18 year old Grey Goose and Cash Register thief saying "you don't believe me Mommy" "that's nice of you Mommy" I guess those are his usual punch line

Message to "Chantz" from 7 yr old Alex https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.bauchat/videos/10206728377072564/?pnref=story


Then "CHANCE" who I had hired, knowing he is a troubled individual, me trying to help him (lesson learnt- "NOH FEEL SORRY FI NOBODY CAUSE DEH NO SORRY FI YOU") decided to break into my restaurant along with two friends one goes by Geovanni Reyes and other guy, know by face supposedly goes by the name Adam or Adan, works at Mata Chica Resort (just found out, hs name is Adam Campos). They stole a full bottle of grey goose, plus another half full bottle of Grey Goose along with my Cash Register that cost me about $500 box, it only contained about ten dollars of shillings.
I caught drinking the grey goose steps away from my restaurant, then the took of where I chased them but eventually lost them behind San Mateo where I suspect they threw away the register. They were all detained, I pressed charges against them, they spent 24hrs in Police station the released walking around town smiling like they are above the law. I received the normal "Me NOH KNOW" for the police officers.
Two of the three seemed so high on cocaine, eye balls popping out of their empty dumb heads. I know of one which is definitely on crack.
Jackson Rawson better known as "CHANCE" lives in the neighborhood, has stolen from almost every neighbor including his own parents and no one has filed charges against him. Most don't even don't take him to jail because they can't prove it "they all know him and what he do and he grew up in the neighborhood and lives in the neighborhood. He is a habitual liar and a habitual thief who does not belong in society. At 18 years old he needs help before he ends up being more of a monster than he already is. He spends a few hours in jail then gets out and goes back home, take shower and watches tv in is ac room, no consequence whatsoever.
The police is sending a message to all the young thieves out there "It's okay you will be out in 24hrs, we don't care about the business people who hires others and pay lots of taxes, rob them, you will be out"
Beware everyone who owns homes or lives in Tres Cocos Area, lock your doors and turn your alarms on, he is out and jobless, prowling the area