Darrell Bradley

With another phase of road works set to begin on Monday, we asked Mayor Bradley earlier today for an assessment of the already cemented streets, in light of the recent downpours.  A majority of the streets, says the mayor, are holding up quite well under the elements; however, a few thoroughfares are in need of urgent remedial work due to weathering.

Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“We have done a lot of inspections over, it has been raining off and on for the last like month and a half and at the end of any significant rain we assess our readiness in terms of ensuring that we are cleaning drains properly, to ensure that the concreting projects are holding out and then also to ensure that we are maintaining our asphalt inventory of streets.  Like we’ve noticed significant deterioration along Euphrates Avenue.  We are doing some remedial works there, that’s going to be asphalt.  We have a project that we want to look at to concrete sections of Euphrates.  Of course, we have to find a budget for that but we are noticing that there has been an improved quality of driving along the concreted streets.  I can mention Princess Margaret Drive which months ago was significantly deteriorated and now you have an A-class road together with sidewalks and it looks very, very nice.  Freetown Road is holding up, Orange Street is holding up, all the major roads are holding up.  I must be honest that in terms of our analysis we have seen some weathering of some of the areas, especially some of the smaller streets that we have used contractors who were not some of the more known contractors in Belize City.  We’re working with them because we have a retention for a substantial amount of those road works so that they are corrective actions but when you are doing a street project that involves a hundred and twenty-seven concreted streets you can’t expect that every time you are going to get a perfect pour but what we have seen is that there has been a significant reduction in those areas where we’re not one hundred percent satisfied with and we’re taking corrective actions when that happens.”

Work is presently being concluded on Princess Margaret Drive near its intersection with Freetown Road.

CitCo Breaks Ground for Blue Marlin Blvd. Renovation

Since taking office in 2012, Mayor Darrell Bradley and the Belize City Council have concreted a total of one hundred and twenty-seven streets across the municipality.  This morning, ground was broken for the renovation of Blue Marlin Boulevard in the Coral Grove neighborhood where the existing thoroughfare will be widened to accommodate the two-way flow of traffic onto Coney Drive.  According to Mayor Bradley, today’s launch also kicks off road works in other areas, including Slaughterhouse Road.  If all goes as planned, the project should be completed in time for the Christmas season.

Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“Originally this street had always been slated for a boulevard and the thinking was that because of the expansion to the communities here this would have been a major, major thoroughfare to connect the various communities to Coney Drive and then to other parts of Belize City.  The reserve that we are standing on right here was earmarked for that purpose.  It has been sometime since that project was revisited.  When we were doing our infrastructure project, I’m speaking about the concreting projects, we identified this as being one of the projects that we wanted to do; however, funding didn’t allow for it.  With the assistance and commitment given to us by the prime minister the funding did allow us to do it so that we are launching the groundbreaking of this project today and works will start here on Monday.  We expect that the project will take three months and by Christmas the residents of this community together with people who pass through this area will have a concrete street.  It’s going to be three times the length of the original carriageway with an island, with green space in the middle.  We’re going to have a style of drainage that we were experimenting with and then eventually we’re going to put in covered drains and sidewalks but the initial part of the project would be primarily those newly designed drains and then the carriageway and then the island, so that this would be a boulevard and then it would be, it would serve the residents as being a major connected area from the back area to Coney Drive.”

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