Today in Belize City, a family of 5 was granted a gift that will change their lives forever: a new home. An official ceremony was held today at Katherine Thomas' brand new 2 bedroom house near Jane Usher Boulevard. For this family, it was a blessing to be able to hold the keys to their new home. 7news captured this special moment today.

36 year old Katherine Thomas and her 4 children have been living in this small wooden shack on Victoria Street for over a year now. Although she doesn't have much, she still calls it home.

Katherine Thomas, Recipient

"Well this is my home, where I am located right now."

But today marks the beginning of a new life. This will be their new home. It is quite an emotional and overwhelming experience for this family as they are taken on a tour through their house. Equipped with new beds for the boys; And kitchen appliances and utensils.

Katherine Thomas, Recipient

"I can’t describe it, I just feel good that i'ts my home, I own a home. Due to all the help I got, I really appreciate all the help and from everyone. I can't even imagine to think would end up with my own home.”

Cardinal Beaton, Son

"I feel excited and I get my own room, so I could anything in there."

Apart from considering the conditions the family was living in, their life story was also a key factor in the selection process.

Francis Woods - Fundraising Chairman, Rotary Club

"Almost every case is special but this case is extra special. Ms. Katherine Thomas is wheelchair bound, she has a son with cerebral palsy and two other sons, all teenagers. We found her from a fellow church goer, told us about her situation. We went to look at it and couldn't believe it. She was scared, she was living in an abandoned house, very small and she was scared the owner finds out. We manage to get her brother to agree to build this house on his property and through Rotary with the approvement of the club we decided to build her a house. It has electricity, it has water, it has handle bars can she can shower herself. It has a stove that is low, a ref-ridge that she can reach. Everything is set to a lower level even where she washed dishes she can reach under and take care of herself."

While she will have the comfort she always wanted in this home, it will be a difficult but rewarding transition.

Katherine Thomas

"It is a totally different area and it's far too because i'm already use to this surrounding. It will be challenging but it's worth the challenge."

The 22 by 30 structure was pre-built by the inmates at the Belize Central Prison. The house costs approximately $35,000. The family will move into their new home on Friday.

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