The PUP manifesto was launched at 10:00 am – and so was the UDP’s – although, as we pointed out, the styles were very different. While the PUP went to hit it out of the park with abundant promises, the UDP, seasoned and sobered by two terms in office were far more ground bound in their promise package. Here’s what we heard from the party seeking a third term:…

Douglas Singh - UDP Manifesto Organizer

"Putting together this manifesto was not an easy task, last time I think our manifesto was 28 pages, and we’re 40 pages this time."

And that’s because the magazine style document incorporates the party’s record – which it is running on:

Dean Barrow – UDP Party Leader

"How much more in addition to infrastructure the UDP has accomplished during the last almost four years."

And for the next term – the UDP says it will focus on the finer aspects of governance:

Dean Barrow – UDP Party Leader

"Transparency so that people can be certain that their money is being spent wisely, productively and honestly. Transparency must be taken to a new level in the next term. We’re going to establish a debt management office in the ministry of finance. What we also plan to do by way of this legislation is to set a debt ceiling."

"It’s not the kind of material that regular grass root folk will find immediately attractive, immediately sexy; but we have already shown that we can take care of sexiness. What we want to do is to ensure that ultimately, comprehensively in an organic fashion, this government is demonstrating that it is taking care of business with proper administration."

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few sugar plums in the 75 minute presentation:

Dr. Carla Barnett - UDP Candidate, Freetown

"The next term will see investments increased in roads, bridges, drainage systems throughout the country."

Patrick Faber - UDP Candidate, Collet

"Your united democratic party will construct a minimum of 35 new schools as you heard me announce in the House of Representatives. It's not pie in the sky promise, the money already secured from the Caribbean Development Bank, 70 million dollars."

Walter Garbutt - UDP Candidate, Stann Creek West

"Construct three new hospitals, western regional, San Pedro and Punta Gorda. Invest 60 million dollars to upgrade and widen the Phillip Goldson Highway."

Elodio Aragon - UDP Candidate, OW East

"In the next five years the, united democratic party will expand the food pantry programme to additional districts and improve access to social services in rural and underserved areas."

Omar Figueroa - UDP Candidate, Cayo North

"Increase the number of land parcels granted to first time Belizean land owners by 30% or 5,000 lots over the next 5 years."

And with that UDP launched what may be its most realistic manifesto ever – but it’s left to be seen if the electorate prefers more fanciful undertakings

Dean Barrow – UDP Party Leader

"We are extremely proud and pleased over our manifesto."

Both manifestos are available on their respective party websites, and

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