Darrell Bradley

The downpour across the country, especially in the city, has left several areas in downtown Belize City inundated and impassable for pedestrians. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the council has identified eight areas that flood due to improper drainage. He says that a drainage project will soon be unveiled to alleviate the perennial problem. 

Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“We have of course been plagued by two days of incessant rains and one things that we’ve—because I have done several tours in the city—we have seen that the concreted streets are holding out, but one of the things which is the perennial problem is the drainage and we have identified at least eight areas that are serious in terms of we have had our people going out to try and see how they can flush out these areas as quick as possible. That Hyde’s Lane area that you have indicated is a perennial problem. We did some remedial work there when CISCO was doing the drainage project. And it is a thing where we need to continually ensure that we are maintaining monitoring and clearing these drains. One of the things that we are going to unveil very shortly in line with the sanitation system that will be coming on stream in January of next year is to really encourage residents to assist us to ensure that their drains are unblocked. If they can’t work on it themselves, which we don’t expect them to, then call, notify the City Council in advance of this so that we can have our people going out like what we are doing right now to clear all the area so at least we can see within a reasonable period of time the waters flowing off.”

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