In mid-April, the Football Federation of Belize took a hard line position not to sponsor Deon McCauley’s return to the Jaguars, but an ad-hoc team of supporters banded together to raise funds to defray the striker’s expenses while at home.  Those incidentals included a weekly stipend to keep Deon afloat financially while committing himself to the training camp.  Well, round two has come and gone and McCauley has more than lived up to the expectations of his sponsors.  We asked Kuylen what’s the pecuniary arrangement for the star athlete going forward.

Marlon Kuylen, Senior Executive, F.F.B.

“That is an independent agreement he had with the group so that is outside the F.F.B.   The F.F.B. gives the same amount of stipend to every player.  Fortunately, some of the players that work in government departments they still get their salaries which is one way that G.O.B. contributes to the program.  Others get the time off and then we have to kind of provide for them but as to stipend they all get the exact same amount.”

News Five attempted to contact fundraiser Dylan Williams today for comment, but we were unsuccessful.

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