There have been a series of tremors and an overall increase in seismic activities in the Caribbean this month. Since July 11th over 200 small earthquakes of varying magnitudes have been recorded in the region and as a result of this the second highest warning level has been raised on the undersea Kick 'em Jenny volcano located 5 miles north of Grenada. According to another news site the "Antillean Media Group" high alerts have also raised for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Now the major concern or scare right now is that if the Kick ' em Jenny erupts it could cause a tsunami. But according to researchers that possibility is very low at this stage. We repeat, "very low." Now, how does Belize fit into this picture? Well according to NEMO, the threat to Belize is low, however there are reports a magnitude 4.9 earthquake that hit east of Great Swan Island, Honduras but it's far off the coast about 301 miles away from Belize. It does not present a major concern right now but NEMO will continue to monitor the seismic activities - and so will we.

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