If part of your New Year's Day tradition is to make sure that you follow the KREM New Years' Day Cycling Classic, the promoters say that they have something special planned for the fans in the 2015 version of the race.

It's the 25th running of the cycling classic, and the Kremandala Organization is calling it the Big Shilling, which should the biggest opportunity for the cyclists competing. They get a chance to ride for five different 1 thousand dollar station prizes, as well as other prize opportunities.

Race promoter Kwame Scott told us today that the defending champions, including elite rider, Byron Pope, has his work cut out for him, since there are a lot of competitors who want to win the second biggest race on the cycling calendar:

The elite riders take to the road on Thursday, and they must pedal approximately 92 miles from the Belize/Mexico Border to the Central American Boulevard. The juniors and the Female Elite ride only 50 miles since they start from Orange Walk Town.

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