Today is Carnival day in Belize City - and thousands of city residents will be lining the city streets to see the hundreds of revelers do their thing. It's the largest public spectacle in the city - and a huge audience will be taking it in from along Princess Margaret Drive - including the area in front of the KHMH.

That's a concern for the hospital because the entrances to the hospital are blocked for an extended period of time. Also access to the major highways are blocked - preventing emergency cases from accessing the hospital. That's why the Hospital wrote to NICH at the end of July requesting the demarcation of a pathway for emergency traffic and the possible diversion of the carnival route.

We are told that NICH didn't respond, but traffic has given an undertaking to try and find a workaround. Still, though, with all access to the two major highways blocked for 3 hours, there's only so much they can do.

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