On the occasion of a beach reclamation initiative, the Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia took the opportunity to comment on an issue of education. It involves the rapidly growing Ocean Academy, the only high school on Caye Caulker. The minister says that G.O.B. is finally assisting with the expansion of the high school.

Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism

“Very shortly, you will see also the expansion of Ocean Academy. We are acquiring some land behind the new waste management plant and we’ve allocated three point something acres for the expansion of Ocean Academy and that will be done through the Ministry of Education. And we are hoping that we can start before this year is completed. So again it is an initiative that will be government/Ocean Academy rather than having a totally government college over here. We believe that there is a later complimented and at that time, government will be paying for all the teachers that are now teaching. At this point I think it is two or three that they are paying but at that point they will be paying for every single teacher that Ocean Academy has. So again we are investing in the future of our children. Education is the backbone of any community or any nation and we have to have our youths well educated and this is a testimony of what we believe can help our children.”

Channel 5