In 2011, we told you about a storm which behaved like a tornado and tore up homes in Crooked Tree Village. Then another similar storm tore up homes in Maskall Village. In both instances, the National Met Service told us that these storms, though the behaved like tornadoes, are not that type of weather system, which are native to the US Midwest. Well yesterday, another very similar tornado-like swept through southern Belize and caused damages.

We haven’t been able to confirm the number of communities affected, but our information says that a number of families had their thatch roofs blown off in San Antonio Toledo. Then, in PG Town, itself, a family’s house room was torn off last night. Then, this tree, which is over a hundred years old, was uprooted.

We’ve been trying to reach NEMO personnel in Toledo, but we were unsuccessful. We did reach NEMO minister Godwin Hulse, who is currently abroad, and he told us that his ministry is aware of the situation.

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