An American man was found dead in his room at the Cloisters Condominium on San Pedro. Reports from Islanders are that 50 year old deep water diver Delbert Fenn died sometime on Friday and his body was found until yesterday morning around 10:30. Now this case is a little peculiar because police are treating this case as a sudden death. While they are not ruling out murder – police say there are several complicated factors that need to be considered. We travelled to San Pedro this morning to find out more.

Room 102: it was just another fancy apartment among the others at the Cloisters Condominium on San Pedro. But yesterday it turned into a crime scene when 50 year old Delbert Fenn was found dead in this room.

Today Police and Scenes of Crime personnel were at the room still ferreting for clues and evidence that would provide more insight into Fenn’s death.

His friends and neighbours say that they last saw him on Friday when he had gotten into a fight and was taken to the police station. But when they didn’t see Fenn around for the entire weekend, they reported it to the manager. The manager’s husband and a caretaker went to check on him yesterday morning and that’s when they found his decomposed body on the floor.

Sgt. Lenancio Bol - Station Sergeant, San Pedro

"Sometime about 10:30 AM on yesterday's date; which would be Tuesday the 27th of October 2015. After receiving information police visited Cloisters apartment located north of San Pedro Town where they entered apartment number 102. And upon making checks they found inside the lifeless body of a caucasian male person seen lying on the floor face upon a pool of red substance suspected to be blood."

Fenn had 2 stab wounds – one to the shoulder and forearm. At this point there is very little that the police can disclose about this case.

Sgt. Lenancio Bol - Station Sergeant, San Pedro

"Due to the investigation, the investigating officer has some people he needs to question in regards to and due to the nature we don't want to make any speculation. Nevertheless, we cannot rule the death as murder, so that's the reason why we try to treat it as a sudden death until his investigation is completed."

So was Delbert Fenn murdered? If so, who did it? There are many questions and speculation circulating the island but no definitive answers. What is certain is that Fenn’s family and friends both on the island and in the US are left to mourn his death and the islanders are again faced with the spectre of violence hanging over San Pedro.

Police say they are seeking 2 people for questioning. Fenn was living alone at Cloisters - all his family lives in the US. He only had a Belizean girlfriend. We will keep following the case.

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Police suspect foul play in death of American National
San Pedro Police are currently investigating the death of American National, 50-year-old Delbert Wayne Fenn, who was found lifeless in his condo just north of Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. According to an official police report, the body was discovered at around 10:30AM on Tuesday, October 27th in an advanced state of decomposition. While police still list the incident as Sudden Death, investigations have led to the belief that there might have been foul play involved. According to police, they received information from nearby residents of a stench coming from inside a condo unit. When the officers arrived on the scene they discovered Fenn’s body lying face down in a pool of blood in the hall of the unit. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and therefore an onsite postmortem was conducted. At about 2:48PM Dr. Mario Estradaban arrived on the scene to examine the body. He observed two apparent stab wounds, one to the right shoulder and one to the posterior forearm. At the end of the postmortem examination, Dr. Estradaban certified the cause of death as Exsanguination due to External Bleeding. After removing the body from the scene, police carried out further inspections, but still have not indicated if any signs of struggle were noted. Police have also indicated that there are no signs of burglary attempts and have not established if items are missing.

American National Found Dead on San Pedro, Was He Murdered?

Delbert Wayne Fenn

Police also have another case to solve, but in La Isla Bonita. It involves the mysterious death of a U.S. national who retired and lived on the island right up till the time of his untimely death. The body of fifty year old Delbert Wayne Fenn was discovered around ten-thirty on Tuesday morning on the bathroom floor of his condo at Cloisters Apartments on the north side of San Pedro Ambergris Caye.  Fenn’s body was in an advance state of decomposition, which meant that he was dead for some days, and an initial inspection of the body would reveal no sign of physical violence. A post-mortem conducted by Doctor Mario Estradabran, however, certified the cause of death as exsanguinations due to external bleeding from apparent stab wounds to the right shoulder and upper arm. News Five’s Duane Moody headed to the island today to find answers.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Fifty year old retired US national, Delbert Wayne Fenn, had been living on San Pedro for several years now. He was staying here at Cloisters Apartments located less than a mile north of the town. But something went wrong over the past weekend because he was found dead on the bathroom floor of his apartment.  A forensic team from Belize City is currently on the island processing the scene for evidence.

Sgt. Lenancio Bol, Station Sergeant, San Pedro Police

“Police was called out sometime after ten-thirty a.m. on yesterday’s date which is Tuesday, October twenty-seventh, 2015 at Cloisters Apartment room number one-o-two of information of a sudden death. After they entered the room, they found the lifeless body of a male person, Caucasian descent, lying face down in a pool of red substance, suspected to be blood. The body was definitely in an advance state of decomposition. From identification through passport, we learnt this individual name to be Delbert Wayne Fenn.”

Fenn, a retired deep water diver, was last seen alive on Friday on the island, but sometime after ten on Tuesday, a foul smell came from his apartment. Checks made inside by employees led to the discovery of the badly decomposed body of Fenn face down in a pool of his blood. But was the U.S. national killed? According to a postmortem exam, Fenn had several cut wounds to the upper body.

Sgt. Lenancio Bol

“We still remain that it is a sudden death. The investigation is still ongoing; it is still young. At this point in time, yes they have done a post mortem examination, but they are still ruling the incident as a sudden death. The body was examined by both the police and Doctor Estradabran, we suspect injuries to be two stab wounds—one to the right shoulder and one to the right posterior forearm. The conclusion of the examination revealed by Doctor Estrabran that the cause of death was exsanguinations due to external bleeding.”

Lenancio Bol

So why is the police still classifying the case as that of a sudden death?

Sgt. Lenancio Bol

“Investigators have certain information pertaining to not only what was seen, but also people are coming forward in saying certain things. Based on that we do not want to jump to a hasty conclusion and say it is a murder. That’s the reason why and like I said, the investigation is a bit young so we don’t want to just jump to that conclusion. The investigators are saying they have some questions, some concern so I would believe that they have some things that they are looking at separately in regards to this same investigation.”

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