The BTL Park: it has become a popular recreational spot for city residents but from now on, it will be known for more than that. This morning the Belize City Council launched a public exhibit at the BTL Park. The exhibit features the historical narrative and significance of the area – incorporating the landing of Charles Lindbergh on “The Spirit of St. Louis” in the 1927. Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley told us about the vision he has for this space.

Darrell Bradley - Mayor of Belize City

"One of the things, I was very pleased with the exhibit that's being launched this morning is that, this space mad many purposes for the city. One of the reasons why Charles Lindbergh landed here is because it was used as an airstrip. That's one the reasons why the municipal airstrip is close by because it was one long area. This is something that I myself have barely know, so there is things we can learn even if you look at the 14 panels, which trace the usage of the park from the 1800s to today's date. These are things which many Belizeans may not know about and I think it tells a story of the place, how it has been in the past and how it's growing and evolving for the benefit of our community. So we would invite every single person to come out to the exhibit and just check out what is going on. We are very careful not to make anything that we do in the park overwhelming. You'll see some other features we put. For example the directional signs for the vending, we have an arch in terms of a welcome people to the park, thank them for visiting. We have our information boot, which we are working. We have the palapas, we have a significant concern it's too hot. So we put 6 palapas. Even though where we put the palapas, it's not intrusive, it's by the side. You're not coming into a building but you're looking at a space, you're looking at how it is now and you're seeing photographs and you're hearing a story of how it was a 100 years ago or 150 years ago.”

Valdemar Andrade - Director Cruise & Regional Initiative, BTB

"Most people that visit Belize, come through Belize City. 1.2 million or so passengers that pass through the country of Belize - they're is a significant portion that comes through the airport or via cruise. As Belize City grows and as we look at tour options, destinations, culinary experience of Belize - there is a significant importance for making these spaces better, making them more authentic, making every space a destination, making people being able to interpret what happened in those spaces.”

Mayor Bradley told us that the launch was to take place weeks ago but materials from the exhibit were vandalized and stolen. Efforts are being employed to safeguard the exhibit.

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Today the Belize City Council in collaboration with NICH launched its history tour at the BTL Park in Belize City...The purpose of the information stops is so that vistors can read and learn about the rich history of the space formerly known as Linbergh's Landing or the BTL Park!