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#516265 - 07/28/16 05:07 AM Police United in CONCACAF Champions League  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

Police United Get Ready For CONCACAF Champions League

The Police United FC play their first game of the CONCACAF Champions League in less than three weeks. On drawing day two months ago, the team drew a tough card when they landed in group E- effectively matching them up with Mexican powerhouse Pachuca and Hondura's top club Olimpia for the first round of the tournament.

So how will Belize's Police United fare off against these top league teams? It is their first time ever representing Belize at the Champions League tournament. But as green as they are, the team is hopeful. They are currently in their 7th week of intense training and the executive has been recruiting both local and international talent to reinforce their squad. Today we spoke to the head coach and even got a chance to meet some of the players on the roster as they prepare for the upcoming game against Olimpia, which is to be held in Tegucigalpa Honduras on the 16th of August.

Charlie Slusher - Coach, Police United FC
"Our strategy we have come up with it basically after watching a lot of tapes of our opponents and deciding how we will approach his game and even we had 2 practice games that we already started that approach as if we are playing on the road which is very different from when you are playing at home. I believe as long as the Belizean people see that go out there and we fight and we play football they will be proud of us regardless of the outcome but our aim is really go out there and to get a victory even though we know we are on the road so we'll be a little bit more conservative and more working and counter acting styles; but we definitely going to be playing football there."

Emanuel Pech
"I know you guys had been looking at international players. Talk to us about how many of those international players are in the roster."

Supt. Andres Makin Sr. - Manager, Police United FC
"To be exact at this time on the pitch here we have five, four Brazilians and a Guatemalan and this weekend we're expecting two more international players from Europe. Right here speaking about the team itself we have about 9 players that were with the Belize Jaguars that are on the national team hence the reason I said we had a good nucleus and all we had needed to do was to patch up the little pieces and that's what we've done with the international players and with the 2 addition that the European players that are coming this weekend I believe we should stand good enough against those clubs."

Emanuel Pech
"Talent and skill is one thing but chemistry is quite another. Talk to us about the chemistry that you are seeing with this team."

Charlie Slusher - Coach, Police United FC
"I am glad that you brought that up because of me that's the most important thing when it comes to me coming to this club. From the first week we started was to work on our chemistry, work on our system of play because if you cannot play organized football out there and everybody just running around on the field it will be a disaster. So up to presently we are fine tuning our system but that was the most; if you don't have that Emanuel nothing in football important. Whether you can shoot good or you can pass good if you don't have a system of play and play chemistry in organized football everything doesn't matter so that was the most important thing for me as a coach to get the team to be able to do that first. As long as we got that then everything else will fall into play."

Andres Makin Jr. - Captain, Police United FC
"When it comes to motivation on the field the management is doing a great job, Mr. Makin all the logistic personnel doing a great job and I think right now the team morale is high. Coming in from the mere fact that we are at the CONCACAF stage now, CONCACAF level now everybody all motivated and you know we ready."

Player - Police United FC
"When it comes to strategy style that depends on the coach and that is what we the work pan whole of these previous weeks whe pass. I believe that we done deh pan a level fi the game. The expectation yes it very high da the work will tell time we reach out there. We no want count our eggs before it hatch but mentally we are prepared."

Player - Police United FC
"Well I believe that Honduras Olympia da a big club right but da 11 against 11 so if we go out there and put in our mind that we can play against these guys and most of these young guys whe deh with we they want they out they so this da the time. Show them that we could and we will gah a good game, I say a draw game."

The team management has set a budget of $200 thousand dollars to fund the first two rounds of the tournament. And while they have not yet fundraised that figure, they remain confident that they can comfortably carry the team through the next two rounds.

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#516846 - 08/14/16 08:41 AM Re: Police United in CONCACAF Champions League [Re: Marty]  
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Belize4ever Offline
Belize4ever  Offline
Hey guys thank you for the article. I was on a Police United home game last year. Since this time, i try to find news about this nice club.
Maybe some people can explain some things. I read they got some new players from europe ecc. for the champion league games. But could not find which players. Somebody know it? I am wondering, because i thought it is a half amateur club with police officers ecc.

Why Police United in away games always have no chances and @ home they show really nice fights? whats the differents?

#516983 - 08/20/16 04:10 AM Re: Police United in CONCACAF Champions League [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

Police United FC falls to Olimpia Club Deportivo in CONCACAF Champions League

The Belizean football club – Police United FC participated in the CONCACAF Champions League tournament is currently being held. The Police United’s debut on Tuesday, August 16th, ended with a crushing 4-0 loss to Honduras’ Olimpia Club Deportivo.

After winning the 2016 Premier League Tournament in Belize, the Police United FC, which comprises of about 90% local police officers, won its spot to represent Belize at the CONCACAF league. It was a momentous occasion since the Belize Police Department is the first law enforcement organization anywhere to organize a team to participate in the annual sporting event. However, their historic participation was not enough fuel for them to overcome their first match opponent.

The Police United FC’s second match is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd against Mexico’s Pachuca.

The winners of the 2016–17 CONCACAF Champions League will qualify as the CONCACAF representative at the 2017 FIFA Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. América won the previous two tournaments, but did not qualify for this tournament and are unable to defend their title.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

#517104 - 08/26/16 04:26 AM Re: Police United in CONCACAF Champions League [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

Police United FC faces early elimination

On Tuesday night, Police United FC played against Mexican Champions Pachuca after losing four to zero against Club Deportivo Olimpia from Honduras. The match was no different than the one we saw in their debut match: a poor Police United which barely managed a 9% possession in their entire match. In Football, that translates to them having the ball under their control for 8.1 minutes out of the 90. However, they did manage to go through an entire half without conceding a single goal, and that would have been praise-worthy had they been able to sustain a goalless second half as well. Even so, it did take Pachuca sixty two minutes to get on the scoreboard. Erick Aguirre scored a header after a pass from Jonathan Urretaviscaya. It was then that the cookie crumbled for Police United who was doing a good job defending without even getting a hold of the ball. The second goal came seventy nine minutes into the match from Mexican National Hirving Lozano, with a header to the right bottom corner of the goal. The third goal was a masterpiece from a set piece. Jonathan Urretaviscaya managed to get his name on the scoreboard after a free kick was awarded to him just outside the penalty box. The match ended with three to zero, quite a similar result to their game in Honduras. So now, Police United is technically eliminated with two home matches still pending. On September 13th 2016, they will face Pachuca at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan at 6:00pm local time. Their final match will be on September 29th 2016 where they will be hosting Club Deportivo Olimpia from Honduras. Police United FC currently remains last on the table with zero points and seven conceded goals.


#517507 - 09/14/16 03:43 AM Re: Police United in CONCACAF Champions League [Re: Marty]  
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Marty Online happy
Marty  Online Happy

Police United Got Pounded By Pachuca

Right now Belize's Premier League Champions, Police United FC is taking a pounding form Mexico's Pachuca. In the 83rd. minute, the score is an embarrassing 9 to nil in favour of the Mexican visitors (Final score was 11-0- Yikes!). The shellacking started in the 22nd minute and it continued from there in quick succession; Pachuca had 5 goals at the half! Pachuca's Ervin Lozano already has a hat trick scoring three of his team's 9 goals.

It's a much worse outcome for Police United which lost three to Nil when they played Pachuca in Mexico in August. Police United needed to end with a score of four to nil to remain in contention and this thrashing will make their continued presence in the Champions League Tournament mostly ceremonial.

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#517543 - 09/15/16 05:23 AM Re: Police United in CONCACAF Champions League [Re: Marty]  
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Marty  Online Happy

“Everything went wrong” in embarrassing eleven-nil Champions League loss

Eleven to nil….that is the most embarrassing score of the home game between Police United and Pachuca from Mexico which was held on Tuesday night. By our records, it is the worst ending to any international game played by Belize with now Pachuca edging closer to a place in the 2016/2017 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals. The team’s coach, veteran footballer Charlie Slusher concedes everything went wrong. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.

Duane Moody, Reporting

The Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League sawBelize’s Police United face off against teamPachucafromMexicoin its home game on Tuesday night at the F.F.B. Stadium inBelmopan. Hirving Lozano scored a record four goals; making it the most goals scored in a single game, and the largest margin of victory. But it was Mateus Goncalves that opened the scoreboard for the Mexican team at the twenty-second minute of the first half.

According to Diego Lanzo ofPachuca, the strategy was to get a first goal in the early minutes of the match. In the end that momentum allowed them to score eleven goals by the time the final whistle was blown.

Diego Lanzo, Pachuca Team (Translated)

Diego Lanzo

“Whenever one comes to play matches like these, we do not say how many goals we plan to score, all we knew is that we were playing against a team that we had to respect and that we had to do our best in order to win the match. Luckily the team was able to score enough goals so to give us an advantage in case we tie against Olympia.”

Police United has been preparing for these international matches for months now. So what went wrong? According to Coach Charles Slusher the strategy was to play organized football, but it didn’t happen.

Charles Slusher

Charles Slusher, Coach, Police United

“I don’t think one thing went wrong, I think everything went wrong. But I am very disappointed with the result, but I can never say that I am disappointed in my team because I know the guys never went out there for those types of results. The guys, I think we were totally disorganized and from the moment I took over this job to coach this team, I stressed on the guys, if we don’t play organize football against these types of clubs, this will be the results. And I think tonight we took a wrong time to be disorganized and just running around, following the ball.”

By half time,Belizewas already down six-nil and Police United had only made a couple attempts at goal. That offensive strategy widened the gap and coming into second half, Coach Slusher says the play became more defensive.

Charles Slusher

“In the second half, we started off that way; we kinda made the adjustments and I believe we started the second half very well until a quick goal scored. But we, like I said, a lot of people don’t realize that you have to know your limitations as a team and you also have to respect the team that you are playing against. And there is no way…a lot of people are talking that we defended Pachuca in Mexico, but that was the same thing we needed to do today because that is a very good team and if you open up on them, that is exactly what happened to us. We were not compact; we were not organized in our defensive stance. I think the guys just wanted to score goals; I think they fall to the public pressure because everybody wanted to see the police team playing football, attacking football, position football. But again, you have to understand that limitation of your team. If the quality of players are not there to play position football…Belizeans are not known to play position football—we are fast and we are strong; we work on counterattacks. But when you stray from your strength and you try to do something that you are not at that level as yet, then again this will be the results.”

According to Slusher, he is surprised at the results because in the extreme circumstance inMexico, theBelizeteam was able to hold its own. With the home field advantage, Slusher is perplexed as to why his players weren’t in the game.

Charles Slusher

“I don’t wanna bash my team…nobody like these results. I was a player and I know it hurts, but we got to learn from it. And again, as players, we have to realize that the Champions League level, if we are not prepared to work extra hard to play at this level, we will always get this type of results. As a coach, we—myself and the physical trainer—we can only do that much. It is up to the players to dedicate themselves, but most importantly, when you play in a system, there is roles and responsibility that you have to bind and committed to do. I must say in Pachuca, the guys did their role excellently for sixty plus minutes and as long as you as a team…it is not an individual game. There was no kind of team shape, no kind of team organization and again if you don’t play organized football against these clubs, it will always be these results.”

It was a night to forget and goalkeeper for Police United, Keith Allen gave his perspective on the match.

Keith Allen, Goalkeeper, Police United

Keith Allen

“It was pretty hard mien. I didn’t expect my team to come out like that, but we tried out ultimate best and we just have to try redeem weself and come harder. I just want to go back into workout, go back to the blackboard and continue watch this video and learn from our mistake and recover from there.”

Police United was officially eliminated as a contender to finish on top in Group E of the games. Duane Moody for News Five.

On September twenty-ninth Team Olimpia from Honduras visits Belize’s Police United for their return match. In its previous matchup with team Belize, Olimpia scored four-nil on Belize.

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