Ministry Minster / Minster of State CEO
1 Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Public Service, Energy & Public Utilities Hon. Dean Barrow Hon. Dr. Carla Barnett Hon. Frank “Papa” Mena Ms. Audrey Wallace Mr. Joseph Waight Dr. Peter Allen
2 Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Education (including Science & Technology), Culture, Youth and Sports Hon. Patrick Faber Hon. Elodio Aragon, Jr. Mr. David Leacock Mrs. Adele Catzim-Sanchez
3 Minister for Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce Hon. Erwin Contreras Hon. Tracy Taegar-Panton Mrs. Sharman Yvonne Hyde Mrs. Amparo Masson
4 Minister for Housing and Urban Development Hon. Michael Finnegan Mr. Denton Belisle
5 Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development Hon. Gaspar Vega Hon. Dr. Omar Figueroa Mr. Jose Alpuche Dr. Colin Young
6 Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Hon. Manuel Heredia Mr. Yashin Dujon
7 Minister for Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation Hon. Anthony Martinez Ms. Judith Alpuche
8 Minister for Defence Hon. John Saldivar Mr. Felix Enriquez
9 Minister for Works, Transport & NEMO Hon. Rene Montero Hon. Edmond Castro Mr. Errol Gentle Mrs. Ruth Meighan
10 Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington Mr. Lawrence Sylvester
11 Minister for Health (NHI, Primary Health Care) Hon. Pablo Marin Hon. Dr. Angel Campos Dr. Ramon Figueroa
12 Minister for Labor, Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Hugo Patt Mr. Kerry Belisle
13 Attorney General & Minister for Natural Resources Hon. Vanessa Retreage Mrs. Sharon Ramclam-Young
14 Minister for the Police and Immigration Hon. Godwin Hulse Hon. Beverly Castillo Col. George Lovell Mr. Edmund Zuniga

Ag. Solicitor General – Mr. Nigel Hawke Financial Secretary – Mr. Joseph Waight Cabinet Secretary – Mr. Carlos Perdomo

Three unelected persons have been given top ministerial appointments in the Barrow Administration. But why have the elected representative been pushed aside? Following today’s cabinet meeting, the Press Office issued an updated list of Cabinet Ministers and Chief Executive Officers.

The most recent changes are: first, the addition of Senator Doctor Carla Barnett as Minister of State for Finance under substantive Minister and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Doctor Barnett’s main task is to procure international funding for disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Earl almost a month ago. She didn’t win the Freetown seat, but is now a powerful minister in the Ministry of Finance; Financial Secretary Joseph Waight is nominal C.E.O.

The second is the split in the Ministry of National Security, with the Police portion handed to Senator Godwin Hulse, who did not place his name on the ballot. Retired Colonel George Lovell remains C.E.O. there. John Saldivar keeps the portfolios of the Belize Defence Force and Coast Guard as Minister of Defence, gaining a new C.E.O., former B.D.F. Officer Felix Enriquez.

Hulse also dropped the Ministry of Natural Resources portfolio, which he had taken from Gaspar Vega following the November elections, to Attorney General Senator Vanessa Retreage, who was brought to cabinet through the senate since she did not contest the elections. Senator Retreage keeps Sharon Ramclam-Young as C.E.O.

All other postings remain the same except for a note that Nigel Hawke is acting as Solicitor General in place of Anika Jackson. We note that former C.E.O. Candelaria Saldivar-Morter, who last served in the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality, continues to be paid full salary and benefits while the Government shops around for a position to slot her in, if she so agrees.

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