Loggerhead Goes Long Distance For Turtle Telephone Directory

BTL's 2016 telephone directory was released today – and this year Oceana snagged the cover page for an endangered turtle species, in this case, a logger head turtle. 

The media was invited for the big reveal at the BTL Office on Church Street today:

Cindy Blanco - Senior PR, BTL
"This new directory is very exciting; it's one like never before. We've joined OCEANA this year in raising awareness of Belize's endangered species."

Jannelle Chanona - VP, OCEANA Belize
"As we all know these books will be used in about every home, office, hotel room and schools in Belize; possibly some cars and boats along the way too. Our hope is that when you see the image about to be unveiled, you'll be inspired to do whatever you can; ask questions, get informed. OCEANA is especially grateful that this year's book includes additional material about Belize's endangered species in the all about Belize section. Speak up for those species, speak up for yourself."

Cindy Blanco - Senior PR, BTL
"This year the newest exciting features are the augmented reality feature. So you need an app, Layar and then you can make your cover come to life which is something we've never seen before, something we're very excited but also the book itself is filled with many features. More information, we have the directory online, we have the app for it, we have the Belize Yellow Pages app; so we're trying to make information as accessible for our customers as easiest as we can."

Cheryl Dixon - Global Directions
"AR is cutting edge technology which utilises sound, video, graphics and data to put an amazing spin on what would otherwise be just an ordinary print ad. Simply put it allows users to hold their smartphones or tablet in front of a printed page and access extra content about a product or service."

Some of the businesses in the BTL yellow pages that have embraced the new AR technology include Atlantic Insurance, Marie Sharp, Home Protector Insurance, UB, and RF&G.

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