Tonight the Belize National Fire Service is in mourning after the tragic death of one of their own. Around 11:30 this morning, Meshach Henry, the commanding chief of the Corozal fire station, was heading to work on his black Kawasaki motorcycle when he had a violent collision with a large dump truck. It happened in the middle of Corozal Town - and the 33 year old's mangled body could be seen lying in middle of the road.

At this time the cause of his fatal accident is not yet known but best sources tell us that Henry was attempting to overtake a taxi when he collided into the dump truck.

But whatever the cause may be, Henry's graphic death has stunned Corozal Town and the Fire Department.

Today we spoke to Station Manager Orin Smith who gave us a synopsis of Meshach's life within the department.

Orin Smith, Station Mgr., BNFS
"Right now the department is really heartbroken honestly. It was a shock to us when we got the news near midday today, it was a real shock. I think some even cried, I myself did. Substation officer Mr. Meshach Henry was an intellectually sound individual with excellent computer skills and great working ambitions. He was hard working, good mannered and a good friend to many including myself. He was an individual who was seldom sick, late or absent during his 11 years of service with the Fire Department. He started working with the fire department in December of 2005 in the operations field. He was promoted to leading firefighter on the 1st of August 2011 and was later removed from operations to serve in fire safety. He served in fire safety until August 1st 2014 where he got another promotion to the rank of substation officer and was transferred to the Corozal District where he served as the officer in charge of the Corozal Fire Service. Mr. Meshach was a great employee, and a good close friend to many of the service. I am sure Mr. Meshach will be sadly missed by the entire department."

Meshach Henry's fellow fire fighters told us that they would always remember him for his jovial personality and his dedication to his work.

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