The Fajina Archaeology Outreach's 'To The Mountain' is available online for free. It's the story of some Classic Maya kids and their adventures around Xunantunich. It's in Yucatec Maya, Spanish, and English. Thanks, Fajina Outreach!

"In these pages, you will find a story about two fictional Maya kids living during the Late Classic Maya period (600 - 900 CE) around the archaeological site of Xunantunich, Belize. Originally, Xunantunich was known as Katyaatz Witz ( Katyaats’ Wits’ ) or Clay Mountain. While fictional, this story is based on documented archaeological information and many cultural aspects of the ancient Maya. For example, the building illustrated on pages 33 and 37 is part of El Castillo acropolis and known as Structure A-6-2nd. Its stucco frieze still survives in part at El Castillo today."

To the Mountain! follows two ancient Maya kids, Little Moon and Running Jaguar, on an adventure! There is a big construction project going on at the temple of the Clay Mountain Capital. They’ve got to see how it’s coming along! Join the kids as they trek through the jungle, over the river, and up the big white road to reach the capital!

To the Mountain! incorporates significant Maya plants, animals, and locations with an interactive Did You Spot It? game. The story centers on ancient Katyaatz Witz (or Katyaats’ Wits’) (Clay Mountain), today known as Xunantunich, near Succotz, Belize.

The story is co-authored by archaeologists Sylvia Batty, Rebecca Friedel, and Leah McCurdy. The book is illustrated by Frederic Wierum. Mrs. Cesiah Boryczka and students provided the Spanish translations and Mr. Fernando Tzib provided the Maya translations.

CLICK HERE for a 2mb PDF