Did San Pedro Police Act Unlawfully in Confiscating Palapa Bar Proprietor’s Money?

On April seventh, businessman Scott Harnish was found in possession of over a hundred thousand dollars in U.S. currency inside his home on the north end of San Pedro Town. The discovery was the result of an operation in which authorities on the island conducted a search of his residence. The American national was subsequently detained and released that same day without being charged for any offense, but the matter was handed over to the Financial Intelligence Unit.

In a release issued by Harnish’s attorney earlier today, it states that the police department was unjustified in its action and that the raid was basically a witch hunt. While Harnish was never arraigned for keeping currency above the prescribed quantum, his assets, along with those of his wife were returned to them. Those funds were then deposited into a local bank. Of note is that the legal amount allowed without having to declare the quantity is ten thousand Belize dollars. Harnish is the proprietor of the Palapa Bar.

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