The 2015 Grammy Awards ceremony was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday before a packed audience of A-list celebrities.† Kanye Westís now infamous post-show rant soundly criticizing the academy for awarding Beck ĎAlbum of the Yearí over Beyonceís self-titled record, continues to buzz on social media.† But itís Belizean instrumentalist Michael Hyde who is basking in the local spotlight tonight, having received his second award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for his contribution to reggae music.† The sibling of renowned disc jockey Elden ĎStone Jamí Hyde has been a member of Ziggy Marleyís band for a number of years and on Sunday night the musicians picked up another Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

Michael Hyde, Grammy Award Winner

ďThis is my first that Iím holding right here and just this past Sunday I won a second for the last Ziggy Marley CD.† Itís called Fly Rasta and thatís my second, you know, I probably had more in the past years ago, you know, but I didnít really keep up with it.† This and the second one is the first that I am paying attention to because I was too busy focusing on the music and the development, you know.† But the Grammy is good because itís just to show people your body of work and, you know, everything that you have done over the years and it all comes together and this represents that.† For me itís pretty much like, you know, just another part of my whole career that Iíve been doing for the last thirty plus years.† So Iím not that excited but itís good to have it because Iíve done much more than a Grammy.† The Grammy is just an extension of what I did over the last thirty plus years.Ē

Michael Hyde

Isani Cayetano

ďIn terms of the development of Belizean music, based on an observation of yours, where do you see Belizean music going in terms of where it comes from, where it presently is and the future of Belizean music seeing as though you are a son of the soil?Ē

Michael Hyde

ďBelizeís music is just like any other music from my observation because Iíve traveled in many different places and countries like China, Japan, Brazil, Europe, Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Tahiti and everywhere that I go the music pretty much has its native music and it has the music that is more commercial and Belize has everything.† Pretty much all we need is just the exposure to the rest of the world and thatís the only thing that we donít have.† But with technology and the internet and all the whole possibilities thatís changing.Ē

Belizean Grammy Award winner, Michael Hyde, resides in Los Angeles, California.

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