James Lynskey, an American National who now owns the Lazy Lizard restaurant and bar is making the news tonight. That's because according to the Fisheries Department, he bought undersized lobsters and conch.

According to the Department, they conducted a raid at his business place and found 65 pieces of undersized lobsters and conch. They charged him with a fisheries offence, and rather than showing up to court himself, he sent his employee, Brian Perriott to appear on his behalf.

Brian Perriott wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the charge when the case went before Magistrate Deborah Rogers today. The magistrate handed him a fine of $2,875 dollars which must be paid by March 20, 2016.

The Lazy Lizard made our newscast in February last year when it's former owner ended up in a very public fight with his landlord over whether or not he should be forced out. That former owner was instrumental in making the restaurant and bar, located at the iconic Caye Caulker Split, a nationally and internationally known watering hole on the island.

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