This weekend is the Annual Fishermen's Festival in Toledo. This event normally attracts visitors from all over the country and tourists but this year, they might have to deal with an ugly environmental eyesore: a floating island of garbage has washed up on PG's coastline. It began accumulating this morning and according to Will Mehia, it spans about 3 to 5 miles from Punta Gorda to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. He also states that based on the content of the trash, it appears to have originated from Guatemala or Honduras.

We've reported on these massive islands of garbage appearing on coasts in southern Belize for years now, but this one is the largest we've seen.

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Garbage Washes Up on PG Coast

And while bird watching is a positive event, down south, there is environmental degradation. Tons of debris are washing up along the coast in Punta Gorda. As these pictures will show, the garbage consists of such things as plastic bottles, Styrofoam plates and even hospital waste stretching for as long as five miles along the coast. According to our colleague, Will Maheia, the wave of garbage originates mainly from Guatemala and Honduras and is the worst case of littering in recent times to affect the landscape. Maheia also told News Five that the dilemma is how to clean up the mess in time for this weekend’s activities in the south.

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