Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party (UDP) are favored to win the next general elections if they were held today, according to the first in a series of planned independent surveys conducted by the Belize Independent Development and Research Group (BIDRG).

Nearly 55% of respondents would like to see someone new at the helm as Prime Minister; 32.56% preferred Barrow to be re-elected for a third term. The Prime Minister, appointed by the Governor General, is typically the leader of the political party with the most seats in the House of Representatives or a majority (currently 16 of 31). No Prime Minister has served more than two terms since the post was created in 1981.

However, the parties are separated by just ten points in terms of decided votes at a general election – 27 percent UDP to 17 percent PUP. Combined with probable votes those numbers rise to 37 percent UDP and 29 percent PUP. 12 percent are undecided, 17% would not vote at all and 4% would vote for other persons or parties.

BIDRG hosted an online survey of 1,000 persons between August 1 and 8, 2015, designed, in its words, to “check the pulse of the Belizean electorate over the course of the next few months, as the country approaches its most important General Elections ever.”

The following questions were asked:

1) Would you rate your chances of voting in the upcoming general elections as excellent, good, fair or poor?

2) Generally speaking, do you think the country is headed in the right direction, or do you think the country is on the wrong track?

3) What is the single most important problem facing Belize today? That is, the one you would like to see resolved by your elected officials. (one answer only)

4) Do you think Dean Barrow has done his job well enough as Prime Minister to deserve re-election or do you think it is time to give a new person a chance?

5) If the general election was today, would you vote for Dean Barrow and the UDP or Francis Fonseca and the PUP?

6) Is the person who is the leader of a political party important in making your decision to support that party in an election?

7) What is your view of Dean Barrow as a leader of the UDP?

8) What is your view of Francis Fonseca as a leader of the PUP?

9) If a credible alternative/third party existed, would you actively consider supporting such a party instead of the UDP or PUP?

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BIDRG Releases Results of Political Survey

The results of a survey conducted exclusively online by a group calling themselves, the Belize Independent Development and Research Group (BIDRG) have been released and it’s causing a stir. The survey took place between August first and eighth, 2015 and is published by BIDRG on a website. The group says that further surveying will be carried out to check the pulse of the electorate as the next general election approaches. We will come to some of the results later, but first, we point out that one of the limitations of the survey which sticks out immediately is that it was carried out on social media, that is, Facebook and Whatsapp. It means therefore that it is not representative of the population and is rather a non-random sampling because not everyone countrywide has access to social media, others who polled may not be living in Belize and still yet, the eligibility of those who answered the survey cannot be verified as electors. Now, depending on how you look at it, the results present some rather interesting information such as that the majority of Belizeans, sixty-seven percent would vote in the upcoming general elections. A majority, fifty-five percent, believes the country was going in the wrong direction, while twenty-seven percent believed it to be in the right direction. Most persons, thirty-six percent, surveyed indicated that the economy and cost of living are most important issues while the majority, twenty-nine percent, also indicated that there is still much corruption with elected officials. More than half of those surveyed, fifty-five percent, would like to see a new Prime Minister at the helm. As to whom they will vote for at the next upcoming election, there was just a gap of eight between the U.D.P. and the P.U.P. That is with the U.D.P. at thirty-seven percent and the P.U.P. at twenty-nine. One more thing, while we report on some results, we do so with caution because the BIDRG states it will not be making accessible any other data to substantiate results which also presents limitations to the survey.

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