Tonight, Caye Caulker Resident, Vanessa Medvedkov is out of bail tonight after police accused her of pulling out her firearm inside a casino and firing it while under the influence of alcohol.

According to police, on Wednesday she was at the China Town Casino on Caye Caulker, and according to eyewitnesses, she was drinking while gambling. Different accounts say that she took out her licensed handgun and inexplicably fired several shots. Another version is that she simply placed her hand inside her purse and touched the trigger of gun, which caused it to fire several shots.

The police were called in, and they confiscated the weapon. They say that she appeared to be intoxicated, and when they wanted to test her blood-alcohol concentration, she refused. They charged her with 3 charges: discharging a firearm in public, being in possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, and failing to provide a specimen. The firearm offence is an automatic remand, and so when she was taken to court yesterday, she couldn't get bail.

Well, her attorney managed to get her a expedited bail hearing today in the Supreme Court, where Justice Denis Hanomansingh granted her application. She was released on bail of $5,000, and she must return to court on January 12, 2016.

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