The reclamation works will be complimented by the establishment of an improved craft center for local artisans in Caye Caulker. Minister Heredia says that additional monies for small projects were also allocated through the B.T.B. for the construction of stalls along the newly reclaimed beach and will add to the tourism experience on the island.

Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism

“Together with the village council, we have made tremendous improvements in the streets also; particularly in Bahia…you have seen a number of streets built. We have also connected the other side of the split with electricity. And let me say today that in April, you will see potable water being taken over across the split as of April; that is a promise that I can make today because I have been working closely with BWS to make sure that it happens. And they have promised and have confirmed that we can look for at least another three persons to work on this project for Caye Caulker. And I’ve asked the Village Council to make sure that we have three persons available as soon as we start this project in April. And I believe that there is more to be done, but it is a matter of resources. So we have to be patient.”

Channel 5