It's one of the worst tragedies we've ever reported: In November of last year, 3 teenaged girls perished in a fire at the Youth Hostel. An investigation was immediately launched into the various breakdowns in protocol that left the girls locked in a wooden building which no one could open. Tonight, almost four months later, there are still more questions than answers but we can at least confirm today that, as a result of that internal investigation, one person has been terminated. And according to CEO of that Ministry, more are still in line to receive further disciplinary actions.

Judith Alpuche, CEO, Min. of Human Development
"The investigation that we did was internal to us because we needed to understand what went wrong and for our own clarity and for us to take the necessary action as well. The processes that we're talking about, are processes that have to do with disciplinary procedure. In our case, one person has been terminated because that was within the purview of the ministry to do that. But there are other people who have to go through the public service process that they come in the domain of the public service commission and so those are the processes. The report is completed. what we have been advised though is that there are certain processes that are still on going in terms of disciplinary actions that need to be taken etc. so the advice that we're getting is that we need to ensure that these processes are completed before we can come forward publicly. "

According to Alpuche, although the report is concluded, neither the report nor the names in it can be made public at this time until all necessary legal procedures are followed through. According to the CEO, this is to ensure, that all persons involved are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

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