Only last week, 93 year old Patrick Grant was clinging to dear life after he was viciously attacked by one of his neighbors. Today Grant is back home at number 12 Fern Lane with no visible reminders of his ordeal other than a swollen left eye and a scab to the left side of his temple. In fact today seemed to be one of his happiest as he swung his brand new and rather large weed whacker with the kind of strength you wouldn't expect from a man in his 90's. Emanuel Pech has the full story:...

Hope - that is what this simple weed trimmer has brought to this man, who two weeks ago was the victim of a vicious beat down. Today the Patrick Grant wore a big smile on his face; a sharp contrast from the face we first saw on the news.

His excitement was unmistakable. After a quick breakfast, Grant was helped into his weed whacking attire. After his son in law struck up the weed whacker, Grant was off. It took a little while for him to get adjusted to the weight, but he was determined. Swinging his weed whacker to and fro he managed to trim at least 3 feet of grass before his first break.

Patrick Grant - Beat Down Victim
"Now I can keep my yard down the way it should be because back in this area there are lizards, there are snakes and everything. So once you got it like there, you're in danger or one of these insects, but with that I'll be free. I'll be most wonderful."

Emanuel Pech
"Is it difficult?"

Patrick Grant - Beat Down Victim
"Well, in a way because I'm handicapped it's a little difficult but never the less. I've been doing it for the past 3 years. Years went by, I used to do it 3 years on the weekend. Today and the last couple of week ago it took me 3 days to do this."

The sight of him trimming his yard again- a personal hobby of his- has filled the family with immense joy.

Carlos Diaz - Son in Law
"We are so happy to see him bounce back from where he was to where he is now. Personally, I'm surprise to see his improvement every day. Every day I see something better in him. He is strong. He is ready to fight. He is ready to go. He still want to cut his yard, don't get that out of your head. He still want to cut his yard."

Gilberta Diaz - Daughter
"He has seen, yes I can cut my yard again and he believes... he told us, this is the best gift he ever got in his life, not only after is incidence but he feels like somebody cares."

Emanuel Pech
"Is it like your old one?"

Patrick Grant - Beat Down Victim
"Sure, may I remind you that my English should be clear enough. That weed eater is the best of the best."

But while the traumatic experience is over and everyone looks to move on, the family is still concerned for the old man's safety. It was a choice of his to live alone and one that he upholds even after his brutal beating. As a result the family is reinforcing his doors, to prevent a recurrence. In the meantime it is safe to say that this "constant gardener" has pulled off a remarkable recovery.

Reporting for 7News Emanuel Pech.

Mr. Grant thanked all the people who supported him during his ordeal and especially thanked the folks from Belmopan who gave him his weed whacker.

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