mayor, so just hold the door for me."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"I have said and I have repeatedly said that it is about the work, it's about performance. I think that what win elections are not forms and deadlines, but performance - it is performance."

Geovanni Brackett, reporter
"Is it fair enough or realistic that the political party that you represent should wait on you until last day? You agree that they do have a timeline and you have a choice to choose before and of course you choose not to submit your name."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"Yes, no. We are all creatures of law and rules; any organization that you are in. You are in COLA, there is a constitution that governs that - it sets the rules and regulations. When I do certain things or when I omit to do certain things it is that I do them knowing full well that there are consequences in relation to what I am doing."

Ours was an extended and quite revealing interview, and we'll have more of it in tomorrow's newscast.

Channel 7

#490148 - 04/30/14 05:53 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Mayor Bradley’s Love-Hate Relationship with His Job

Last night on the news, you heard Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley speak plainly about why he's in no hurry to make up his mind about whether or not he'll run for Mayor. But the truth is - despite all his internal bickering - Bradley loves the job - he just can't stand being hauled to court by the sanitation companies. He explained that love-hate duality yesterday:..

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"I love being mayor. I think that anyone would love a job that they see that they are making a difference and the significant benefit is that people now have a sense of hope and optimism and pride about living in Belize City and it would be my greatest joy to see that increase and grow to something that blossoms into a fire that ignites passions in individual people."

Jules Vasquez
"You are doing a job that has a redeeming personal value. Why don't you just recommit and say man I'll stick around as mayor?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"I have never.. You've asked me on numerous occasions in terms of what my intention is. It is my intention to see the city increase, continue to prosper, and continue to grow. I look at the job of being mayor and I think we've made an in-road, but there as a lot more things that we could have done in the 2 years and I am disappointed in the fact that some of those things we haven't been able to do. If we didn't have to deal with sanitation I would build all the streets in Belize City and I would be here forever because you can know that you have a city council that is properly finance, that is run in a certain way and that can deliver to members of the public."

"It's sad to say but I have been working since day one and its taking a toll out on me personally. I mean, it's not easy going to court and facing Waste Control in terms of contempt proceedings, we are performing and kinds causes me increase frustration that we are doing well and we have stress a lot on accountability and we've stress a lot on governance and inclusion and we still get lash for a significant amount of things that we haven't done and you are seeing a city moving forward and transforming. All of those things cause me headache and frustrates me."

"So now you come and ask me a question about what is the future of Darrell Bradley and I am telling you laughingly that I don't think about that I think about what is the future of Belize City. You think it makes me feel good driving around parts of our city when you look at the condition of the streets and the condition in relation to how our people live? We want to do and I am not being facetious when I tell you that we could have done twice as much work than what we did this 2 years. So now you are coming to me and you are saying well what about this election, you are saying well what about the divergence between the views of the Prime Minister and your views? What about you saying that you are clowning the media and I am telling you that we are about performance and we are about the lives of every single person in our city. We are about promoting healthy values and we are about transformation. Don't be fixated upon an election because in politics a day is an eternity and things could be one way today and tomorrow they could change."

And indeed, they could change. The Prime Minister has said that if the currents convention candidates for mayor were to step aside, the way would be re-opened for Bradley. We'll wait and see.

Channel 7

#490229 - 05/01/14 04:57 PM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Darrell Bradley says his reason for not running again for mayor is personal

Mayor Darrell Bradley says that though he is focused on wrapping up his three-year term and he is not yet completely certain about his career path, he is giving consideration to his candidacy in the Caribbean Shores area.

“I’m a very strategic person, I never do something by mistake, I deliberately did not submit the application for a specific reason,” Bradley said.

He explained that the decision for him to not run again is a personal one based on multiple factors but did say that he intends to remain committed to public service, wherever that may lead him.

Bradley told The Reporter that he is committed to the United Democratic Party (UDP) and would support any of the candidates who have submitted their names to run as mayor in the next municipal elections.

Though the Prime Minister said last week that there is one possibility that Bradley could run again, that is in the event a candidate withdraws from the race, Bradley said that to him there are no loopholes and he will not run again.

Bradley stated that he has never made his aspirations to run for Caribbean Shores a secret and explained that through the soft campaign he has done he believes that he has considerable support. The mayor explained that he is currently still conducting his soft campaign, trying to gain traction and that he has never considered running in any other constituency because he has made a commitment to the people in that area.

Bradley said that before departing office he is focusing on completing the projects that his Council started, including the concreting of 34 more streets in Belize City, eight of which have already commenced, and remedial works on 25 streets mainly on the south side.

Bradley projected that the council’s drainage project would be completed in May, and stated that the renovation of the Commercial Center and relocation of City Hall would be the only project started under his council that would carry over.

The Reporter

#491323 - 05/24/14 05:51 AM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy

Dion Leslie To Step Down; Make Space For Mayor Bradley?

City Councillor Dion Leslie is preparing to withdraw his name as a candidate for the UDP's mayoral convention. Leslie confirmed this to us today. It is believed that he is doing so to make way for the resurgent Darrell Bradley, who rumours suggest is back in the race for mayor. Bradley was cagey when we spoke to him earlier this week about his meeting with the Prime Minister. Leslie has told us the conversation has started about him stepping down and he has to go in to the party and formally withdraw his name. Leslie says he was not asked to step down, but he had told Bradley that if he chooses to run for Mayor, he will step aside.

Channel 7

Will the mayor Darrell Bradley be on the City Council ballot?

For months now, the political future of Darrell Bradley has been up in the air, and he’s certainly done nothing to change that. Tonight, there is every indication that Bradley has decided to seek another term as Mayor. But that’s still unconfirmed at this point. We do know that Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with Bradley on Wednesday at his Coney Drive office. Bradley says they talked streets, but we’re pretty sure his political future was on the agenda. We were unable to reach the Mayor today, but we did reach Dion Leslie, who has offered himself as a mayoral candidate. Leslie confirmed that the conversation with Bradley has started, but the discussion is ongoing. Also confirmed was that Leslie has every intention of stepping aside if Bradley decides to run. He says that was always the agreement between the Mayor and himself. Of course, there’s a time factor, since Leslie certainly doesn’t want to spend money setting up his campaign if he will eventually step down. We’re told a decision will be made by next week. On April twenty-fifth, P.M. Barrow told the media that as far as he is concerned, Bradley’s ship has sailed. Looks to us like it turned around and is sailing right back into port.

Channel 5

#492153 - 06/11/14 03:19 PM Re: Mayor Darrell Bradley Didn’t Resubmit His Name [Re: Marty]
Marty Online   happy
Bradley's In!

The Honorable the Prime Minister Mr. Dean Barrow started his press conference this afternoon by announcing that an arrangement has been reached which allows Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley to be the UDP's Mayoral Candidate in next March's municipal elections. Councillors Bernard Pitts and Dion Leslie who had submitted their names as potential candidates have now withdrawn, allowing the incumbent Bradley to go for another term in office.

Patrick Jones


Another term for Mayor Bradley

Ending months of speculation and rumors, on Wednesday, June 11, Prime Minister and Leader of the United Democratic Party, Hon. Dean Barrow officially announced that Mayor Darrell Bradley will be running as the mayoral candidate for the UDP.

PM Barrow explained that an understanding has been reached with councilors Bernard Pitts and Dion Leslie which allows for Mayor Darrell Bradley to go up as the UDP candidate. The two councilors had expressed interest in running as mayoral candidates in the upcoming UDP convention. They have now withdrawn their applications and Mayor Bradley will go uncontested.

In addressing the press conference, Prime Minister Barrow described Mayor Bradley’s accomplishments as phenomenal and his decision to run for the UDP as a boon for the party and residents of Belize City.

Also addressing the gathering was councilor Pitts who stated that he supported the mayor heart and soul. He noted that there is no one that can say that the Belize City Council has not delivered on 90% of its manifesto promises and added that the ship has been sailing sternly.

For his part Mayor Bradley explained that he was pleased to be in the company of excellence in Belizean society. He noted that it was a difficult decision which he had to make as to where he goes in politics. He regretted the uncertainty during the time before his decision but he said that his decision was guided by what was best for Belize City.

So far what is best for Belize City is indeed a second term of Mayor Darrell Bradley. He noted that 1 of 3 streets in the city have been paved or upgraded thanks to the “unwavering support of the Prime Minister.” He said that it may not have been perfect implementation but the transformation is evident. The council’s efforts, he said ,has been able to “light a fire in the community” where there is now an increasing number of constructions taking place across the city and where the BTL park is seeing an increasing number of visitors. “There is no rational reason to upset the ship,” he stated.

As for the upcoming municipal elections, Bradley was firm in saying, “I am not concerned about the municipal elections, I am concerned about the great work taking place.” The great work will continue as it was announced that 9 more streets will be concreted in the city. Among these will be St. Charles Street, St. Matthews Street, Magazine Road, Castle Street, Lancaster Street, Amara Avenue, George Street , West Street, and the entire length of Princess Margaret Drive. All told, there will be an additional 2.8 million dollars invested in this second phase of the promised 10 million dollar investment by Central Government.

Speaking about the investment, Hon. Dean Barrow noted that while Belize City may be getting a large investment, the other municipalities are not being left behind. Corozal will soon commence the concreting of Philip Goldson Highway from the entrance of the town to Santa Rita to the tune of 4.4 million dollars. Eight million dollars will be invested in the same highway from the entrance of Orange Walk town to Trial Farm village. Dangriga will see the paving of Ramos Road and Ecumenical Drive. San Ignacio is seeing the paving of Bishop Martin Street along with others. Belmopan too is currently undergoing through the paving of a number of streets. Three million dollars will be invested in the road from the bridge on the Island of San Pedro leading up to Northern Ambergris Caye. Punta Gorda too is seeing the second phase of concreting taking place on West Street. Benque Viejo has also seen a 1 million dollar investment in roads.

All in all, the announcement of Mayor Bradley’s second bid is accompanied by news of municipal work driven by Central Government; all to make life better for residents across the country.

The Guardian


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