2 weeks ago, in the early hours of Tuesday, March 8, Caye Caulker resident Ernesto Marin realized that his 25 foot boat, named Kyli, had been stolen. He had a 60 horsepower Yamaha Enduro engine on it, and when he showed up at his usual docking area, neither the vessel nor the engine could be found. His family tells us that his boat is one of several that was stolen in the month of March. The fishermen and tour guides who use their boats for their livelihoods have to be vigilant around the clock to ensure that they aren't the next victim.

Marin's family tells us that they suspect the thieves strip the stolen boats apart and sell off the engines. The Marin family is asking that if anyone suspects that a stolen engine is being offered to them, please pass the information unto the Police.

Channel 7