Next week Wednesday, March 4 is the date of the 2015 Municipal Elections, something which the mass parties, their candidates, and the independent candidates know only too well. But while that day is not a public and bank holiday, the Ministry of Education has decided that there will be no classes country wide.

Parents who have children going to schools which will be used as counting stations will have to monitor the progress of the elections in their town or city closely because if there some dispute over the results, and there is some form of a recount required, or if the counting takes extra time, classes for Thursday March fifth may also be called off.

Today, the Ministry of Education's Education Information Officer discussed with what will happen on Wednesday and possibly Thursday at the different schools:

Yma Casey Gordon - Education Information Officer, MOE
"We have through the chief education officers, sent out a memo a while back, to general managers and to principals, identifying March 4th as a non-school day. We've also inserted in that memo, the possibility of having a non-school day on March 5th and of course this is to accommodate certain circumstances if the needs be when we look at our school who will be used as counting stations as well as polling stations."

Daniel Ortiz
"So, as a parent, should I be preparing myself for a non-school day 2 days straight?"

Yma Casey Gordon - Education Information Officer, MOE
"Well, as I said a while ago, granted if the circumstances arise. At this point I really cannot say that in deed we are going to have 2 non-school days, but if the circumstances arise, then we will have to proceed."

A release from the Ministry of Education says that the schools which will be used as polling and counting stations will have to be available for the necessary preparation from next week Tuesday from as early as 1 p.m. That means that classes for these schools will only happen in the morning session.

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