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#494788 - 08/20/14 04:21 AM Rage and Riot in Succotz!  
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Marty Online happy
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Tonight the village of Succotz in Western Belize is going back to normal after a day of civil disobedience. Succotz was the home of 54 year old Yolanda Consuelo Valencia - the market vendor who was killed in on Saturday morning at 5:30 when Deputy Commissioner Mike Segura crashed into the taxi she was in - killing the mother of five instantly.

The fact that Segura - who is from nearby Benque Viejo was driving drunk -incensed the villagers - and when they saw that police didn't charge him fast enough - they took direct action - and this morning at around 7 a.m. that meant setting tires on fire, and blocking the Benque Road.

Traffic was blocked for at least a mile on both sides for over 7 and a half hours. It caused major business disruption because Benque Viejo leads to the busy Western Border crossing.

7News has been following the story from early this morning - until late this evening when Segura was arraigned in Belmopan Magistrate's Court. Our team got back an hour ago - and they've stitched together the most dramatic images - we'll just go ahead with those now while Daniel Ortiz provides a loose commentary of all the action:

Daniel Ortiz reporting
When we arrived at the Benque Suzzotz junction there as a road block and it was on fire police was trying to get it under control.

Resident of Succotz
"We want peace, we don't want more blood here sir."

Aaron Guzman, OC Western Police Region
"I hope that you explain to the people there that lighting the fire and throwing stones at the fire truck that is not peace."

Resident of Succotz
"I already told them to stop and they have stop it."

Police sympathized with them, but they were taking the wrong route.

Dindsdale Thompson, OC San Ignacio Police
"You find that they are coming out to support their love ones, their family in relating to the death of their love one. However at the present moment what we do though, we do have them blocking the street and putting tires of fires and other trees as well on fire and so it is hindering the free flow of traffic and that's what we are communicating along the with the family to ask them to let the traffic continue to flow free. The matter of Mr. Segura, the charges has already been typed out, ready to move on into the magistrate court and so that's what we have just told the family member, the mom, so that he will then be taken to the San Ignacio magistrate court where he will be arraigned for the charges that are at hand."

Aaron Guzman, OC Western Police Region
"He was I can say to you above the legally prescribed limit. What will happen now is Mr. Arzu has prepared those charges for the blood alcohol content."

Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police
"I as the lead investigator here, I am showing impartiality, I am doing my job to the best of my ability, I do not see anybody in this but the wrong doing okay. So the situation here is that I have prepare my charges, I have serve Mr. Segura with 5 copies of traffic related offences ranging from manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, negligent grievous harm, driving without due care and attention and driving with alcohol concentration. Now you all need to work with me because I need to have Mr. Segura arraigned here this morning and we need to access the road so that we can reach to the court room. Thank you."

Resident of Succotz
"Can we see the paper?"

Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police
"I have attached here; the charges are here and it is signed by a Justice of the Peace."

(Crowd chanting)

Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police
"This is an original signature and this is manslaughter by negligence and the rest as follows."

Resident of Succotz
"We need a copy of that paper."

Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police
"You will never have that, you are not charged; you are not a criminal."

(Crowd chanting)

Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police
"We need to access so we can take this man to court. If the road is not accessible, we cannot have him arraigned, so now everything remains with you all."

(Crowd chanting)

Throughout the entire situation on the ground the commander showed great restraint, but at the end the level of their tolerance ran out and they had to get the situation under control. They decided to move in and clear the street."

Channel 7

Succotz Demonstration

Residents of San Jose Succotz village today demonstrated and shut down the George Price Highway with burning tires.

#494825 - 08/21/14 04:46 AM Re: Rage and Riot in Succotz! [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

Re-Visiting Rage In Succotz

And so while Evan Cu is far from out of the woods, medically speaking….it seems that, for the time being at least, the public anger in Succotz village has subsided. That is because police showed the mob that Deputy Commissioner Segura was being charged just like anybody else.

But, even so, the angry mob was reluctant to give up the fight. Last night, due to time constraints, we gave you the broad sketches of the conflict – tonight, we put together the timeline in granular detail. Daniel Ortiz was on the frontline:

Daniel Ortiz Reporting

The protest was supposed to be a peaceful form of civil disobedience, and it started out that way.
The families friends and supporters all gathered on the junction of the Benque Road, and the Succotz Village entrance.

Minelli Chan- Cousin of Deceased

"The people of Succotz we are family here, we are vex, we want justice, we wan to lock Mr. Segura to give him charge. Not only manslaughter, not only that, we want all the charges because we was very drunk."

Soon, they started to block the road, throwing tires and tree limbs all across it from shoulder to shoulder. Then, the tires were set ablaze.

Traffic was blocked for about a mile on each side of the fiery roadblock.Commuters were forced to become onlookers, and some even had to skirt around the edge of the road, and board another bus.

Some of them were tourists who took advantage of the simmering social unrest as a photo opportunity.

3 hours or so into the illegal protest, law enforcement started to intervene. First it was all about compromise and tolerance, but by that time, emotions were already heightened.

Daniel Ortiz

"They might use force, are you guys prepared for that?"


"Yes, we're ready, we're prepared for that."

Minelli Chan

"Don't throw water because the people are getting upset and they have machetes. They want peace."

ACP Aaron Guzman - OC, Central Police Region

"Don't let that crowd come up."

Minelli Chan

"You see they are getting vex because they want to throw water and we are protesting with peace. If they throw water the people have machete, that's why we want peace."

ACP Aaron Guzman

"Ma'am listen to me, you see over there, they have a lot of people that are going to Melchor to buy, you have tourists vans that are coming."

Minelli Chan

"But you know a protest is like that."

ACP Aaron Guzman

"You notice what I'm doing, I'm moving the trucks because I don't want anybody to get hurt, so i'm leaving the fire to burn."

Law enforcement did leave the people to their own devices, and the fire engine didn't touch the bonfire raging on the road. The officers pulled out, and left the protesters to the senior officers.

The hope was that a smaller police presence would de-escalate what was starting to look like a confrontation

Some protesters started arming themselves with pint bottles, and rocks.

All the time, tires and debris were burning on the road. The ground commanders sympathized with them, however.

ASP Dinsdale Thompson OC, San Ignacio Police

"We find that coming out to support their loved ones, their family in relating to the death of their love one. However the present moment what we do have is them blocking the street, putting tires on fire and other trees as well on fire and it in hindering the free flow of traffic and that is what we are communicating along with the family to ask them, let the traffic continue to flow free. So that the matter in relation to Mr. Segura can also too be processed. While they do have authority, we do support them in their demonstration we do ask and we continue to negotiate along with the family members and others as well that the traffic continues to flow because we have other people that want to reach to Benque and from Benque to Belize City."

They did also confirm to the mob and to the media that Deputy Commissioner Segura was drunk when the accident happened.

ACP Aaron Guzman - OC, Central Police Region

"It is, I can say to you above the legal prescribed limit. What will happen now is Mr. Arzu has prepared those charges for the blood alcohol content.”

ASP Dinsdale Thompson OC

"The matter pertaining to Mr. Segura, the charges have already been typed out, ready to move on to the magistrate court and so that is what we've just told the family member, we've just told the mom. So now he will be taken to the San Ignacio Magistrate Court where he will be arranged for the charges that are at hand."

But this mob wasn't interested in lip service, they wanted proof that Segura would be treated like any other civilian in an accident. In fact, as far as they were concerned, he was already guilty of causing the death of one of their own.

Police therefore negotiated in vain with the Succotz residents for over 4 hours.

A steady supply of old tires were brought in. As soon as the fire started to die down, more tires were thrown on the pile.

They kept the fire going for hours, the black plumes of smoke, and intense heat, matched by the frustration of the mob.

The crowd lingered well into the morning, making sure that police didn’t get too close to their bonfire. Nothing less than visual confirmation of Segura in handcuffs would cause them to relent and re-open the road.

The ground commanders were hoping that if the Succotz villagers saw it in black and white that he had been criminally charged, they would be appeased.

So at around midday or so, Lead investigator Daniel Arzu approached the crowd with copies of the charges in hand.

Still, they weren’t so easily swayed by the black and white.

ASP Daniel Arzu – OC, Benque Viejo Police

"You need to tell the people that they need to cooperate with us. We are complying to the crowd, we are complying to their cry. For that reason, I as the lead investigator here, I am showing impartiality. I am doing my job to the best of my ability, I do not see anybody in this, but the wrong doing. So the situation here is I have prepared my charges, I have served Mr. Segura with 5 copies of traffic related offences ranging from manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, negligent grievous harm, driving without due care and attention and driving with alcohol concentration. Now you all need to work with me because I need to have Mr. Segura arranged here this morning and we need to access the road so that we can reach to the court room. Thank You."

Resident of Succotz

"Can we see the papers?"

Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police

"I have attached here; the charges are here and it is signed by a Justice of the Peace.”

By that time, all the good intentions of the peaceful protestors have taken a backseat to the mob-like mentality developing, fuelled to some extent by inebriation.

ASP Arzu’s plea had fallen on deaf ears, so police gave the protesters a half hour to 45 minutes more to cool down.

When the officers saw that the mob didn’t intend to open the road, they sent in the fire fighters to put out the blaze. The small crowd of young men got incensed by that, and soon after, rocks and pint bottles started flying at the police and fire fighters.

The officers retreated, but those young men kept on stoning at them to make a point, at the same time, tires came rolling down the hill, ready to be lit up once again. So, the mob had their blazing roadblock back up and in full flame.

Both sides had a strategy meeting, the police making preparations to breech and put down the riot, if it flared back up.

The civilians on the other side of the roadblock organised themselves.

Police gave them another hour or so, to cool tempers off, and with other civilians interceding to de-escalate the volatile situation.

During that time, police officers donned riot gear, preparing for any eventuality. But it wasn’t necessary because, tempers had subsided.

So, when the authorities moved in to put out the blaze and cleared the road, it happened without incident this time.

But, the statement was clearly sent: Succotz would not tolerate police protecting Deputy Compol Miguel Segura from criminal prosecution for that deadly accident he caused.

But public disorder carries a price…and just as arrests have followed public uprisings on other occasions, this time, Benque police say they are still considering what action they will take.

Channel 7

#494873 - 08/22/14 04:01 AM Re: Rage and Riot in Succotz! [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

DCP Segura arraigned for manslaughter

In the aftermath of a heated protest some time earlier in San Jose, Succotz, near the Xunantunich archaeological site, in which residents who called for justice for the death of their fellow villager, blocked the roadway with debris and old tires and lit them on fire, Assistant Superintendent Daniel Arzu, the Officer in Charge of Benque Viejo police, escorted Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, where he was arraigned for causing the death of Yolanda Valencia, 54, in a fatal traffic accident that occurred while he was under the influence of alcohol early this past Saturday morning.

The angered villagers were waiting to see ACP Segura appear at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court, where he was scheduled to be criminally charged.

Segura, however, was instead taken to Belmopan and charged before Magistrate Aretha Ford. Segura was read six charges in connection with the deadly head-on collision that claimed the life of Valencia, while the driver of a taxi that she was in, Yanie Evan Cu, 28, remains hospitalized in a critical but stable condition.

Senior Counsel Ellis Arnold represented Segura as he was levied with 6 separate counts of criminal indictments, namely, manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without due care and attention, negligent grievous harm, driving with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit, and failing to alter direction to give way to the taxi he ran into.

No plea was taken and the prosecutor did not object to bail. Segura was granted bail of $6,000 on the conditions that he must not interfere with the prosecution’s witnesses, including the families of the two accident victims; he must report to the Benque Viejo Police Station every Friday; appear at court on all specified court dates, and not be charged for any other offence while on bail.

The Magistrate stipulated that failure to adhere to the bail conditions would result in his bail being revoked.

Deputy Commissioner Segura is scheduled to reappear in court on October 9, 2014, when the prosecution is expected to provide disclosure to the defense.

Segura’s blood specimen, which was sent for testing, reportedly registered at 205 for alcohol content, which is over the prescribed legal limit (which is what?), confirming that he was inebriated at the time of the accident, while the results for the taxi driver, Yanie Cu, showed that he had no trace of alcohol in his system.

We note that when the disgraced senior officer was taken into the courtroom, several police and Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) officers heavily guarded the door in an initial attempt to bar reporters from entering the court proceedings, which was just one of several efforts to shield him from the cameras of the media – an exhibition of obvious preferential treatment.

Upon his exit, a decoy was set up at the front of the court while Segura’s bond was being signed, and as the media waited for him to depart in the same police vehicle which brought him to court, he was sneaked by his colleagues through the back exit, which, up until today, was only known to be used by court judges.

Police Commissioner Allen Whylie, along with other Ministry of National Security officials, at a late evening press briefing this past Monday, August 18, declared that ACP Segura has been put on “interdiction/suspension” pending investigations into the deadly accident that cost the life of a mother of five and has since sidelined a father of two.

The disgraced Deputy ComPol was slapped with 6 charges in connection with the death of Yolanda Valencia, 54

Last Saturday, August 16, at about 5:30 a.m., Segura was driving a police-issued Nissan Pathfinder to his home in Benque Viejo when he crashed head-on into a blue taxi that was heading to San Ignacio.

The tragedy occurred at Mile 71 just outside Succotz on the George Price Highway, and Yolanda Valencia, a market vendor who was in the passenger seat of the taxi, died on impact, while the taxi driver, Yanie Evan Cu, suffered multiple injuries and remains hospitalized.

Probably the most damning evidence against Segura is a cellphone video, which went viral on social media this past weekend.

The video captured a seemingly nonchalant Segura, in a white shirt and uniform pants, exiting the Pathfinder after the collision and putting his pistol into his left pocket before calmly pulling out a cigarette, taking a puff, and fixing the front of his pants, which at the time, for some reason, was unbuttoned.

Although a police report said that Segura was alone in the vehicle, persistent eyewitness reports indicate that observers saw a male passenger exit the vehicle.

The incident sparked an intense seven-and-a half-hour protest earlier today on the highway in front of San Jose Succotz, where both accident victims resided, as infuriated villagers blocked the road, burned tires and demanded that justice be served by way of a proper investigation by Segura’s colleagues in the Police Department.

The traffic flow was stabilized and the debris were removed from the street only after the throng of protestors had gotten assurance from police that Segura would be indicted for his actions in a court of law.


#494908 - 08/23/14 05:33 AM Re: Rage and Riot in Succotz! [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

DCP Segura Did Check On The Accident Victims

6 days ago, Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Segura was in an accident outside of Benque Viejo Town in which 54 year-old Yolanda Valencia from Succotz was killed. It has caused major public outrage because firstly, the second-most senior cop in the country was allegedly drinking and driving, and also because he was featured in that vile video which went viral. It shows him he was zipping up his pants and taking a leisurely drag from a cigarette a few feet away from the wreckage of the accident and Valencia's body.

Segura has been harshly criticized for that behaviour, and members of the public say that he seemed to show little regard for the loss of life. Well, 7News has gotten hold of cell phone footage taken moments after the accident happened. Here's what it looks like.

The horns are still blaring from the taxi, and as the civilian taping the scene gets closer, responders are trying to find out if the driver 28 year old taxi driver, Yanie Evan Cu, is okay. He informs them that Yolanda Valencia is dead.

The video moves on to show Valencia's body in the vehicle, but we are won't show that part to you because it's too graphic.

Deputy ComPol Segura leaves his vehicle and goes over to the taxi to survey the damage. You can kind of see him appearing to again be adjusting his pants. The camera phone holder inspects the wreckage from all angles.

The footage then goes back to the civilians trying to help Yanie Cu out of the vehicle, so that he can be rushed out for medical treatment. They finally disconnect the battery and get the horn to stop blaring.

The civilians finally get Yanie Cu out of the vehicle, and as they inch him out of the driver's door, he's in terrible pain.

The videographer takes another pass around the taxi vehicle and catches Segura walking out of the frame.

Sometime after this is when he put his gun in his pocket and then lit the cigarette.

Channel 7

#497916 - 11/14/14 04:03 AM Re: Rage and Riot in Succotz! [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

They Rioted; They Got Charged

In August, they rioted in Succotz, and today - like a hangover after a spree - 15 persons went to court to answer for it.

Tonight, 15 of the 20 people who police initially charged for the August 19 illegal protest in Succotz village are out on bail of $300 dollars. That's after they answered to a court summons for charges of rioting and unlawful assembly this morning at the Benque Viejo Magistrate's Court.

You'll remember that villagers erupted into protest in support of the late 54 year-old Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, and her taxi driver 28 year Yannie Evan Cu - victims of an accident allegedly caused by Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Segura.

A just cause for the community - but intolerable lawlessness for police. And now, the cops say they can prove that 18 of these people actively participated in that protest. 7News was at their arraignment this morning, and Daniel Ortiz has that story:

Daniel Ortiz reporting
17 persons were arraigned today: 16 Succotz Residents, and 1 from Benque Viejo.

When we arrived, these accused rioters - and all the bystanders at court, for that matter - waited calmly, subdued.

There was no sight of the fire and rage with which the Benque Road was blocked on August 19.

It made for a visually memorable news event, when persons in that 300+ crowd burnt tires all across the Western Highway between Mile 72 and 73.

The press weren't the only ones capturing it on camera; police personnel were also gathering photographic evidence:

Michel Chebat, SC - Attorney for Alleged Rioters
"There was a total of 17 persons arraigned on the charges of rioting and unlawful assembly. The prosecution withdrew 2 against 2 of those persons, so there are only 14 persons who are now facing charges. There are 5 persons who were not served. So, the situation is that 14 persons have been charged with rioting and unlawful assembly today."

ACP Aaron Guzman - Commander, Western Police Zone
"The decision was made that day to take photographs of those persons that were out there acting unlawfully and as a result summons were prepared and summons were served on these persons and that is why they appear in court today. I believe the law says that if more than 5 persons gathered together for a common purpose and riotous behavior and if you note there was blockage of the highway and there were burning of tires. They were stoning at the equipment that was brought in, stoning the firemen, the Ministry of Works and the police, by and large the security forces."

Daniel Ortiz
"But can't it be taken that some persons were just there as bystanders?"

ACP Aaron Guzman - Commander, Western Police Zone
"And that is why we had our police photographers out there and our intelligence folks taking pictures. So the police is of the opinion that certain persons being 20 of those who were summoned that were causing a riot out there."

But, that was 3 months ago, and there is quite a bit of speculation about the delay in bringing criminal prosecution against these select residents.

Mike Rudon, Ch5
"The protest that they are being charged for happened August 19th. It is unusual for charges to be laid so late?"

Michel Chebat, SC - Attorney for Alleged Rioters
"By law they have up to 6 months to bring the charges, but you would think because of the incident and how they perceived it, you would have thought that charges would have been brought a lot earlier."

Nancy Marin - Supporting Succotzenos
"The police are just not prepared, they really didn't do their homework. I think that it was a mandate from government to send a message to our people."

ACP Aaron Guzman - Commander, Western Police Zone
"It's not necessarily a delay Mr. Dubon. It is that the police have 6 months in a matter of this magnitude."

Succotz came out in that illegal protest to demonstrate their frustration and anger at the perception that police were shielding Deputy Police Commissioner Segura from criminal prosecution for his role in that fatal accident. Those in support of direct action say that police shouldn't have pressed this issue today.

Michel Chebat, SC - Attorney for Alleged Rioters
"It is disappointing to see that these people are being victimized. These are poor people who stood up for their rights and they are now being victimized and that is a grave injustice being done."

Geovannie Brackett - President, COLA
"I think that this action here by the government using the police department to send a very loud message to all activists that if you persists in any what they called unlawful gathering that you will be dragged through the courts. This action is a demonic action against the people of Belize. It's a restriction on your freedom of expression."

Daniel Ortiz
"There is still that suggestion from certain quarters that the police department is just sending a signal to anyone who wants to be an activists or anyone who wants to voice an opinion that is opposing to the government - that person, the law can be exercise against them heavily. How do you quell those two issues and try to come....?"

ACP Aaron Guzman - Commander, Western Police Zone
"I will not seek to quell that issue. I don't think the police department should be answer that question. What I can say to you though and I would hope you take the instance of Ms. Yaya Marin Coleman, she has been picketing in Belmopan for quite some time now. She comes in, she applies for her permit and she can picket. Prior to here was the gentleman from the church group and I think it was one month he was out in front of the National Assembly. That is our job, we will try to do our job to the best of our ability."

And what about that suggestion Benque police are being heavy handed simply to make a point?

Geovannie Brackett - President, COLA
"Sometimes emotions get into it and things happen. This just doesn't happen in Belize, but thank God in Belize that politicians don't die and people don't get kill, except for the fact that we had in the last riot in Orange Walk, someone got killed there and I think that we have to take what is happening here today as a very serious action by the government to persecute these people. This is a very serious action that we should not take likely and the government of Belize is using their law in the wrong way to persecute innocent people."

Daniel Ortiz
"Given that illegalities were done with persons gathering and throwing rocks to try to quell that perception that the state is being heavy handed. Did you guys concern that you might have been magnanimous and overlooked heighten emotions that contributed to this and we will just let this one lie, but you did things that were wrong and we just leave it at that."

ACP Aaron Guzman - Commander, Western Police Zone
"Mr. Ortiz, I was there for the entire duration and I believe that myself along with the other senior officers that were out there exercise a tremendous amount of patience and tolerance because you saw that the riot unit were there and there was a time where they were coming on to engage and I told them no, step back because in this present day and age you do not fight fire with fire, so it is that in my opinion and the other officers that were there, these people were gathered illegally - they were told that. As a person, as a community, there are certain rights that you can exercise, but there are certain guidelines that you must go by and that is the position where the police department is at. If it is that you partake in any civil disobedience out there I would hope that people understand that when you partake in civil disobedience, you partake knowing fully well that you can or may be arrested. It could be that you are the one that got away, then that is good for you."

17 of the 20 accused residents were arraigned before Magistrate Herbert Panton for the charges of rioting and unlawful assembly. 3 on the list were not properly served by police with the court summons, and so, they haven't been arraigned as yet. Police will move to track them down, and they should be arraigned at a later date.

Police withdrew the charges against 2 of the defendants, explaining to the court that upon review of their video evidence, these persons were not involved in the riot. One of the two was actually trying to help police to peacefully end the protest.

All of the other defendants who were arraigned today pleaded not guilty to both charges. Magistrate Panton granted them bail of $300, with the condition that they must not participate in any riotous behavior or illegal assemblies while on bail, or it will be confiscated. He also ordered that the trial against these accused persons begin on February 12.

Channel 7

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