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#510396 - 01/05/16 01:17 PM Isla Bonita Telenovela Director Matthiew Klinck killed  
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Director of La Isla Bonita Telenovela, Matthiew Klinck has been found dead near his home in Selena Village in the Cayo District. The body of the 37-year-old Canadian National was found on Monday, January 4th at around 8:40PM lying about 15 feet away from his home. Klinck was apparently killed during a burglary, as his home had been ransacked according to police reports

According to a report by Cayo Police, they received information from nearby residents that the body of a male person had been found. Upon inspecting the area, police found Klinck’s body just 15 feet away from his home in the initial stage of decomposition. Closer observations revealed what appeared to be a stab wound to the left side of the neck. Police also observed that the house had been ransacked of all valuables, indicating that Klinck was murdered as a result of a robbery. Due to state of the body, a postmortem had to be carried out on site which took place on the morning of Tuesday, January 5th.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council & Staff, along with the town of San Pedro are saddened by the sudden death of Matthiew Klinck.

Matthiew was the director of La Isla Bonita Telenovela which featured local actors of San Pedro Town. He was also well known for his movie that was filmed entirely in Belize, The Curse of the Xtabai. As many knew him, he was very enthusiastic about Belize's Film Industry and hoped that one day Belize be recognized internationally for its film talent. We hope he may find eternal peace. R.I.P. Matthiew.

As a cold front blows through Belize today, it brings with it a wind of incredible sadness, shock and anger at the senseless murder of our kind, generous, creative and talented friend Matthiew Klinck in Cayo, Belize. I didn't know Matthiew well as so many of you did, but the brief time I spent with him I was grateful for. Unfortunately our paths did not cross again after the opening night of La Isla Bonita Telenova and I will always regret that. What a zest for life Matthiew brought with him and shared with the world. It breaks my heart that we have to say goodbye.

- Karen Brodie

#510410 - 01/06/16 04:57 AM Re: Isla Bonita Telenovela Director Matthiew Klinck killed [Re: Marty]  
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Canadian Filmmaker Murdered near Spanish Lookout

You may have seen the movie named, "Curse of the Xtabai". The 2012 film was probably the first full length creole language movie which was made completely in Belize. Or how about the first Spanish soap opera filmed in Belize called, La Isla Bonita Telenovela?

Well, tonight, the Canadian man who made the ambitious film and television series is dead. 37 year old Matthew Klinck was killed sometime over the past few days - and left dead outside his house which is not far from Spanish Lookout. Daniel Ortiz went there today looking for answers:...

Daniel Ortiz reporting
Police found the body of 37 year-old Canadian Filmmaker Matthew Klinck here in Selena Village, on the outskirts of the Spanish Lookout Community in Cayo.

The last time he was seen alive was mostly likely on Saturday, at around 4 p.m. Klinck drove past the caretaker of the property as he normally does. Since it was not unusual for him to work long hours in total privacy, nothing was suspected to be amiss.

It wasn't until his friends came to visit him last night that his body was found decomposing near the house. He had been violently stabbed to death.

Edwin Paz - Caretaker, Property
"Last night around 8:30, I was working at my house and his friends came in and they found the door open. They didn't found him. They had no light with them. So they ask me to come along with them and bring a flashlight, so I came back with them and ask for Matthew. We call him, but he didn't answer. So I came downstairs and I had my flashlight along and then I went in the yard and I found the body."

Supt. Andrew Ramirez - OC, San Ignacio Police
"San Ignacio police visited the area where they saw a male Caucasian lying face up about 15 feet away from the house that he use as his premises, apparently motionless with a stab wound to the neck. The body was in a state of decomposition already. An onsite post mortem was conducted today where at the conclusion the doctor certify that he had a total of 14 stab wounds to the upper part of his body mainly in the neck area."

There are some puzzling elements to the crime scene. Police say, his house was left wide open, as if it had been searched. The caretaker says that while that is true, his very expensive filmmaking equipment and cameras, were left untouched. The caretaker told us today that as far as he could observe, nothing appeared stolen.

Supt. Andrew Ramirez - OC, San Ignacio Police
"They also observed the house ransacked. The vehicle that he had also was open amongst others."

Edwin Paz - Caretaker, Property
"I had no idea how he was killed, because everything was inside the house. So I guess they just came straight to kill him. There was no reason - they stole anything, so I guess...."

The remoteness of Klinck's home could pose difficulties for police in trying to solve this crime

"Who would normally come to visit him? Was he always alone - that sort of thing?"

Edwin Paz - Caretaker, Property
"Only his two friends came very often and sometimes he comes in with different girls. So beside that nobody have reason to kill..."

Supt. Andrew Ramirez - OC, San Ignacio Police
"The investigative team is presently in the area trying to follow any sort of leads that they may find. The motive is unknown at the moment. The only information we have at this point in time is that he was last seen at about 4pm in his vehicle around his premises. If you guys had visited the area you will note that these areas are isolated. The houses are not really close, cluster together and imagine one committing an act at night time, the possibility will always be there that it will be a very challenging investigation."

Klinck, who was the producer and director of The Curse of the Xtabai movie, as well as the La Isla Bonita Telenovela, was very passionate about making films in Belize. He believed in the people of the country where he was killed. In September 2014, he discussed that enthusiasm with us at 7News.

Matthew Klinck, Filmmaker

"I think this is huge news for the Belize Film Festival and I think its huge news for Belize too. Because I think what we did here is we prove that it's possible to create a film industry right here in Belize."

Edwin Paz - Caretaker, Property
"He was happy. He says they had given him a good contract - that he soon he will get a good contract."

Supt. Andrew Ramirez - OC, San Ignacio Police
"On behalf of the San Ignacio Police Department and by extension the Government of Belize, I'd like to express our sincerest condolences to the Klinck family in Canada and also to the Canadian Government in having one of their national die here in Belize."

Police have reached out to the Canadian Counsul in Belize so that they can communicate the news of the tragedy to his family.

Later on in the news, we will speak to his other film making peers in Belize as we get their reaction to his untimely passing.

Channel 7

Canadian Filmmaker Matt Klinck Killed Near Spanish Lookout
Thirty-seven year old film-maker Matthiew Klinck is well known in Belize for the first-ever telenovela, La Isla Bonita, set in San Pedro as well as for the Curse of Ixtabai. [...]

Local Film Industry Reeling in the Wake of His Murder
The Belize Audio Visual Industry Association, BAVIA, of which Matthiew Klinck was a founding board member, is tonight reeling from the murder of a colleague.  Klinck rose to prominence in [...]

Reflecting on Matthiew Klinck
Klinck, the brain behind Make-Belize Films, also dedicated countless hours training and mentoring young film students and aspiring producers.  Toombs gives a professional reflection of his slain colleague.   Isani [...]

Klinck Was Stabbed as Many as Fourteen Times
There is an update to the murder investigation…When we left the scene just after two this afternoon, forensic personnel and Police were still in Selena at the scene of the [...]

Canadian film maker murdered in the Cayo District

#510487 - 01/08/16 05:19 AM Re: Isla Bonita Telenovela Director Matthiew Klinck killed [Re: Marty]  
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Man and Minor Questioned for Klinck’s Death

Two persons have been detained for questions for the murder of 37-year-old Canadian Filmmaker Matthiew Klinck. The persons detained are a 27-year-old man and a 16-year-old male, both from Santa Elena Town, Cayo District. Lead investigating officer on the case, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, told Love News that they are preparing to record a statement from one of the persons detained that would hopefully help them tremendously in solving San Ignacio’s first murder of 2016. Today, the National Institute of Culture and History, the Belize International Film Festival and the Belize Film Commission issued a joint statement on the murder of Matthiew Klinck. The release reads, quote, “Matthiew was a visionary with a passion to create Belizean films as the name of his production company MAKEBELIZE FILMS proclaimed. At times his extraordinary passion was incendiary, but the vision of strengthening Belize’s film industry was mutual”, end of quote. Though he continued to be based in Cayo, Matthiew also collaborated with members of the San Pedro community to direct the first Spanish Language Belizean telenovela called LA ISLA BONITA which was one of the opening films for our 10th Anniversary Edition of the Belize International Film Festival in July 2015 and also the winner of our Best Dramatic TV Series award. As we reported Klinck was found with multiple stab wounds to his neck at his home in Selena Village in Spanish Lookout, Cayo District.


2 Men Detained in Murder of Filmmaker Matthiew Klinck

Police are remaining tight-lipped on the investigation into the shockingly brutal murder of Quebec native Matthiew Klinck. But reliable sources tell News Five that there has been a breakthrough in the case. According to reports, two men were picked up on Wednesday evening and remain in police custody tonight being interrogated. We have been able to confirm that those men are from the community of Santa Elena. They were allegedly seen in the area of the murder on Saturday, the last day Klinck was seen alive and likely the day on which he was murdered. The filmmaker’s cameras, equipment and phones were untouched, creating some doubt that the motive for the murder was robbery. But we understand that a large quantity of cash has been recovered from the home of one of the men detained tonight. So that’s where San Ignacio Police are tonight in the murder investigation. If the men are not charged by Friday evening they will have to be released. Still, we’re told that charges are possible – even if only Handling Stolen Goods or Abetment to Murder while the investigation continues. The family of Matthiew Klinck arrived in the country today and a mass is planned for this Saturday.

Channel 5

#510511 - 01/09/16 05:13 AM Re: Isla Bonita Telenovela Director Matthiew Klinck killed [Re: Marty]  
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Two Arrested For Killing Klinck for Money, One Is A Minor

3 days ago, we told you about very violent murder of Canadian Filmmaker Matthiew Klinck in a village just outside of Spanish Lookout, Cayo. Well, after 3 days of investigating, Police have arrested and charged 2 young men from San Ignacio for his murder. They are 19 year-old Brandon Anderson, and a 16 year-old minor, whose identity we cannot reveal.

They have since been arraigned in Magistrate's Court, and as soon as police are able to make arrangements, they will be escorted to the Belize Central Prison.

But, as viewers will recall, when Klinck's body was found, the police were concerned that it would be a very difficult investigation since Klinck lived on a very secluded property in Selena Village. So, what changed for investigators to progress to an arrest so swiftly? That's what our news team travelled San Ignacio Town to find out. We spoke with the lead investigator about the case today:

ASP Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC - San Ignacio Police
"The police immediately activated and we visited the scene where we found the Caucasian male person with stab wounds the neck area. His name was learn to be Matthiew Klinck. the Tuesday which was the 5th, post mortal examination was conducted at the scene because of the state of the decomposition and there after the investigation opened up where we detained 2 persons of concern based on information received and as a result of the evidence that we have gathered, statements, today 2 persons were arrested and charged for that murder. Which is one, Brandon Anderson which is 19 yrs. old and is a Belizean laborer of Loma Luz Boulevard Santa Elena Town and a minor was charged for murder jointly and for conspiracy to commit murder. We're not going in detail as to what police have. I have statements recorded from both persons what we know as confession statements, but apart from that we have other evidential things that we are trying to still link, which I would not want to divulge to the media. It might tarnish my investigation at the end of the day. Yes, we have sufficient evidence and that is why both person were charged for the same crime. They were arraigned about an hour or so ago in front of the Magistrate here in San Ignacio."

Daniel Ortiz
"Have you all found out why the Canadian was murder?"

ASP Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC - San Ignacio Police
"We believe it is a robbery. Money was involved. We have in custody money, which we believe was taken during the ordeal and that has been label as exhibit for the case."

Daniel Ortiz
"So are these 2 men...? Do you all know if he had any contact with them any at all or was he randomly targeted?"

ASP Reymundo Reyes, Deputy OC - San Ignacio Police
"One of the individual is a person who the gentleman had contact with often. The individual used to visit the gentleman at his residence in Selena area and also when the person wasn't in town, they would always have contact due to the job that he does so he is not a stranger to Mr. Klinck."

Both men have been remanded to Prison by the sitting Magistrate until April 12, 2016. As you heard in the interview, police believe that these 2 young men stole several thousand dollars from Klinck after they stabbed him to death - as many as 14 times. Klinck's valuable camera and editing equipment and electronics were left untouched.

The investigators since have recovered a large quantity of cash from both of them, money which they believe belonged to Klinck. He was reportedly in the process making a land purchase, which is why he had such a large amount of money on him.

Channel 7

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