Between November and March, hundreds of thousands of cruise visitors visit Belize. They spend the day in the city, go on tours and mingle with the locals. But today's cruise visitors on royal Caribbean - had a whole different kind of flavor! And that's because it was a gay cruise!! Over 3,000 gay couples and singles arrived on the Royal Caribbean Navigator Of the Seas today and they freely roamed the city streets - many of them hand in hand, even sharing kisses at the bridgefoot. Now, in Belize which is notoriously homophobic, and where sodomy laws are still on the books you might think that their stay was unpleasant. But, when we spoke to a few of them this afternoon they told us they are enjoying every minute of it and that for the most part, they feel welcomed.

Phillip Baertschi, Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise
"It was very, we were seeing the shore, it was beautiful and the people were welcoming when we arrive - it was very nice. We enjoyed it very much. I cannot talk for the local gay community. Obviously I don't know how they are living. We haven't met any local gays here. But hopefully the country open up a bit - for the people to understand that we are just normal people."

Daniel Senn, Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise
"I don't feel anything. Everybody are very welcoming. So I just the first plan is how much do they pay? Do they book the trips and secondly, what the sexuality is. Because I think what happen in the bedroom, I think most tour operators, most taxi operators, most restaurant owners don't really care as long as we pay the bills and that what I feel. People are very friendly and there is no issues so far. I can promise you even if you would accept equality, the world will not come to an end. I can promise you that. Most countries have survived even though they have made it open, because as soon as it's open really most people have other things to do and who wants to know what the straight people do in their bedroom. I think we all but sometimes blush, so bedroom, business is business and society and society."

Arve Halsen, Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise
"The culture where we are from its very open, its normal. But you know we try to adapt to the culture where we go. It's important to not stick out too much."

Jules Vasquez
"Belize has a well earn reputation for homophobia. Have you experienced any of that?"

Tourist, Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise
"Someone call my friend a cupcake, which made him just dance in the streets. We don't think it's an insult. I am guy so it doesn't really matter."

Tourist, Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise
"Honestly there was a few people who weren't the nicest people, but you kind of smile - you go for it. If people say something rude you got to remember that like they are learning, they are still figuring out themselves and you be you and they will figure it out. That what I like to say."

The Cruise brought in gay couples from the US, Switzerland, Norway, Greece and from many other countries. There were about 3,138 cruise passengers. Belize was their first stop.

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