While hundreds of persons go though the back every week without having to pay a dollar on their contraband, those who do things the right way, and go through the front, have to pay duty. Regular folks - and importers - often complain that the import duties are too high. The acting comptroller says that as an importer, it's your responsibility to question the customs officer charging you the duty, much the same way you would question a grocer about the prices on items on his or her shelves:

Daniel Ortiz
"How is that system caught up so that there is that element of transparency that there is no overcharging, because that's a concerned that people have, that there is this perception, even if it is wrong."

Emil Grinage - Acting Comptroller of Customs
"Well it's a simple process. If you approach any custom officer and you are importing goods and you have your declaration form. By law we have to show why we are charging you certain amounts. We have our tariffs and you supposed to ask to see in the tariff. So if you are over charged it's because you are not interested in asking. If you think you are being over charged, it's because are not ask what you need you ask. Just like when you walked into a shop and they are selling something for such a price, you could ask why so high? What's the markup, what the duty on it?"

In all of 2012, Customs collected 160 million dollars in revenue; and, for comparison, up to May of 2015 - the department had already collected 158 million dollars. This is a reflection of increased imports - which are at their highest ever- and enhanced collection.

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