The Lakeview area in the city will be transformed under the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project-Phase 2. The main focus of this project is drainage but it also covers a broader scope of works. Francis Woods from CISCO Construction, discussed how this project will increase convenience for motorists and uplift the aesthetic quality in the area.

Francis Woods from CISCO Construction
"This project is focusing mainly on drainage, lining the canals, it's very similar to what we did on North Creek and it will widen the street. You will have two way parking and two way traffic on both sides, including several pedestrian bridges and one bridge across along Ebony Street - that will go across this particular canal behind me. It will be major improvements for this area. The job that we have right now is Lake View canal, which is from Vernon Street up towards Cemetery Road, from Vernon Street down to the Haulover River and then Trench Town, which is close to Sadie Vernon School."

Works will commence next week and should be completed by mid-next year. The cost of the project is $4.8 million dollars.

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