Belizean Rakeem Nunez-Roches was selected in the NFL draft this weekend. The Dangriga born Nunez Roches left Belize when he was eight - and played college football at Southern Mississippi. The six foot two inch, 307 pounder is a defensive tackle who was selected 217th overall, with the last pick in the sixth round. It's a low pick, but various websites say he does stand some chance of making the team as a reserve.

Those same websites quote him as saying that if he was selected his grandmother would make "hudut" in celebration - described to the US press as, quote, "this dish where she puts gravy inside a plantain and she'll beat it with a wooden stick so it's mushy," He adds, "She'll put some fish in there and marinate it. Oh, it's so good. I haven't seen anybody eat a bowl of it and not go straight to sleep afterward."

And while he loves a good hudut meal - Nunez Roches can also run, scouting sites describe him as, quote, "a Fireplug with a good motor and an ability to find gaps and drive upfield through them."

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